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    Review of Divine Trash

    6 / 10


    Here is a review of the now defunct DVD version of Divine Trash. Yes that`s right, just a mere month away from release, this baby was cancelled without any explanation as to why, much to the dismay of the handfull of John Waters (WHO?) fans here in England. In any event, I`ve been assigned to endure a 96 min snooze-fest, through watching some shoddy documentary of an underground film-maker, in order to discover WHY it was pulled in the first place. I wasn`t thrilled at the prospect one bit.

    Even though this kind of stuff doesn`t appeal to me in the slightest, I decided I was going to attempt and see through the perspective of someone who conceivably might actually enjoy the work of Waters. So firstly I looked this guy up over at the IMDB and I saw what accolades he had.

    To my surprise I found out he was the guy behind the famous Kathleen Turner comedy/horror flick "Serial Mom", he also directed the Stephen Dorff movie "Cecil B.Demented", which was recently reviewed on this site. In fact the majority of his movies weren`t the gay-and-lesbian affairs I anticipated, his projects are actually of a quite high standard.

    Although I`m no student of film, this documentary interested me, plus I was chuffed that I`m one of the few in the country that get to see this DVD!


    Much like the "Blair Witch Project", Divine Trash is a non-professional film, and isn`t exactly a showcase for image quality. Saying that, I think it`s been tweaked to the best possible effect from its source material, as its sharp and crisp with no MAJOR flaws. The main problem is that the film compiles a lot of different material which varies in quality, with the older segments displaying a lot of smearing.


    With a 2.0 Dolby soundtrack, again, Divine Trash varies according to its numerous sources of material. At times there is conflict between the dialogue & on-set shooting, which can be bloody horrible at times. The music reeks of coolocity though.


    Sorry, nothing but the bog-standard-snooze-fest text features here. Bloody typical. I actually wasn`t too bothered, but saying that, I wouldn`t have brought this anyway. Fans would have expected a lot more I`m sure, and would be disappointed on how little is on offer. They shouldn`t have even bothered with the extras, because they could easily have been duplicated onto a pamphlet or something. In the extras list is included "interactive menus", nuff said.


    Those who like John Waters films would have found this to be a must-own, even though it`s severely lacking in overall content. I was entranced by a film, which I thought I`d despise. Which suggests that non-fans could have given it a try and watch some of John Waters movies, see if they like them, and if so pick this one up. But I guess it`s all academic now.

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