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Matrix, The (UK)

8 / 10
24 votes cast
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The fight for the future begins
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 131 mins
Retail Price: £19.99
Release Date:

Set in a visually stunning futuristic world, `The Matrix` is an explosive action thriller that explores the notion that everything we believe to be real is actually a computerised virtual world.

When Neo (Keanu Reeves) learns the disturbing truth, every move, every second, every thought becomes a fight to stay alive and escape The Matrix. Neo, a computer hacker learns this from Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), who also tells him that the Matrix uses humans as fuel as part of their quest for total domination.

But the humans are fighting back. Neo, Morpheus and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) must battle for their lives against this viciously powerful cadre to find the answers they seek, to understand their own roles in the epic drama unfolding around them, to learn their true power, and to recognize their destinies.

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
HBO First Look Special: Making The Matrix
Follow The White rabbit and Take The Red Pills for more mysterious, mind-bending extras
Advanced Features For Your DVD-ROM PC: Are You The One Challenge
Screenplay Storyboard, and genre Essays
Do You Know Kung Fu?
Original Web Site

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Subtitle Tracks:
CC: English

Directed By:
Larry Wachowski
Andy Wachowski

Written By:

Joe Pantoliano
Hugo Weaving
Laurence Fishburne
Gloria Foster
Carrie-Anne Moss
Keanu Reeves

Casting By:
Shauna Wolifson
Mali Finn

Soundtrack By:
Don Davis

Zach Staenberg

Costume Designer:
Kym Barrett

Production Designer:
Owen Paterson

Carol Hughes
Dan Cracchiolo
Joel Silver
Richard Mirisch

Executive Producer:
Andrew Mason
Larry Wachowski
Erwin Stoff
Barrie M. Osborne
Andy Wachowski
Bruce Berman

Warner Bros

Your Opinions and Comments

9 / 10
I am new to DVD and this movie is the reason that I bought my player. From the moment you start watching, you are sucked into the awesome world of The Matrix. Special effects are the best I have ever seen !

The fight scenes, especially the gun fight in the lobby will blow your mind. This is one disk that must be purchased because you will watch it again and again. The extras are also superb.
posted by Patrick Flynn on 3/12/1999 11:06
7 / 10
Well this disc is one of the most awaited so far, and what do we get.

Loads of extras, a good film and an average transfer.

As soon as the tray closes the start sequence comes up, with Morphious saying "Welcome to the real world"

The film itself is excellent, there are a few plot holes, but nothing obvious.

The transfer is average, the picture is grainy or fuzzy (first anamorphic on my new IDTV - watched BBC Choice all first day), I thought there was a problem but other discs proved otherwise. The sound is superficially good but the vocal mix is too quiet, I ended up putting subtitles on when watching late at night.

I have seen a lot worse transfers!

The white rabbit feature is good - they can be found if you play with titles.

The R2 cuts were silly especially as they were in a WR sequence.

I have only watched it two and a half times, but I have only had it just over two weeks.

The acting is variable, but the plot is good.

And it works well In Sony DVP-S715 HaHa
posted by Martin on 8/12/1999 12:53
8 / 10
I deliberately resisted buying this movie until last week because everyone else was raving about it. This doesn`t achieve anything except annoy me, as I really wanted to watch it, but it does allow me to be fashionably aloof and uninterested in a foppish, beat the bastard to death with a stick type of way...

However, no-one amongst my circle having noticed or cared that I was pretending not to be interested in the movie, I finally strode tall into Virgin and demanded my very own copy of "This Matrix Thing - you know - thingy is in it" from the assistant who was wearing a T-Shirt with "Welcome to the Real World" on it.

I was suitably impressed with the whole thing, though - I haven`t seen "Kenoo" Reeves in anything at all recently and he made a welcome sight (particularly for my wife, apparently). That guy who plays Morpheus is broodily threatening enough and I must say that if I was able to enter the Matrix wearing anything I wanted then I`d probably have lots of leather on as well - but that`s just me. Did you see that long white number the girl with not much dialogue was wearing? Very nice. I probably wouldn`t wear sunglasses with no arms though - that`s just silly.

