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RE: RIP Nicholas Parsons

Very very clever and funny man RIP

RE: Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

Never had so many alerts on my phone, just heard his 13 year old daughter also died, truly terrible news :(

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

WTF!!! Im completely baffled and wowed !! didn't see any of that coming but Ruth was an awesome ...........    SPOILER:
doctor and great to see captain jack back, but where the hell did the new doctor come from, and more importantly where or when has she gone? is she from another dimension?

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RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

So would I nowadays :(...enjoyed the 1st episode , enough there to keep my interest piqued

RE: Harry & Meghan stepping back from being 'Major Royals'

I don't take much notice of the royals tbf but this has peaked my interest for a couple or reasons, No 1 if no one had told me I would have no clue she was a black woman, No 2 banging on about the shock of being in the public eye, she was an actress in a very successful Us TV show so surely she must have been more open to what she was going into than most? No 3 her husband saw what the press was about 1st hand with the treatment of his mother so surely a heads up would have been coming? Now I don't know what the press have been upto but double standards and racism wouldnt surprise me in the slightest but for me your either a royal or not a royal, get the protection and money or don't, can't have one foot in both camps surely?

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RE: [VIDEO] The Gentlemen

And haven't seen the C word used so much since Deadwood :)

RE: Pay As You Go sim - no data...

gift gaffs cheapest sim is I think £6 maybe an option, if someone sends you a sim you get a £5 credit, let me know

RE: RIP Bernard Woolley

BOOM BOOM Mr Derek :(

[VIDEO] Morbius

Yes please

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Aye was another enjoyable episode and given the state we are in I didn't mind the sermon one bit :)

[VIDEO] The Gentlemen

went to see this tonight and what a hoot, guy Ritchie at his best, plenty of blood guts geezers and obviously humour, very lock stock and WWAW. Hugh Grant is a revelation 

RE: [VIDEO] Dracula

Final episode was a let down, if it had ended after the 2nd episode I would have been raving about it for years, and the ending was frankly ridiculous and don't get me started about the "getaway" Most dangerous creature on earth and that's how he got out of a top security lock up!!

[VIDEO] Dracula

Well what a great nights TV, Cracking Dr Who and fantastic new BBC Dracula which was damn scary and feckin hilarious with its wicked (pun intended) and very dark humour. Great casting of the main man but the nun stole the show for me.

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Well that was just fantastic, really great start to the season, can't say too much but suffice to say I didn't see that coming :) Keep it up1

RE: Happy New Year

Happy New Year all

RE: Whats happened since you joined? 18 years today...

20th Aug 2003 then rejoined in 2013!! definitely came here looking for a multi region hack, back when I was getting £100 telephone bills for my aol dial up!! You guys are the reason I joined and am still here!! Been married, divorced moved constantly but generally happy with my life if not the country and the world I (we) currently inhabit, good to come in here lately and see that my views now are not completely out of step and the country is not completely right wing and racist, bigoted morons :)

Oh and have a great New Year

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RE: [VIDEO] A fourth Ip Man movie is coming!

Loved all of them and while they are stand alone I binged them one after another and wouldn't say that was a bad shout :)

[VIDEO] RE:Christmas ads 2019

This is my favourite of the year :)

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

And Fry :) my dream doctor :)

RE: [VIDEO] The Blacklist

catchup trust me you will not regret it, its by far the best show on tv, cracking cast, stunning writing and some weird and wonderful bad guys with a top top top underlying arc

RE: [VIDEO] The Blacklist

Sooooo just when I think the show can't get any better it reinvents itself with another top class storyline which meshes perfectly with the history and we are back even better than before, and episode 7 and 8 of the 7th season, well I think the s*** has just hit the fan and I wouldn't want to be in Elizabeths crosshairs :)

RE: The Premier league 2019/2020

I would never in a million years have believed someone as toxic as him would ever have gotten near a top EPL team again, and reports say he was 2nd choice behind Rodgers who Leicester wouldn't let them near and is still on double the wages of Pochetino ? also I am assuming they have promised him a kings ransom to go into the transfer market with in January after starving the club for over 2 years,,,,WTF!!!!


Apple TV no idea I’m afraid I download most of my shows, suits me better that I can watch when I want and keep some and delete most


Just wow, fantastic 1st couple of episodes to this, production values through the roof, beautifully shot, great score and top cast who are all on their game, definitely WWAW for people who are missing GOT, kinda steampunk version with very random music popping up and definitely for adults.

RE: [VIDEO] Zombieland: Double Tap

Oh f*** that was awesome. I think I enjoyed it more than the original :) couple of awesome additions to the cast and some amazing zombie kills and do not go till you've seen the addition in the credits :)

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Said after the womens world cup that VAR should be scrapped before the season starts and havent seen anything to change my mind, if anything its reinforced my view

RE: [VIDEO] Treadstone

really enjoying this, my favourite of the new shows, fight scenes are excellent and storyling good although another of the jump back and forward in time shows which will annoy some (does me a little bit)

RE: [VIDEO] BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

Really didnt enjoy the 2nd part, really dark and very very vague with the aliens and didnt particularly like the leads and the over emphasis on the strong women showing the weak men how to do things, i think TV is going way overboard with this currently.

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Scottish press is saying he didn't think the left back had done anything to warrant being dropped, hence no KT, then said left back had a mare??