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    Legend: Ultimate Edition (US)

    9 / 10
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    A 2-Disc Collection…
    Certificate: PG
    Running Time: 114 mins
    Retail Price: $24.98
    Release Date:

    Tom Cruise stars in this visually-stunning fantasy adventure in which pure good and evil battle to the death amidst spectacular surroundings. Set in a timeless mythical forest inhabited by fairies, goblins, unicorns and mortals, this fantastic story has Tom Cruise, a mystical forest dweller, chosen by fate to undertake a heroic quest. He must save a beautiful princess, Mia Sara, and defeat the demonic Lord of Darkness, Tim Curry, or the world will be plunged into a never-ending ice age. Co-starring Billy Barty and Alice Playten and directed by Ridley Scott, famed for his remarkable settings and unparalleled imagery, the incredibly realized fable is the stuff movie legends are made of.

    Special Features:
    Disc 1: Director`s Cut
    Never-Before-Seen Director`s Cut, With Jerry Goldsmith`s Score
    Audio Commentary with Ridley Scott

    Disc 2: U.S. Theatrical Version
    "Creating A Myth: The Making Of Legend
    Isolated Score by Tangerine Dream
    Lost Scenes: "Alternate Opening: Four Goblins" And a Re-Creation of "The Faerie Dance" Using Rare Photos, Storyboards and Original Music
    Storyboards: "Lily and the Unicorns," "Jack`s Challenge" and "Downfall of Darkness"
    Brian Ferry`s "Is Your Love Strong Enough" Music Video
    Photo Galleries: Publicity Photographs, Images of Legend, Continuity Polaroids
    Two Theatrical Trailers
    Four TV Spots
    Production Notes
    Cast and Filmmaker Bios
    DVD-ROM: Script-to-Scene Comparison

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English
    Dolby Digital Surround 2.0 English
    DTS 5.1 English

    Subtitle Tracks:
    CC: English

    Directed By:
    Ridley Scott

    Written By:

    Billy Barty
    Alice Playten
    David Bennent
    Tim Curry
    Mia Sara
    Tom Cruise

    Casting By:
    Jeremy Zimmerman
    Donna Isaacson
    Jane Feinberg
    Marci Liroff
    Mike Fenton
    Noel Davis

    Soundtrack By:
    Tangerine Dream
    Jerry Goldsmith

    Director of Photography:
    Alex Thomson

    Terry Rawlings

    Costume Designer:
    Charles Knode

    Production Designer:
    Assheton Gorton
    Leslie Dilley

    Arnon Milchan
    Tim Hampton

    Universal Pictures

    Your Opinions and Comments

    9 / 10
    Region 1: Universal Home Video, Region 2: Fox Home Video

    Length: Directors Cut 114 m. US Theatrical Version 90m. UK Version 89m
    Rated: PG
    Format: Anamorphic Widescreen ยท 2.35:1
    Languages: R2: English R1: English, Spanish, French
    Subtitles: R2: Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, English for the hearing impaired R1: English, French, Spanish
    Extras: R2: Trailer R1: Commentary Track Isolated Score Documentary Lost Scenes Storyboards Music Video Photo Gallery Trailers and TV Spots

    Darkness (Tim Curry) wants to end daylight in the world and orders chief goblin Blix (Alice Playten) to kill the last two unicorns and bring him the horns. Princess Lilly (Mia Sara) is in the forest waiting to see Jack (Tom Cruise). Jack takes Lilly to see the unicorn, and while she is there the goblins attack. The earth is turned to cold, with snow and darkness and while trying to shield the unicorn Lilly is captured by the goblins and taken to meet with Darkness. Three forest folk Gump (David Bennent), Screwball (Billy Barty), Brown Tom (Cork Hubbert) and the fairy Oona (Annabelle Lanyon) convince Jack that he will have to learn to become a hero if the world (and Lilly) is to be saved.

    Ridley Scott`s fair tale fantasy film "Legend" has been one of those DVDs that was announced numerous times and then delayed again and again. Finally, Twentieth Centaury Fox released the UK theatrical version of the film on Region 2 about a couple of months before Universal Home Video released what they call the "Ultimate Edition" release of the film on Region 1.
    Far from being "Ultimate" - apart from some interesting extras - all there is on the Universal set is the US theatrical version of the feature with the Tangerine Dream score and Ridley Scott`s Directors Cut with the much better Jerry Goldsmith score. If you want the `Rest of the World` release then you will need to buy the Fox Region 2 disc that has the original cut of the film with the Jerry Goldsmith score. The fourth version of the film - the US TV cut - which is a mixture of both, including mixing both scores is not available on DVD.
    The Director`s Cut is a re-edited version of the film with 24 minutes of additional footage that allows Ridley Scott to show us the film the way he wished he had been able to in 1986.