Talking of silly - on to the plot. Oh dear. Big holes you could drive a bus through, but then this film is all about the suspension of disbelief and if you manage to dull your cynicism gland for a while it is very enjoyable. Purely from a technical standpoint you have GOT to admire the effects. There`s one scene where Keeno dodges some bullets by deploying "Killer Limbo" mode - even on single frame advance this looks absolutely top banana. If Micheal Crawford was playing the part of Neo then I wouldn`t have doubted that he actually did avoid those bullets (he did all his own stunts...oh, never mind...).

Sound was nice and loud and came out of all the speakers.

It has to be said that if I was one of the people able to exist outside the Matrix then I would very definitely have gone along with the little traitor guy who wanted to be "re-inserted" as a rich and famous movie star and rememeber nothing about it being a simulation - sounds good to me, I`d have sold them all out in a second and gone straight down the pub.

The dust jacket blurb is very true though - "Nobody can explain what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself" - I tried explaining it to my Nan for two hours last night and I got absolutely nowhere...

Buy it this Christmas for the easily confused or small children.

Well recommended.
posted by Ade Taylor on 22/12/1999 09:12
9 / 10
One of the few movies you`ll watch time and time again.

`Nuff said.
posted by Smiler on 27/12/1999 09:49
7 / 10
Having had this disc for some months, I decided to revise my review. Its an excellent film with a strong story line and excellent special effects. However, the picture transfer onto DVD is dull. The colours could have been stronger/brighter (I rate this aspect only as below average). It doesn`t show up DVD picture quality at its best.
posted by Yves on 30/12/1999 12:07
9 / 10
The Matrix must be one of the best movies of the late 20th

The special effects are breathtaking( Neo dodging bullets on roof top ) and the camera work incredible as you will see in the extras.

At first the movie is hard to grasp with both hands due to the plot being very strange, but by the end you`ll be think,
s*** that could actually happen ( Ye Right ).

Oh and Carrie Anne Moss in PVC.

posted by Rosco5 on 5/1/2000 18:51
8 / 10
One of the biggest films of 1999, The Matrix was also one of the most exciting films I’d seen in a while. The film centres on Thomas Anderson, a programmer for a respectable software company. However, Anderson has another identity, that of the hacker Neo, who spends all of his spare time in search of the answer to one question – What is the Matrix?

Neo soon learns the disturbing truth, that the world he lives in is nothing more than a computer simulation designed to imprison mankind. Freed from this prison by Morpheus (the excellent Laurence Fishburne), Neo learns to escape the shackles of his old life and starts on the path towards his destiny as "The One."

This is an exciting film with fantastic special effects. The quality of the 2.35:1 anamorphic video is fairly good throughout, although some people complain of a greenish tint to the film, but this is intended to portray the difference between the real world and the Matrix. Sound too, is good, the 5.1 Dolby Digital track really puts you in the middle of those gunfights, although the dialogue is sometimes a bit quiet. The music is excellent and features tracks from Prodigy and Rage Against The Machine and Rob Zombie among others.

The disc is packed with a fair amount of extras, including behind the scenes and special effects documentaries, filmographies, plus some DVD Rom content. The special effects documentaries are great and it’s really interesting to see how they accomplished the bullet time and kung-fu effects.

The acting is, on the whole, good. Even Keanu “Whoa” Reeves is acceptable as Neo. Larry Fishburne is as good as ever as Morpheus, Hugo Weaving is excellent as Agent Smith and they even managed to sneak in a few Australian ex-soap stars for good measure (must be a requirement of filming in Oz).

Overall this is a great sci-fi action movie with a couple of bright ideas. The mind-blowing special effects are of course a big part of the film, but there is an underlying message that with enough self-belief, you can accomplish anything. This is a cut above the usual pocorn movies.

Recommended for the lobby scene alone. “What do you need?” – “Guns. Lots of guns.” Excellent.

