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    Review of A Very Cool Christmas

    4 / 10


    One more of the clutch of Christmas movies designed to attract your wallet as you go on on the desperate search for the best gifts in the world ever…

    Lindsay is concerned she is selfish. The little rich girl wants to go on a skiing holiday at Christmas but her father tells her Christmas is for family. Wanting to prove she doesn`t just think of herself she gives the Mall Santa a makeover. He turns out to be the real thing and offers her the chance to come with him on Christmas Eve to find out what it really means. Meanwhile Mall Security Guard Chuck is on his own mission to get Lindsay banned from the Mall -for life!

    This was titled Too Cool for Christmas in the States and was made for TV. The name change presumably is for the UK audience-why? Who knows or indeed cares.

    Written by Michael Gelbart who also plays security guard Chuck Canadian Gelbart is known for stand-up comedy and being a regular on Fox TV. Brooke Nevin who appears as Lindsay recently appeared in "The 4400." George Hamilton appears courtesey of the tan-o-matic machine.


    This is a very average picture and I mean quality-we are talking made for the bottom-end of television output. The locations, and exciting camera angles have been left out, it`s all very basic. You might want to be turning the colour down until you find its George Hamilton`s tan that goes off the orange scale.


    Aagh there`s more of the dreadful Christmas musac, scoring a super 55 on the blandometer and 66 on the most likely to make you take a hatchet to the tell-o-vison.


    A delightful promo for the film, no not relally its just a love-fest for the director. Please employ me again, already.

    Trailers-always popular. Two trailers for "Eve`s Christmas" and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". There to remind my how my life force has been sucked away by these movies-yes there`s still one more to review.


    Strictly for the pre-teens this is Christmas in the (death)valley. Lacking in the subtle wit and having the writer of the piece in a most god-awful pointless-waste-of space part really makes this a movie of two halves. The mini-teen love story is mildly amusing. The makeover of Santa is also mildly amusing. The psycho security guard belongs in another film. Ok that`s a movie of three halves. Overall don`t bother. I guess shouldn`t be surprised that this movie says Christmas is about presents and being nice to Mom, Dad and George Hamilton. Bleugh, as Charlie Brown would say.

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