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Colleen Hawkins (Competent) posted this on Friday, 16th March 2007, 18:45

Both of these sites have items on them that I want which are a few pounds cheaper than elsewhere, but I`m wary because I`ve not had any dealings with them in the past. Can anyone tell if they`ve had good (or bad) experiences of buying films from these sites, before I take the plunge?

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PeteMc (Competent) posted this on Saturday, 17th March 2007, 19:30

The first, I placed an order, they cancelled and never bothered telling me.

The second, it`s been a while since I used them but had no problems back then.

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dj robb (Mostly Harmless) posted this on Thursday, 5th April 2007, 11:55

About a month ago, I placed an order for two CDs (good prices) with dvdi, and so far they`ve only sent one (which was wrong) - they won`t reply to my emails about returning this, or about when I can expect delivery of the other disk, so can I ask if anyone has a phone number for them? Nothing listed on their "contact details" on their website! >:(


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Woschele (Harmless) posted this on Wednesday, 18th April 2007, 13:20

I am from Germany and ordered the Waltons Season 1 Box from them about 7 weeks ago. The debitted my CC account 1 day later and according to their website that means that they posted the DVDs.

I never got anything so far. Emails weren`t replied until I said that I will contact my CC company. Then I got this:

Can you confirm you have now received your order in full?
Kind Regards
DVDi Customer Services Team

Needless to say that that was the last I heard from them and of course I never received any order nor a replacement.

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TonyK (Harmless) posted this on Tuesday, 4th December 2007, 17:12

I ordered a CD from these jokers. After a month with no sign of them shipping, I sent an e-mail cancelling the order and ordered elsewhere. I got no response from DVDi, but a week later I checked the order status online and it was cancelled. However, a month after cancelling, I received a dispatch e-mail for the CD. I checked the order status and it was now showing as dispatched. They had reinstated the order!
After several e-mails, I have still not got any response.

NOTE: DON`T PHONE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICES NUMBER. It is a money making scam using an 05 number. All it does is spend 2 minutes giving you the e-mail address for various "departments" within the "company". This is all information that could easily be put on their contact web page, although still pointless as they never reply to e-mails!

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stuartdurrant (Competent) posted this on Thursday, 13th December 2007, 12:31

I`d like to endorse the above. I ordered the Illusionist for a good price - it did eventually arrive (three weeks) but everything about this company and its procedures dismays me. I would never order from them again

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Feel_The_Fever (Harmless) posted this on Thursday, 3rd July 2008, 20:43

Feel the Fever

I ordered a dvd from dvdi in feb when it didnt arrive by the end of march they told me another was in the post and again i havnt recieved it,i have e mailed them 13 times since and have only got 1 automated reply,i have tried to cancel the order but they wont respond,i dont know what to do but im letting them away with doing me out of money for a good i have never got,,does anyone know what is best for me to do with this case??

For anyone thinking of buying of them i would be highly against it

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Mark Oates (Reviewer) posted this on Wednesday, 9th July 2008, 23:06

This is possibly why DVD.CO.UK, a very reputable company, has changed its name to

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benbo (Harmless) posted this on Monday, 10th October 2011, 12:24

I have ordered 2 CD boxsets on separate occasions. Still waiting on delivery from suppliers. They keep stressing, in subsequent e-mails, that I can cancel orders at any time. It would appear that they offer for sale, items which they do not have in stock, at prices they cannot comply with. Stick to Amazon.

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TrevorL (Harmless) posted this on Friday, 25th May 2012, 12:49

Couldn`t agree more. I ordered a CD ("usually dispatched within 24 - 48 hours"). Couple of weeks later I checked to find that they were waiting for delivery from suppliers. Today, over six weeks since ordering I checked agin to find that there was reputedly a problem with my card. Just a small point but they hadn`t bothered to contact me about this. Back to Amazon for me also.

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