With current predictions about the Singularity supposedly going to occur in 2035, this film holds new meaning for me. Could this vision of the future really come to pass?
posted by Chris Gould on 25/2/2000 04:33
10 / 10
"R u saying I can dodge bullet???"Well don`t dodge this DVD because is is one of the has everything really everything!!!Action, love sci-fictio special effect and much more
and since there will be also two sequels.why not buying the first of a family!!And not to mention the soundtrack that`s awesome!!!
Ihave got to give a 9 in the features because the american one is way cooler with the commentary so......
posted by alby on 2/7/2000 22:24
9 / 10
My very first DVD movie. And what a movie to start it up!
Forget about the story. Yeah, it`s there and all of that, but the entire movie is made up of 2 things: the visuals and the audio.
The video transfer is great. The grayish-green hues are all over the place and they give you a sense of creepiness throughout the movie. There are no compression marks at all and all the colors are vivid.
The special effects in this movie are really awesome. A lot of computer work was needed for these effects to look real, and they do. They really do.
The DD 5.1 audio is probably the best sci-fi audio track ever. The fight scenes and the shooting scenes are almost too real and the sound is overwhelming.
The disk offers an extensive line of extra material. All of these features are very nice, especially the behind the scenes of the special effects department.
To sum it up - an ok story, great video, even greater audio, and yeah, a must buy for any DVD fan.

"The Matrix" revisited - February 2002
It`s been almost 2 years since I`ve reviewed this movie, and I decided I want to watch it again, this time on a big screen TV (61 inches).
My original marks were 8 for content, 10 for video, 10 for audio, 8 for features and 9 overall. Upon watching the movie for the 2nd time now, the marks slightly changed.
The 2nd time around, the movie makes a lot more sense. It is deep, pretty coherent and seems free of any major plot holes. I cannot help but notice, however, several resemblances to "Dark City", which was released earlier than "The Matrix".
The video transfer is very good, yet not flawless. The dark scenes reveal some grain and even very few compression signs. However, the CG effects are nothing short of amazing. The mark for the video presentation is thus changed to 9.
The DD 5.1 soundtrack is excellent. The surrounds are constantly used and the channel separation is very well done. The sub gets it share of action, too. My previous 10 is now a solid 9.
The menus are beautifully animated with sound.
The extras include a couple of behind the scenes featurettes, with the special effects ones being the best. The disk also includes some nice features on DVD-ROM (scripts, a trivia game and some articles). Still, and 8 is a tad high for these extras, so a 7 is in order.
Bottom line - while the end is a bit abrupt and leaves more to be desired, this is a great movie which has a very good replay value.
posted by Zvi Josef on 21/7/2000 17:28
7 / 10
Everyone loves this film, which is why I don`t.

What`s the use in fighting against the tide of appreciating this films has got. It`s an entertaining romp, but it`s not that great...
posted by Richard73 on 16/10/2000 23:26
5 / 10
this ovrrated movie isnt helped by a dvd that does not compare to its region 1 version.bbfc its all your fault
posted by flair on 15/11/2000 23:04
8 / 10
Easily one of the best sci fi movies around and on a very good DVD. Highly original and with stunning special effects it was very deserved of the recognition it got.
The DVD is above average but not spectacular, unfortunately missing the commentary from the region 1 disc. However the audio does not get much better than this and the picture is above average. Overall, a very good DVD.
posted by Anthony Sydric on 16/1/2001 19:11
8 / 10
FILM: The Matrix has to be seen to be believed. In terms of visual style and sound design, the Matrix blows away the competition. The story is also very unique, but there are a number of plot holes and under developed characters (namely Neo, the main star...). We have a very solid cast here including Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne and Australian wonder Hugo Weaving. Generally performances are good, but Reeves is a bit unnatural at times and appears a little out of place here; in my opinion, he is better suited to movies like Jan de Bont`s Speed. As far as science fiction goes, we have a highly entertaining and above all original piece of cinema. Being driven by it`s visual style and fabulous sound, I recommend forgetting the flaws in the plot and just sitting back and cranking up that amplifier! The Matrix also features a good supporting role from Carrie Ann Moss, who has a lot of potential for her future movie career.
PICTURE QUALITY: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1.
If theres one thing I hate, it`s the pan & scan format. The Matrix is a movie which is dying to be seen as originally framed, due to the Wachowski brothers ability to fill every corner of the frame with mind-blowing action. As mentioned before, the visuals really are eye candy. The transfer perfectly captures the intentional green and blue colour casts of the Matrix and the `real world`. Flesh tones are washed out and lack vibrancy, which some may see as an authoring error, but is again an intentional look. The picture is slightly grainy when inside the matrix, but this is a trademark visual of the movie. With a properly calibrated television screen, you should be able to enjoy this movie as the directors intended.
SOUND QUALITY: Dolby Digital 5.1.
Wow! This is probably the most incredible soundtrack ever heard. Dialogue is clean and audible, the moshing tunes are loud and the gun shots dominate all action scenes. This is the kind of soundtrack that must be heard at a high volume! Look out for highlights such as the opening sequence, the lobby shoot out and mini gun attack. Just make sure you warn the neighbours in advance!
EXTRAS: A comprehensive collection of extras awaits you on this disc: there are three documentaries, cast and crew bios and most importantly a `Follow the White Rabbit` feature. This is an interactive feature which plays the movie, but occasionally makes a white rabbit pop up in the bottom right of the screen. You can click on this symbol to get a mini behind the scenes look at the special effects you are about to see! Definately the most advanced feature on DVD to date. Unfortunately for us Brits, the region 1 audio commentary and isolated music score are missing. This is due to absence of various head-butting shots, putting the commentary out of sync. Still, nothing substantial to complain about in the extras department.
OVERALL: The Matrix is worth buying for it`s special effects alone, and definately serves as an audio/visual showpiece for the format. Never mind the plot flaws here and there, this is an essential purchase.
posted by Richard Knowles on 12/4/2001 19:03
8 / 10
Great film through & through...great visuals and sound, with some nice extras to keep you interested after you`ve watched it several hundred times!

