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    Apparently the British are Sensitive

    Sensitive Brits yesterday (Wed) voted spending time with their partner as life's biggest 'must-have'.

    A quarter of people polled placed the company of their other half above more material possessions such as computers, mobile phones, radio and car.

    And incredibly, in this modern age of technology, reading was second beating television, the iPod, internet and broadband.

    Children, partners and family time all appeared in the top five, while having a cup of tea came sixth in the poll of 1,214 adults for The National Lottery.

    A spokesman for The National Lottery said: ''It seems that it is the little things in life that we couldn't live without. Time with family or little treats like a cup of tea or sitting in the sunshine are best for boosting everyday happiness.

    ''Research into Lottery winners reveals that they value the simple things in life that don't cost a fortune too, long soaks in the bath and watching TV were the treats they value most.''

    The study revealed the NHS in seventh place followed by water - the only thing on the list which we couldn't physically live without.

    And a healthy dose of caffeine made the list in the shape of the first cup of coffee in the morning.

    Tenth was the words; 'I Love You'.

    Further down the top 50 list, life's little luxuries start to take over - including a hot bath full of bubbles, a freshly made bed and enjoying a pint of beer.

    Even chores appear on the list of things Brits couldn't live without - cooking and gardening appear at numbers 26 and 27 respectively.

    Mum was deemed more important than dad, securing 11th place while fathers only made it in at number 37.

    Best friends (24) came higher than siblings (38) while surprisingly money only made it to number 49.


    1. Spending time with my partner
    2. Reading
    3. Children
    4. Partner
    5. Family time
    6. Cup of tea
    7. Health services
    8. Water
    9. First coffee of the morning
    10. Hearing the words 'I love you'
    11. Mum
    12. Internet / Broadband connection
    13. Sunbathing
    14. Watching a football match
    15. Hot bath with bubbles
    16. Getting into a comfy bed with fresh sheets
    17. A good meal with friends
    18. Computer / laptop
    19. A long walk by myself
    20. Television
    21. Energy suppliers
    22. Bottle of wine on a Friday night
    23. Shopping trips
    24. My best friend
    25. Watching films
    26. Cooking
    27. Gardening
    28. Going to a music gig
    29. A pint of beer
    30. Music
    31. Sunrise / Sunset
    32. Going to the gym
    33. Trees
    34. My kids waking me up in the morning
    35. Radio
    36. Football
    37. Dad
    38. Siblings
    39. iPod
    40. Washing machine
    41. Emergency services
    42. Animals
    43. Rain
    44. Christmas Day
    45. My morning shower
    46. Gin and tonic
    47. Mobile phone
    48. Car
    49. Money
    50. The dentist

    Your Opinions and Comments

    I am amazed that reading came before children but i guess if you ask a spread of age ranges then some don't have kids, some have little kids, some have teenagers who only come out for food and some have kids who have left home...

    I like reading but I'm not sure i wouldnt put the fresh bed before everything...with the long soak beforehand.

    Ask any woman and its time to not be responsible for the family..and its all the simple non techie things that come top of the list.

    Tonight it was being told my stir fry was "very nice" by No 1 Daughter(there is only one) and discussing my son's exam timetable with him. He's 16 in two weeks and I had a little tear about him coming this far as he nearly died when he was a baby-there's no subsitute for the mundane stuff of life.
    posted by Sue Davies on 25/3/2009 20:06