    The new director`s cut adds detail to the film. Not so much in terms of the plot - which remains the same - but in character facets.

    How do they look? It depends which version you`re viewing.
    On the Region 1 disc Universal has paid much more attention to the new Director`s cut. It is presented in 2.35:1 ratio in an anamorphic transfer that displays excellent quality. The print is free of defects and blemishes and the definition of the print is very good. It reveals all of the spectacular details that the filmmakers worked so hard to create. Colours are vibrant and strong without ever appearing over saturated and blacks are very deep

    The theatrical cut on the other hand shows some shortcomings. The image appears notably grainier and the various changes from the original UK version appear to be taken from non-remastered film stock. Also as this version is on disc two with the various extras the compression shows, with a lack of definition that is quite distracting in places. The colour reproduction while still vivid is not nearly as vibrant and rich as in the disc one Director`s Cut.

    The Fox version on Region 2 is stunning. Presented in 2.35:1 in widescreen and some of the lowest compression available this DVD 5 single layer disc is as nearly perfect as it gets. The leaves and feathers in the air, the glistening of the snow and the dark horror of the devils fiery kitchen are in such striking detail that it is a joy to watch, and the sound - in Dolby 2.0 - is as clear as could be. Even the matrixed surround sound from the 1986 Dolby stereo is better than many modern mixes.

    Back to the Region 1 discs, and from the specs, it is apparent that Universal shows preference for the Director`s Cut, with this in 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS and a Dolby Surround audio tracks, while the theatrical only has a Dolby Surround. The surround usage on the multi-channel tracks is wonderfully restrained showing that Ridley Scott and his main sound mixer (for some reason there are no sound credits) knew what they were doing even in the early days of Dolby Stereo - loud crashed and bangs from the surround speakers do not make a good sound mix. This is despite the fact that the various DVD magazines and on-line reviews will not give a film high marks in the sound department unless the listener is deafened from the surround and the bass.

    Jerry Goldsmith`s music is simply fabulous. I had the chance to see the US version a number of years ago and seeing it again you realise that the Tangerine Dream score is merely adequate, something that Ridley Scott acknowledges in the documentary - and in his comments about Jerry Goldsmith in the commentary. Orchestral scores are usually timeless and especially in the hands of a master like Jerry Goldsmith the music becomes an integral part of the film. Although opinions may - and undoubtedly will - vary, to me Jerry Goldsmith`s score underscores the fantastic, whimsical quality of the story and drives home the demonic menace much better that the Tangerine Dream score.

    The extras on the Universal disc are quite good. On disc one the Director`s Cut is accompanied by an audio commentary track from director Ridley Scott. It is a fine commentary and it is clear that he is very pleased to finally see this cut of the film brought to life and he is able to talk about it in length. The track is interesting as he explains his thoughts, intentions, the history of the film and other things that are related to the film and its release. However, in trying to talk about the Art Direction, the Directing, the Sound and the Actors as well as the actual production there is not nearly enough time and it is obvious that without the constraints of the politics of film making and his need to be nice to Universal - as they have paid for this restoration of the film - the whole history of the making of `Legend` would make a fascinating educational programme.

    On the second disc - the one featuring the US theatrical cut of the film - we find a slew of other extras. For some strange reason an audio track featuring the isolated Tangerine Dream score is here - albeit I am sure fans would have preferred an isolated version of the Jerry Goldsmith score instead. "Creating A Myth: The Memories Of Legend", a documentary that covers the production of the film as well as its history as one of the most unfulfilled director`s dreams. The origins of the story are explained as well as the process how the idea was pitched to studios with new crew interviews, while cast members share their memories about their affiliation with the project but for another strange reason two words `Tom` and `Cruise` are not mentioned. It could be speculated that his involvement, or not, was the reason for the delay in the release of the DVD as the documentary is dated 2000.