Can`t wait for Matrix 2 & 3 (eta 2003?)
posted by mclh on 20/8/2001 18:11
10 / 10
I see there are a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings about this movie. It was one of my first dvds, and remains one of my favourites, as well as being one of my favourite films in general. In many respects, it is not the most original film you will ever see, everything is green, the idea I`m sure has been around for centuries in philosophy, and `Dark City` is worryingly similar in a number of respects (or vice versa if take into account `DC` being the earlier film. However, `The Matrix` remains one of *the* top five must have dvds of all time, and it astounds me that people I know who like the film have not bought it, despite having many... poor films in their collection. True, picture quality is not the best ever, but it is still good, and the features are pretty tasty too, especially the demo film for bullet-time (exploding barrel? So cool!). I had the original dvd, but sold it and bought the collectors edition, to have all the luverly extra extras. However, the best part of `The Matrix` is the audio. This is *the* dvd to convert people to home cinema, and justify spending silly money on a dedicated surround set-up: when I was demoing home cinema equipment, I used this film, and it brought tears to my eyes. I was totally blown away. Bullet casings hitting the floor, plaster crumbling from the walls, gunfire all around me: it was truly an awesome moment. Sure, there are better overall films available, that much is very true, but I will never forget the first time I watched the lobby gunfight in surround sound, and for that reason, `The Matrix` will always have a special place in my heart, and my collection
posted by Rekless on 28/5/2002 04:50
10 / 10
WOW! The greatest film ever made. I was knocked out the first time I saw it and immediately watched it again.
Where to start? Amazing plot, stunning dialogue(Morpheus: I`m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You`re the one that has to walk through it. / Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. ),
Great acting (especially from Morpheus), super direction, editing and a cool soundtrack.
I won`t discuss the plot as it will spoil it for you. The Matrix is a blend of action, scifi and martial arts with themes of belief, hope, friendship, loyalty and courage.
If you haven`t seen it, SEE IT NOW. If you only see one film in your whole life, make it the Matrix.
The DVD has great extras with it along with a super transfer. The only problem is the weak packaging and the fact that it freezes in a lot of DVD players.
In summary, groundbreaking filmmaking and a must buy DVD.
posted by morpheus177 on 31/12/2002 12:47
8 / 10

The Matrix is a rollercoaster ride of mind-blowing special effects and plot, but is it that good? Well it`s very overrated, and isn`t as good as many critics have said. Though i`m not saying i don`t like it, it`s a very enjoyable and good Sci-Fi film.
But it isn`t exactly original, that`s for a start it rips off every thing from Akira to Ghost in the shell, but that`s Hollywood for
you. Directing Brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski have created a good film, but let`s wait and see what the outcome of the trilogy will be, when Reloaded and Revolutions hit Cinemas.


The 5.1 is brilliant, the fighting and bullet time are captured perfectly with the mix.


