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    It's Invasion Season at the National Space Centre!

    When the crew of the Starship Enterprise flipped open their communicators do you think the viewing public sat there wondering if one day we would all be walking around with communication devices that replicated this imaginative design?

    But today the mobile phone is something we take for granted, Dr. Martin Cooper, inventor of the modern mobile phone, credits the TOS communicator from Star Trek as being his inspiration for the technology. So how much of the technology that surrounds us or is currently being developing in laboratories around the world can be traced back to the great science fiction movies from the last 100 years?

    Invasion; The Fact of Fiction is the new exhibition at the National Space Centre, running from 11 November to 6 January, that sets out to answer some of the questions as well as highlight millions of pounds worth of original props and costumes from Hollywood blockbusters that have become cult movies to fans of all ages. From the tiny costume worn by the visiting aliens in Close Encounters of a Third Kind, to the iconic Joker costume worn by Jack Nicholson, as well as prototype pieces made for James Cameron to approve designs that were handmade by master armourer Terry English for the Marines in his hit movie Aliens, the exhibition is a must for every movie goer, family member or fan.

    In addition to the exhibition the centre is also hosting their biggest event to date to launch the Invasion. Movie Mania Weekend, 15-16 November, with almost 100 costume characters from Star Wars, Predator, Aliens, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Batman… and loads more. With talks, workshops, displays and even a prosthetics masterclass to take part in, this is sure to be a weekend that will dispatch the invasion on a safe journey over the Christmas period.

    As if that was not enough to end the year with word has just arrived from Gallifrey that another, even more sinister, invasion is on its way to Leicester's number one visitor attraction! Exterminate 45 on the 29 November will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the ultimate metal meanie, the Daleks. The National Space Centre, Project Dalek and the Dalek Builders Guild are setting out to break the World Record for the largest ever gathering of Daleks, so this really will be an invasion force!

    · Invasion; The Fact of Fiction 11 November - 6 January
    · Movie Mania Weekend 15 - 16 November
    · Exterminate 45 29 November

    National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester LE4 5NS

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    Star Trek is almost certainly why flip phones are still so popular today, even if that reason is more subconscious than deliberate. Don't have one myself now, but when I did many years ago I used to do the sound fx when flipping it open - and I don't even class myself as that much of a fan...
    posted by Si Wooldridge on 30/10/2008 20:11