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[VIDEO] RE: The Trump Presidency

Truly terrifying how clueless he is and how many people he could be responsible for killing

[VIDEO] Some feel good shows

with the world completely f***ed and pretty much all of us with so much time on our hands I figured we all must have some guilty pleasures so feel free to add your own :)

Hudson and Rex
Cop who partners with a dog who steals every scene what's not to love

God friended me
feel good no cops or bad guys just helping people with a tech twist

The neighborhood
Old school US comedy

Bob hearts Abishola
Another old school comedy

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RE: Alex Salmond cleared

Im a bit conflicted, reading the report it seemed obvious as the day is long he was guilty but the jury cleared him of all charges to wonder what I missed now?

RE: My Coin Collection (ish)

received today the last of the Bond coins 2oz silver bought weeks ago which gives me the 1/2 oz gold 1oz and 2oz silver. re the dinosaur  coins, might still be available from the royal mint, there will be 3 of them 2 so far an on coin connection website 2% discount if the code Horace is used this month

RE: My Coin Collection (ish)

Some wouldn't upload for some reason, now waiting for some coins I sent to be graded, which will be my 1st :)

RE: My Coin Collection (ish)

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My Coin Collection (ish)

So just back home, going to be ages I think before next placement but silver lining and all that, I got chance to check out and photograph my coins, most of which have been bought and delivered since xmas when I started last job, thought it might be of interest here even though I took them to post in the silver forum, the other website im frequenting lately. Have silver, gold and 1 platinum I picked up from the royal Mint in 50% of sale, will upload in stages :)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

OK so my agency gig is finished, didn't even do my last shift tomorrow so heading home, normally between jobs its a couple of days, I think a weeks been the longest and i wouldn't normally go anywhere near the job centre but I will need to this time as i think its going to be weeks or more probably months before the hotel industry returns to its current levels.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

friend of mines Mrs is Japanese and seemingly the Japanese TV are reporting its over they have a vaccine in the offing!! I told him he's crazy but what do I know

RE: The Trump Presidency

There is nothing globally more important than getting Trump out IMHO

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

exactly, lots of hotels have staff who live in, so the risk of outside contamination's would be a whole lot lower than people seperated and coming into contact with many different people who i have no doubt would be trying to help or a confined space which is comfortable and safe and keeping hotels open as a business, the other option which in my experience of the last week, is waiting till the government tells us all to shut, and i dont think that helps anyone and takes pressure away from the NHS, hell you could have a GP or nurse station in each hotel or area to help organise things if needed down the road.

EDIT: Just noticed over 70s have been told to self isolate for 12 weeks, absolutely convinced now hotels should be used for this.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

So we cancel all operations which are not absolutely necessary to free up 30000 Hospital beds but we have hundreds of thousands of hotel beds free, with staff NEEDING to work and kitchens which can feed those who need it, wouldn't that be a better idea than crippling the NHS and keeping at least one industry going? I sometimes think its not rocket science, then in times like these i KNOW its not rocket science, if old people are kept in a hotels and food toiletries etc left for them outside the room for then that is surely the way to go forward??

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RE: The Trump Presidency

You know with the stock market crashing he's going to find a way to cancel the election right!!

No s*** Sherlock!! Dead Sea Scrolls Fake

There's a shocker!! Stupid billionaire got well ripped off.....I have a fantastic plot of land on the shetlands if he wants to start his own religion ;)

RE: The Final Huddline.

Comedy Legend and will be sorely missed :( RIP

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I take it you took of your tinfoil hat too?? a bit of a giveaway there ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

They have asked us in the hotel to get foreign visitors previous and next port of call now, sanitisers everywhere and I am still in contact with an Italian girl I worked with and she is devastated just now back home, says its like an apocalyptic movie, everything closed except pharmacy and food shops, people encouraged to stay at home but yesterday she went for a walk being stir crazy and video chatted with me and it was very strange to see, I think us being an island has helped so far but can see this coming sooner rather than later methinks

RE: The Rock - Deluxe Edition: Is it really 5.1/DTS

I loved it, I mean Cage and Connory what's not to love!! Especially when you look at his character as what eventually happens to Bond :), although it did take away from my eventual visit to Alcatraz as it was nothing like this one :(

RE: Genesis Tour Tickets

Anyone with any tapes left send them my way 

[VIDEO] RE:Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I got this from kickstarter a while back being the tech head, suddenly it doesnt seem so silly :)

Nintendo Playstation £230k

Wish i had this :)

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RE: [VIDEO] Bond, Trailer Bond

Im sure it will be downloadable before then ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Well people are dying so they can sensationalise it all they want as far as im concerned if it saves 1 life, when you have EPL considering banning over 70s from games, people with health issues already at risk i dont think you can blame the press because some muppets try to rip people off for hand sanitizer or stocking up on bog roll , i think you are wide of the mark myself and trust me I have very little time for the press in general! When i see the muppet on the other side of the pond telling people not to worry it will "go away!" then this will do me fine