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[VIDEO] The Dead don't Die

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[VIDEO] I am mother

don't quite know what to make of this but I do know I want to see it.

RE: Freddie Starr RIP

Before the PC brigade moved in he was simply a very very funny man, some of the humour is still hilarious now, and the 70's and 80' comedies I still love watching even though they wouldn't get away with it now and I'm not sure its for the best as this country has always been at its best when we laugh at ourselves and each other.

[VIDEO] Watchmen HBO series

really looking forward to this, one of my favourite comic book stories ever by Alan Moore

RE: The Official Liverpool 2018/19 Season Thread

Stunning performance and result and shows everything we love about the game and why absolutely anything can happen in a cup game :)

RE: Thought I’d say Hi...

Hi Jimbo, nice to see you back in the madhouse :)

RE: Daft question (Ladders)

even better you do the holding and get some other muppet at the top of the ladder :)

[VIDEO] Catch 22

This looks fun

[VIDEO] Bel-Air

well that looks fresh :):)

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[VIDEO] Columbo on sex

My favourite cop ever, this is delicious, hilarious and just pure Falk at his best

RE: [VIDEO] The Blacklist

Ok just got my breath back from ep 18 and 19, 19 in particular I was like, at last, everything is out In the open, at last I have a bloody clue what's going on, at last the whole series from 1st episode is wrapped up in a neat bow for us.....then I'm worried, is this the last episode.? has it been cancelled?? ....then the last minute and 30 seconds i'm back to square 1.....god I love this show, the writing is just magnificent :):):)

RE: [VIDEO] Avengers 4 Endgame

Loved it even though I got it completely wrong after the previous instalment, one thing for everyone still to see it, nothing on after the end of the movie so save yourself 10 minutes.

RIP Billy McNeill

Celtics greatest ever captain, a one club man and a genuinely decent man who unfortunately had alzheimers in later years, RIP Cesar you will be remembered and revered by all decent fans.

RE: Notre Dame is on fire

well I'm afraid my 1st thought was God must have some sense of humour for this to happen in the most important week of the calendar for his followers......

RE: [VIDEO] The Twilight Zone April 1

sorry man I download everything nowadays

RE: [VIDEO] The Twilight Zone April 1

Just got round to watching the 1st episode and while I enjoyed it....the ending

Why in the hell didn't he tell a story about the famous comedian who cursed him with the ability then everything would have been fine (obviously he would have gone back to being a crap comedian)

RE: TV Recommendation please

55 would be too big I think but thanks :) EDIT: saw there is a 43 inch but reviews not the greatest

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TV Recommendation please

Looking at a new tv, 43 inch plus good as possible max £400 just wondered if you guys have any ideas from personal experience.

[VIDEO] RE: Still Game :) The return

WWAW for old times sake

[VIDEO] Hanna 2019

Based on the excellent movie, on amazon now, 1st episode was excellent, the girl was phenomenal and father very good too....WWAW I think

RE: Still Game :) The return

well a lovely touching ending to a much loved show, will definitely miss the show, the cast of well loved characters who we all knew (at least someone very like them) in life........

[VIDEO] The Twilight Zone April 1

Really can't wait, and am a little bit terrified (pardon the pun) that they will mess it up.

[VIDEO] The Mule

Absolute masterclass from Clint Eastwood Starring and directing this character study of family, friendship, business, priorities and mistakes with a top class cast including Bradley Cooper, Diane Weist, Andy Garcia and Laurence Fishburne and more than WWAW but for me don't you dare miss it :) but tbf I am biased when it comes to Eastwood.

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Google gaming platform Stadia

Could be interesting

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[VIDEO] Once Upon a time In Hollywood


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[VIDEO] Timewasters S1 and now S2

stumbled on this and am really enjoying it. They all appear to be on youtube.

[VIDEO] The Village Season 1

I don't know if its my age but I'm really enjoying more and more feel good stuff now, God Friended Me is awesome, New Amsterdam I enjoy and this 1st episode was very enjoyable.

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RE: Events in Christchurch

well its been reported that the shooter said that Trump "is a symbol of renewed white identity" and minutes after Trump tweeted a link to Breitbart who have been accused of spreading anti muslim conspiracy theories, and I don't think anyone can argue they are right wing fascists.

RE: Events in Christchurch

Trumps right wing racist views are giving these people a platform which they are not slow in grabbing, an awful thing to happen anywhere and I think Trumps hate speech is a lot to do with it.

RE: [VIDEO] The Dissappearance of Madeleine McCann

It was a can of worms in the previous thread when the child went missing if I remember right, didn't see the post taken down but I'm guessing I agreed with it, and as I said in the original thread if it was 2 council parents at the local pub when their child went missing worst case scenario they would have been done for neglect and the other kids taken of them, quite rightly in my opinion but the McCanns are wealthy professionals so they get away with it.