Again very good


Not as packed as one would have thought, No Audio Commentaries, which is fairly odd. The `Follow The White Rabbit` feature anables you to go behin the scenes throughout the film is a neat idea, not used to it`s full potential though.Taking the red pills lead you to short featurettes which are interesting but a little tedious. The HBO Making of is also good. There is also a lot of DVD Rom content on the disc. It is a shame that The Wachowski Brothers didn`t get more involved.
posted by the_film_king on 9/8/2003 18:40
10 / 10
I can`t believe I haven`t posted a review for this possibly my most favourite film. Its a film that started a new look and feel for films.

The plot is good - there are one or two holes if you really really go deep enough, but its pretty damm good any way you look at it. This coupled with relentless action, a big secret, suspence, and betrayal - it just comes up as everything you want in a film. I think this is easily my most watched DVD in my collection.

The IMDB lists the matrix "Bullet Time" being used in more than 20 movies since it appeared. This is enough to show it was different enough to influence the whole industry. Its been used in comedy sketches and others pastiches. There are few films that really have an impact like this one has had.

The DVD is what the "Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits" was for CD. Almost everyone got a copy with their first CD/DVD player. The CD was the first big time DDD produced CD, the Matrix the first to offer all sorts of extras. It arrived at exactly the right time to capitalise on DVD.

The video and sound are great.

Since then, DVD`s have got better, and we often expect more from the extras, but for the time, the Matrix was quite a ground breaking DVD in terms of its extras.

Anyway - hard to beat this film.
posted by Julian Onions on 20/1/2004 14:06
8 / 10
A great movie. 7/10.
posted by LFC_Lad on 7/3/2004 21:14
7 / 10
Intro- When I first heard of The Matrix, I thought "over-rated". Eventually, when the film premiered on Channel 5 and when I`ve watched for the 1st time, I was literally blown away from start to finish. The Matrix as everyone should know at this point is a virtual simulation but some belive it`s more that. Some philosophers well one, interpreted the film in a different way in his commentary track in the Matrix Ultimate editon. There are reference to anime and John Woo flicks scattered in the film most noticibly the lobby fight scene.

My verdict: 5/5

Video- The Matrix is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. If you bought this in 1999, it would be a superb transfer but this is 2005 and I will analyse the video quality at the latter year. It`s rather grainy and occaisionally has flecks onscreen. Colours are some-what washed out and have this brownish tinge in the image compared to the sequels which have a nice greenish tinge which justifies the fictional context of the film. On the good side, it is sharp. Don`t worry though, the ultimate edition of this flm has been remastered and adjusted to make it look closer to the sequels. On visuals: the movie has been ridden with CGI and SFX much to Quentin Tarantino`s dislike of the film claiming the Agents are his Reservoir Dogs although based the suits on a 50`s secret service agent(IIRC) but QT got his idea from a Hong Kong flick named A Better Tomorrow 2 directed by John Woo. Ironically, the Wachowski brothers got their idea from John Woo flicks.

Sound- Sound is a little better. The DD 5.1 mix will have you blown away when Trinity does bullet time in the very beginning of the film. A very active mix at that time and still is to this very day. Since this is an action packed flick, expect sounds of bullets flying. Don Davis` ochestral score will boom through your 5.1 speakers.

Extras- Good in 1999, bad in 2005. You get a 20 min HBO First Look Special: Making The Matrix. This little featurette says it all really. Features interviews from cast and crew integrated with footage from the main feature.

The rest of the featurettes are hidden so try finding them yourself.

There is a "Follow the white rabbit" feature which a white rabbit pops up from nowhere as you watch the film itself. Press enter on your remote to access short clips of behind the scene footage.

There are filmographies giving background info on the cast and crew.

Lastly, there are several DVD-ROM feature which I find rather rubbish.

Normally, there would be a commentary and music only track on the DVD(ported from R1) but there isn`t due to BBFC cuts to 8 headbutts in the film. As a result, the commentary and the music only track is out of sync and Warner Bros decided to drop them from the UK releases. Other versions worldwide will have the film uncut.

Overall- The Matrix is the most influential film since Star Wars. Not only it re-defined the sci-fi genre but almost everything. Since then there had been several spoofs and copycats since The Matrix had been released. Buy the Ultimate edition for the extras and remastered version of the 1st film.
posted by alias-rf2 on 21/4/2005 06:33