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Retailer Reviews Forum

Welcome to our Retailer Reviews Forum. This is for postings relating to your experiences with retailers both on the Internet, down the high street or mail order catalogues, and whether they are hardware or software suppliers.

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Topic of Discussion
9 Replies
on 1/4/2018

last post by admars on 2/4/2018 20:55

7 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 28/2/2018

Bye Bye Maplins and Toys r Us
last post by admars on 28/2/2018 20:32

1 Reply
Jitendar Canth
on 8/6/2016

Goodbye Rakuten!
last post by admars on 8/6/2016 13:34

2 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 7/3/2016

BBC Shop is Closing Down on 30th March
last post by Si Wooldridge on 7/3/2016 19:35

8 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 7/1/2014

Amazon ditches Free Delivery for all orders under £10
last post by Chris Gould on 28/9/2015 15:53

No Replies
on 11/6/2015

HMV online store are back.
last post by pat-w on 11/6/2015 17:31

3 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 17/3/2015 RIP?
last post by retrogeezer on 20/3/2015 10:29

No Replies
on 29/10/2014

Robert Dyas are dire!
last post by Bargainbuyer on 29/10/2014 20:34

3 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 21/5/2014

Time to change your e-bay passwords
last post by alfie noakes on 24/5/2014 13:12

2 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 21/11/2013

Sainsbury's Entertainment ending physical media sales!
last post by Brian Elliott on 21/11/2013 23:23

10 Replies
Page 12
Colleen Hawkins
on 16/3/2007 & - anyone had any dealings?
last post by dnowell on 28/8/2013 00:27

4 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 9/1/2013 closing down... will be Marketplace only.
last post by 1mills on 10/1/2013 08:14

6 Replies
on 1/8/2011

last post by marksparks999 on 8/12/2012 19:02

2 Replies
Mark Oates
on 29/11/2012

DinoDirect - Anybody Heard Of Them Or Used Them?
last post by Mark Oates on 29/11/2012 16:04

4 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 2/8/2012 Loyalty Scheme (Superpoints)
last post by fcmcd on 7/10/2012 13:59

30 Replies
Page 1234
on 20/10/2005

Warning!!! Rip-Off Merchants
last post by The original 42pcenter MD on 3/7/2012 08:33

3 Replies
Mark Oates
on 19/6/2012

PlanetAxel Goes Bust
last post by admars on 19/6/2012 13:03

7 Replies
on 10/8/2010

Play.Com - Very Crap Customer Service
last post by Sue Brown on 5/4/2012 19:41

No Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 20/3/2012

Buy from Australia and Atlantic DVD?
last post by Jitendar Canth on 20/3/2012 13:03

3 Replies
Mark Oates
on 10/12/2011

HMV Online Delivery Times
last post by marksparks999 on 23/12/2011 13:47

7 Replies
on 26/5/2011

The Apple Store
last post by mbilko on 8/6/2011 21:14

No Replies
on 26/5/2011 - One to avoid ? - that`s SAVERPOINT
last post by merryprankster2 on 26/5/2011 11:53

1 Reply
Jitendar Canth
on 28/3/2011

PlayUSA is back, kind of
last post by Robee J Shepherd on 28/3/2011 15:45

No Replies
on 24/3/2011

Great Outdoors Superstore - No Customer Service whatsover, one to avoid
last post by Lord0fTheRings on 24/3/2011 17:41

2 Replies
on 30/1/2011

Play.Com – What Customer Service?
last post by Mechanoid on 1/3/2011 11:51

8 Replies
Sue Brown
on 31/12/2009

Price Comparison Sites
last post by alan dodgson on 22/2/2011 20:40

7 Replies
Jitendar Canth
on 13/2/2011

last post by Chris Gould on 17/2/2011 13:34

212 Replies
Page 123...2122
on 4/11/2006

avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!
last post by Snaps on 14/1/2011 10:02

11 Replies
Page 12
last post by Robert Terwilliger on 12/1/2011 19:08

4 Replies
on 10/1/2011

Need advice on web retailer... are they reliable?
last post by miikeyblue82 on 11/1/2011 01:34