    The disc also contains previously lost scenes, such as an alternate opening sequence and the mythical `Fairy Dance`. Sadly the actual footage of the `Fairy Dance` has been destroyed but the scene has been recreated using the original audio recordings that are accompanied by photos and storyboard drawings of the events.

    Three of the movie`s key scenes are also presented in storyboard form on this disc, giving viewers the chance to see how these scenes were planned and how they ultimately turned out in the final film.

    Fans will love the Photo Gallery that includes not only publicity stills and photos related to the film but also a large number of continuity Polaroid`s that are used to make sure characters, props and settings are arranged the same way between various shooting stages.

    The Brian Ferry music video "Is Your Love Strong Enough" is also part of the package, as well as a selection of trailers, TV Spots, Production Notes, Biographies and DVD-ROM features.

    `Legend - The Collectors Edition` - as it was originally called - was first posted as `Coming Soon` on the Play.Com site at the beginning of November 2000 and was released mid May 2002 - was it worth the wait?
    The answer is of course yes. `Legend` has its place in British, and come to that, American film history. A film that cost $25,000,000 but only grossed $15,503,000 in the US usually means it is a failure and forgotten about, but fans - like myself - could not understand why the public did not want to see the film. With the passing years more and more people wanted to see the film(s) in all its glory. Its not the first time - nor will it be the last - that a film has been edited into different version for different countries - nor is it the first time a film has had its score changed but at least with the wonder that is DVD we now have a chance to compare and contrast and decide which version you prefer - the US theatrical, the UK theatrical or the Directors Cut.

    I know that when I watch it again it will be the Directors Cut - with the stunning Jerry Goldsmith score - in glorious DTS for me.
    posted by Tony Myhill on 5/7/2002 20:21
    8 / 10
    This is a classic, like some big budget shampoo advert.
    But this dvd has been treated well from the R2 version which makes dvd seem pointless. Nice commentary from Ridley, an improved directors cut with fine picture and excellant sound given the choice of DD 5.1 or my favorite DTS!!! with the cut score frpom Jerry Goldsmith!!! why would they do this the man is vilicate. The original version of the film with the Tangerine score which is no match for Jerry Goldsmiths ambient delicate sound of pure class, presented in anamorphic picture with only Dolby surround or DD 2.0 is there any point!! Delected sequences which are intresting involving the the faires and goblins, awe there so sweet the goblins might i add.. Music video from Brian Ferry a must watch so 80`s man. The usual spot light etc etc. Intrestling the interviews with the cast and crew members discussing the film, there seems to be no Mr Cruise?? Hmm most feel the embaressment of the flop and tight tights of the film, though i`d rather watch this than MI 2 again, what cult classic of s***e from Mr slow it down John I can`t direct Face off Woo. This dvd is worth the purchase for the classic 80`s charm of pure fantasy with great visuals. Buy it.
    posted by anakin on 28/7/2002 16:33
    10 / 10
    All i have to say about this is, it was once a flawed masterpiece... now that it is restored to its proper glory.. it is now simply a masterpiece!
    posted by Fraught on 17/1/2003 17:14
    9 / 10
    I think this flopped when if first was released but this movie is actually quite good. A fantasy adventure, this film has many dreamlike sequences. The visuals I have to say are fantastic. The film is beautifully shot and remastered onto this ultimate edition dvd.

    One of Tom Cruise`s earlier films. I dont think Tom gets much respect as a serious actor but I respect him because he is a great actor who can perform so many different roles brilliantly.
    Compare this role to his role in The Color Of Money, and compare that to born on the Fourth of July. Compare that to his character Ethan Hunt. Then compare that to his performances in A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire, Rain Man, Days of Thunder and Magnolia. Anyway you can see where I`m going.

    Mia Sara I recognised as being Ferris Buellers Girlfriend. She also was good in this movie as a sweet, innocent and pure princess. She loves Jack (Tom Cruise) but is taken by darkness. Its up to Jack and his elf like friends to rescue her and prevent the entire world turning into darkness. The plot is not as it sounds. Tom doesnt play some Rambo type guy who kicks the door open and battles the bad guy. He is courageous but weak and afraid.

    As I have mentioned the picture is magnificent. Sound also is brilliant. This is in reference to the directors cut. The extras are also plentiful and top notch. This really is the Ultimate Edition and is essential stuff for collectors
    posted by dicanio on 18/1/2003 01:42