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    Review of Creature Comforts: Series 2 Part 1

    8 / 10


    There`s a well documented history of Nick Park and his amazing anthromorphic animals; well I`m sure there is somewhere. He started `modestly` by animating the video of the marvellous Peter Gabriel song "Sledgehammer" moved swiftly on to Creature Comforts which really set him in (stop)motion.

    The success that followed means that this series comes from the Aardman studio in Bristol but Nick Park is executive producer rather than the hands-on plasticine man.

    Stop-motion animation is fairly comfortable on our screens now, so this needs to be a little bit special to attract the attention of the jaded viewer. The secret seems to be in the selections of the voices and matching them up with the correct animal. Old ladies to bats might not be a giant leap but some spark has been input that ensures it does not mock them. This is not satire but observational comedy based on the wacky people(that`s you me and everyone else) that live in the British Isles. Occasionally the animal is a microscopic blob but who wouldn`t be flattered even to be a blob in this animated animal kingdom?

    On the main menu there are four sub screens and each one is animated with dialogue from one of the episodes.


    There are six episodes each with different themes-this is only the first half of the series.

    1. Beast in Show

    The dialogue involves chickens discussing the danger of competing in egg shows, pigs with mobiles and a randy Thelwell-look-alike pony.

    2. The Brood

    A dangerously depressed and family oppressed hamster and the hard dog brothers Brian and Keith discuss the stress of family life.

    3. Pet hates

    Things that annoy us sparks off a fierce debate as a plate of mussels discuss their hatred of people crunching and the bats compare speed cameras to cucumbers and bees honey…(you have to see it…)

    4. Impressionism

    Camp crows with impressions of Kenneth Williams and pigs that discover the delights of going "cuckoo".

    5. Animals in the `hood

    Alligators enthuse about their basement and moles bemoan the large "leak" in the roof.

    6. Sport

    Fencing and football are all seen in a new light as scorpions and dung beetles get down and dirty in the field.


    Good sound reproduction and vibrant colours, there are no problems with the picture reproduction.


    Apart from the original theme tune the series is not overburdened with music. The dialogue is clear and easy to follow. There are no subtitles on this disc.


    All the bonus features can be accessed vert easily from the main menu. Each has a sub menu offering more choices.

    Behind the Scenes- Eyeballs and Fishlips: making of Creature Comforts 2

    This is an informative and fun documentary of the creative process from interview to finished episode.

    The People Behind the Puppets

    A short documentary with filmed inserts of the character and the interviewees they are based on.

    By Character menu feature includes the following:

    The main characters can be accessed from here and all their contributions seen from start to finish-includes Muriel; and Catherine(the bats) Brian and Keith(the hard dogs), Captain Cuddlepuss and Trixie(dog and cat on sofa) and Malcolm and Derek(the Welsh Shar-pei dogs).

    Bonus menu feature includes the following:

    Trailer for Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit

    Creating Creature Comforts 2; the rehearsals

    This is videos of the creative team rehearsing the visuals using themselves as models. Just one small aspect of the process.

    Countryside Code Feature

    This is public information short featuring key things you shouldn`t do in the country. Needless to say all the animals involved are doing them.


    Having recently chortled over big-screen Wallace and Gromit it`s good to see Nick Park`s original concept "Creature Comforts" make a welcome return to the small screen. The comedy elements of this particular series seem to have gone into overdrive. This collection of people and their animal alter-egos is a real gem and a very good tonic for the winter blues. A very simple idea has grown into a celebration of the diversity and natural comedy of ordinary yet extraordinary people. Capturing this in the detailed animation is clearly a labour of love for all involved and it has resulted in some inspired scenes.One sketch involving a cat and mouse and the stretching abilities of plasticine has gone straight to my Number One favourite sight gag.

    Bonus features enhance the enjoyment of the series and the behind- the- scenes documentary explains the long and detailed creative process beautifully. Finding out some of the characters behind the voices was, dare I say it, heart-warming.

    It`s a pity this is only half the series and I look forward to seeing the rest on Tv including a half-hour Christmas special.

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