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    Added on: 8/1/2003 20:40
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    Ice Age (UK)

    10 / 10
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    The ice age is coming
    Certificate: U
    Running Time: 80 mins
    Retail Price: £19.99
    Release Date:

    Twenty thousand years ago, at the dawn of the Ice Age, three completely mismatched creatures have been brought together by a twist of fate. Sid, a fast talking and comical sloth, Manfred, a moody wooly mammoth and Diego, a sinister saber tooth tiger reluctantly team up to help return a human baby to his father. Before their incredible journey ends, this unlikely trio will confront boiling lava pits, escape treacherous ice tunnels and meet a prehistoric squirrel rat named Scrat who is frantically trying to bury his beloved acorn. Join the weirdest herd in history for the coolest adventure of all time – ICE AGE!

    Special Features:
    Audio Commentary from director Chris Wedge and co-director Carlos Saldanha
    6 deleted scenes with optional audio commentary: Paying Toll With Aardvarks; Sylvia And Sid Intro; Sabre Stake Out; No More Fruit For You; Sid And The Ladies; Sid And Sylvia
    HBO `Behind the Scenes Special` (20 mins approx.)
    6 featurettes looking at Blue Sky, the award winning animation studio behind the movie: Making A Character; The Art Of Rigging; Animators Acting; The Art Of Effects; Lighting And Materials; Using 2D In A 3D World
    `Behind The SCenes Of Ice Age` documentary (30 mins)
    `Scrat`s New Adventure`: an exclusive all-new animation based on the movies lynchpin character
    Multi-angle comparison sequences
    Interactive menu
    Scene access

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English

    Subtitle Tracks:

    Directed By:
    Carlos Saldanha
    Chris Wedge

    Written By:

    Ray Romano
    John Leguizamo
    Denis Leary
    Goran Visnjic
    Jack Black

    Soundtrack By:
    David Newman

    John Carnochan

    Production Designer:
    Brian McEntee

    John C. Donkin
    Lori Forte

    Executive Producer:
    Christopher Meledandri

    Twentieth Century Fox

    Your Opinions and Comments

    10 / 10
    This is one of the finest animated movies ever. The movie packs charm, witt and adventure together beautifully. This is better(IMO) than the more better known, more successful Shrek. One of the factors may have been the huge marketing campaign Shrek had. Also there was the fact that Shrek had a big summer launch. Had Ice Age had these, it would have perhaps been bigger at the box office. Nevertheless it did take plenty of money and the DVD is huge.......

    The plot is a simple one. A sloth, a mammoth and a sabre-toothed tiger are on a mission to deliver a lost human baby to its family during the ice age. Its the way the journey is executed that brings this movie its charm. A fun-filled and dangerous journey through the snow.

    The picture is crystal clear and basically stunning. The animation is also stunning. The sound is also fantastic.

    There are plenty of extras in this dvd release. There is an animated short based on one of the characters in the movie, that is a treat to watch. Some interesting commentaries, deleted scenes, making of, character development, behind the scenes and a few other extras. I`m sure you will agree that this is plenty of material for a great movie.

    This was Fox`s 2nd attempt at doing an animated movie and if they continue to create pictures of this calibre, they will be rivaling Dreamworks and Disney. Saying that, this is my one of my favourite animated movies of all time. The disc is fantastic and is definetly one you need in your collection.
    posted by dicanio on 12/4/2003 00:21
    9 / 10
    So, you`ve got Pixar, and PDi Dreamworks. No-one else in the CGI animation race is there? Wrong. Infact, judging on this showing, the Fox CGI department, and Blue Sky Productions could well form a close second to the mighty Pixar. The animation overall is good, if not as detailed as other movies, but the slightly cel shaded cartoon style does suit the Looney Toons-esqueness of the humour and style of the movie. the fur and water effects however, are truely top of the class. As for the story, it`s quite strong, but not too gripping, with a few cop out bits, such as Manny`s background and as usual the ending is a little weak. Having said that, for a 80 minute film, it zips along (and so it should) with some wonderful characters and excellent humour. Scrat and Sid the Sloth (voiced by the great John Lugiziamo) are the stand outs, but also of note are the rather camp rhinos. Overall, this is a movie kids will absolutely love, and adults certainley shouldn`t turn away from.

    Come on, it`s straight from a digital source, so there really are no complaints. It`s perfect

    Very good to. Clear and concise, with some good bass and surround use.

    For a single disc affair this is packed. There is a commentary with the directors, which is quite a good listen, but they do go on about the water effects a little too much. Next up some deleted scenes, in varying stages of production again with commentaries. Worth a look with a little more Sid. Next, is a quite big making of section, introduced by Denis Leary (manny) with a truly awful script. Bu there are some good snippets, and some footage of the award winning short, Bunny, which does not appear on the disc due to, you guessed it, copyright issues. To round off the disc, there are some trailers, multi-angles, galleries, and then a new adventure for Scrat. Which is very, very funny. The menus are enjoyable to, so a very good disc.
    posted by cartoonjonah on 22/6/2003 23:00
    10 / 10
    Great hilarios Kids Film!!!!!!!
    posted by Ralph Wiggum on 19/1/2005 17:01