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    Anime Review Roundup

    Another Licence Announced By AllTheAnime

    They promised that they would announce another title by the end of January, and they left it to the last minute to announce Outlaw Star. Just like their previous title announcement Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star was originally, and briefly released here by Beez Entertainment, and once more AllTheAnime are doing something special for its re-release. No Blu-ray though, but Outlaw Star will be released in a re-mastered format that to date has only seen release in Japan, and promises to be a significant upgrade from the original release. Two more announcements are promised for February

    AllTheAnime have also launched their website, and you can take a look at http://www.alltheanime.com/

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    I’m finally starting to catch up with my backlog of review titles, and last week I began with the back-loggiest of them all. When Slayers: Volume 2 turned up for review, it turned out to be a faulty disc that precipitated an exchange programme from MVM. Well it took me this long to get a new disc, and finally re-watch the show, and I was surprised to find that this fantasy adventure comedy actually improves with age. You have to let running jokes run on a bit before they get funny.

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    Next up was Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, or as it’s written on the packaging, Journey to Agartha. No matter what it’s called, what it is, is Makoto Shinkai’s latest feature length animation. We’re also getting it in Blu-ray, something we were cruelly denied when it came to 5 Centimeters Per Second. Makoto Shinkai does exquisite eye-candy, and emotionally resonant, heartfelt storylines. His is a unique vision, and he has the ability to evoke feelings in the viewer through nostalgia and artwork, in a way that few other directors can. Journey to Agartha is his most conventional movie to date, paying direct homage to the works of Miyazaki that his films are often compared to. See how effective a film it is by clicking on my review.

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    Here’s a facetious comment for you. You’re brought up with a language with no letter ‘l’, and when it comes to learning languages which do, you’ll naturally have a little difficulty in forming the sounds. So why would you name the main character in an anime, Lelouch Lamperouge? Is it because you’re a sadistic director that likes to see voice actors squirm? Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion has been given a timely re-release, this time on Blu-ray and on DVD, and you know what? It’s so good that I had to review it twice. Click on Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: Blu-ray if you have room for the extra pixels in your eyeballs, otherwise click on Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: DVD.

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    Finally I took a look at Bodacious Space Pirates: Part 1. As so often happens, a teenage high school girl whose main concerns are her exams and her part time job, gets some visitors that tell her that the father that she never knew has died, and that she’s just inherited a pirate ship. Now, not only must Marika Kato have to go off into space and plunder some booty from some unsuspecting space liners, but she also still has to get her school homework in on time. Click on the review to read more about this delightful new series.

    Kazé Entertainment released Journey To Agartha as a DVD Blu-ray combo, as well as single disc Blu-ray and DVD through the auspices of Manga Entertainment last Monday, and they also did the same for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion on DVD and Blu-ray on the 21st of January. MVM released Slayers: Volume 2 so long ago that it’s well and truly deleted, and you’d be better off looking up their Complete Series Collection instead. However, their Bodacious Space Pirates: Part 1 comes out today, and with that, I’m almost clear of my backlog.

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