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Dennis waterman RIP

Gutted, loved him in everything he did, just double checked and I have every series he’s made on dvd, sweeney, minder, new tricks and even the suspect comedies on the up and stay lucky, even his singing didn’t put me of

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RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

never Heard of him either but like all doctors will give him a try

RE: [VIDEO] Moon Knight

episode 5, that explains a lot!!!

RE: Cool gift for Football fans?

added final 2 Scotland I am really impressed with and forest my English team :)

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

I guess no one wants 4th place then :) ....oh wait just had a surreal deja vu moment

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

really enjoyed that, a straight forward story which made sense and didnt try to be too clever with some rollicking action sequences but could have done without the Yaz stuff, like they think they are doing something brave when it would have been much braver and more interesting for the Doc to have a bf and see that dynamic turned on its head if the new regeneration is Male

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

does no one want 4th place then?

RE: Time for a new television

aye been a vip with richer for ever 

RE: Time for a new television

im in ayrshire now, price is ok, top end but doable, whatever one I decide on will look at John Lewis or richer sounds to see if they will price match with their longer guarantees, reason I was looking. at Phillips 55pus7906 was Dolby Atmos and HDR and price seems very reasonable but also interested in oled, if you have any links feel free to add

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Time for a new television

well I have decided being stuck at home so much and having a shed load of dvds especially 4k to push the boat out and get as good a tv as I can afford, I have a 43 inch Samsung 4k which is a cracking tv and will move to bedroom so probably looking for 55 inch and looking for some recommendations, have been taken with Phillips Ambilight which look terrific but would appear os is a bit laggy?

RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

I got wwe 22 for the ps5 mainly for the gm mode, closest thing I can get to playing a next generation game with my right hand not quick enough to play most and have enjoyed it and it looks spectacular

RE: [VIDEO] Hard Cell

well I really enjoyed this, very funny in parts but also very realistic and moving but most of all SPOILER:
I was stunned by the ending which was incredibly well delivered, and so surprising and out of tone with the rest of the series and I didn't even come close to seeing it coming

Cool gift for Football fans?

I ordered this beauty and arrived Saturday morning and celtic won the match that day 7-0 and being the superstitious type its now my new lucky charm, st bees silver laser etches the crest onto silver rounds so. would imagine any football team could be done and im sure he could add a hoop to make it ideal for key rings? very tactile in hand and 45 posted for solid silver is very reasonable I thought

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[VIDEO] RE: The Silver Forum Ukraine Raffle

draw I think Thursday and even if not interested in draw video showing the ripple Kit Kat bars been made is awsome

RE: [VIDEO] From

well 10 episodes done strike that 10 incredible, unsettling, scary, very cleverly written and superbly acted episodes which ended the season on a cliffhanger and I can only hope the 2nd season is picked up because it has been a magnificent series which I can't recommend enough, if you were a fan of lost definitely give this a go because it has that vibe

RE: [VIDEO] Moon Knight

enjoyed 2nd episode very much, really funny in parts and the fight scene was really fun, this is threatening to be a real sleeper hit

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

its not rocket science they want Murdoch to but it and its Faux news

RE: [VIDEO] Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

may 5th looking more and more fun


The Silver Forum Ukraine Raffle

this is apart from you guys the forum im on most since I started collecting coins, we are currently having a raffle for Ukraine at a fiver a ticket which is going well and wonder if anyone here wants to take part, prizes are silver bars or coins and the backyard bullion ripple bars are stunning

[VIDEO] Dual

Karen Gillan has gotten a knack for picking very interesting roles

RE: [VIDEO] Moon Knight

I feel like im decades behind it :)

RE: [VIDEO] Moon Knight

Pilot was I thought....incredible, really out there very very very unusual and not at all what I was expecting although tbf I had no idea what I was expecting

RE: [VIDEO] Halo (Paramount+)

I enjoyed. it, aliens v earth with political side show, what's not to like and they obviously have a very decent budget

[VIDEO] Hard Cell

Hell to the yes?

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[VIDEO] The Survivor

This looks harrowing

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[VIDEO] RE:Ted Lasso

60 minutes overtime :)

[VIDEO] RE:Ted Lasso

brilliant and as all things ted WWAW

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RE: [VIDEO] From

episode 7 and like 1883 its not a show to get invested in particular characters as they don't have a great mortality rate, but neither is it the shock factor, the ample blood and guts or horror what marks this above other shows for me is the excellent cliff hangers that build up the sometimes unbearable tension which when added to the perfectly paced show makes it a definite must watch