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[VIDEO] Run Fight Hide

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Friday, 15th January 2021, 21:26

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RE: [VIDEO] Run Fight Hide

Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Saturday, 16th January 2021, 10:13

Oh I am so torn!

This looks like Die Hard in a mass school shooting, and the trailer really does make it look good.

But also, morally, making a Die Hard in a school film feels really wrong.


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RE: [VIDEO] Run Fight Hide

Gareth Williams (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 16th January 2021, 14:54

Distributed by The Daily Wire lol

So I'm guessing this is some right-wing "good guy with a gun saves the day" propaganda.

Not even worth a yarr.

RE: [VIDEO] Run Hide Fight

Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Sunday, 1st August 2021, 13:34

Took a punt on this one, and yeah, it's not without its hidden meanings.

It's been compared to Die Hard in a school, but it's not really. Any movie where hostages are taken and explosives involved are usually compared to the Bruce Willis movie (executive decision, Toy Soldiers, The Rock, Under Siege etc) so the trope is kinda over-played, so I'll ignore that comparison & review the movie on its own merits.

It should be mentioned that while DailyWire acquired the distribution rights to the movie, they had nothing to do with its inception or production (production started late 2019 and premiered at Venice September 2020, before being distributed January this year). I guess some of the elements therein appealed to their obvious biases, but I'll assume they weren't paying attention to the parts without guns as there's a few lines in there that aren't really part of their manifesto.

But anyhoo, the premise you can get from the trailer. Outcast kids start shooting up a school and take everyone hostage, delaying the ultimate plan until they're #1 trending and being livestreamed all over America. Zoe Hull (Isabel May - who does a good job) lives alone with her huntsman father, who has been teaching her to be self-sufficient after her mother died of cancer (but still appears in the movie in an emotional device that isn't too clunky), which is an obvious lead-in to how the movie's going to end.

The topics touched on are handled ok. The ease with which they bad guys got their weapons is mentioned, but could have gone further. The motives behind their actions are a touch predictable, but still serves as a commentary  on the current fascination with social media and undeserved instant fame. 

The title itself comes from the unnecessary mantra levelled at those that are likely to be in an active shooter situation - schoolkids. Run. If you can't, hide. If you can't... you get the point. However it's used here as part of the characters progression & motivations, and related to her in a way that makes sense.

It's a shame that a right-wing cesspool picked up the rights to this, as it sullies the hard work that's gone into it, and the intentions behind the message trying to be told. Give it a go and try to ignore that side of it. Also, if you're an animal lover, look away at the end of the first scene

That's a real deer actually being shot.

I enjoyed it. It poked holes in the way active shooter situations are dealt with in schools, decried the obsession with temporary fame, and told the story well. Some like to think the only thing that'll stop a bad guy with a gun might be a good guy with a gun, but show me a balls-to-the-wall action flick that doesn't end the same way.

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RE: [VIDEO] Run Hide Fight

sj (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 1st August 2021, 20:46

Saw this a good few months back, thought it was poor.
Sorry, not as long a review.


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RE: [VIDEO] Run Hide Fight

Si Wooldridge (Reviewer) posted this on Monday, 2nd August 2021, 14:39

sj says...
"Saw this a good few months back, thought it was poor."

Bet it's not as poor as Assault on Station-33, which I saw on Saturday...


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RE: [VIDEO] Run Hide Fight

sj (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 12:10

That sounds bad enough to not even attempt it.


We will pay the price but we will not count the cost..

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