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RE: Brexit

Leave it to Scotland to save your asses before we head off on our own :)

Your welcome.

RE: Apple Watch 3 screen popped out

My Samsung 4k TV with 6 year warranty....cant beat John Lewis.

RE: Something missing

No Family, i know lots of people there now as i stay in the same apartment every year so the locals know me and shepperd the kids out when im passing to practice their english, re 3 months i work agency so for 8 or 9 months I work and save and the rest of the year decamp to warmer climes :)... for 2 or 3 years Orlando only for couple of weeks, then Gambia for month now Vietnam as long as i can afford :)

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

I dont think its their own fav doctor I think everyone has their doctor. The one you grew up with which in my case was Baker :)

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

The exact opposite really, this is the 1st year i havent religiously played Football Manager, pretty much been Civ 5, actually dont think i will buy the new one given how little i played last years.

RE: Chuffed

Congrats, on Alderney working at the minute and for some reason can't log onto the site using Wi-Fi, managed now using the phone so am looking just not adding as much as normal :)

RE: Something missing

Vietnam, I go every year for 3 or 4 months in winter, beautiful, cheap, great weather, wonderful people and great hub for travel in that area, last year i did Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, KL, Singapore, added 1st trip to Manila and even went to Japan on way to the USA......hoping to retire there eventually :)

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

CBS reporting shrieks heard from his cell the night he died!!

RE: Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

Wheres Bandi when you need him because this stinks to high heaven, he was on suicide watch, then the countries top law man who's father got Epstein a teaching job that gave him unlimited access to the girls he raped moves him to another jail where he's suddenly not on suicide watch

[VIDEO] Wu Assassins

This looks fun :)

[VIDEO] RE: Arsenal: 2019/2020

Well I honestly think you guys have won a watch with Tierney, he will be a massive success at Arsenal and wish him all the best. He was in the park playing with his mates when he got the call at 7pm to go to London for tasks and that's him in a nutshell.....

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RE: Arsenal: 2019/2020

25 million plus addons agreed for Tierney :( truly gutted at this one

RE: Oh My God

Interesting thing that doesn't seem to have been picked up from the second shooting, 9 dead over 20 injured is the cops killed him within 1 minute of him opening fire!!! If that doesn't show the damage done by automatic weapons and the ridiculousness of the Republicans who say its vital to defend yourself then I give up :(

Late Rooms and Superbreaks enter administration

Came into work last night to be told the procedure if we received bookings from these companies and was gobsmacked tbh, really didn't see this coming, I mean Laterooms where one of the biggies back in the day with Lastminute and, the good thing for customers is they don't normally charge so guests can pay hotel direct, Superbreaks a different kettle of fish and we can't accept anyone turning up at the hotel because we would normally bill it back to the company who have charged the guest directly....Quite shocked that even online travel is struggling, and wonder who's next? If you are a customer who has pre paid, contact your card company asap or ATOL.

RE: Getting Older

Book the tickets, then he has no option :)

[VIDEO] Wild Rose

Saw this today, a Scottish movie with a limited release but my favourite movie of the year, really cracking, Julie Walters awesome the lead girl tbh no idea who she is but was excellent too and if it was her singing (I assume it was) very talented indeed WWAW but take your hankies :)

RE: [VIDEO] The Dead don't Die

Saw this yesterday at the Belmont cinema in Aberdeen, small independent, don't think its got a wider release? I certainly didn't see it in any of the chain cinemas around here? Anyway I enjoyed it, cast seemed like they were having a hoot, a clever premise for the zombies, and some really random stuff out of nowhere and worth seeing :)

RE: The Boys

Just binged the series and very good if a couple of huge plot holes....WWAW

RE: Anyone online, need a shoulder etc

Hi Choagy, long time bud :)

RE: The Boys

Started now, 1st couple of issues very good :)

RE: Rutger Hauer RIP

I remember loving Blind Fury, off next couple of days so will look it out and enjoy again :( Just good to know we can enjoy him still

[VIDEO] Zombieland: Double Tap

Really enjoyed the original so looking forward to this, just hope they don't ruin it 

[VIDEO] pennyworth

Alfreds early days, and what a surprisingly fun pilot and Paloma Faith is a revelation, definitely WWAW 

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

Hurry Up Hurry Up Hurry Up and engage :)

RE: [VIDEO] Ad Astra

been a while since I saw such an underwhelming trailer tbh. No interest in this at all after that

[VIDEO] Cats

what a cast :) even if it includes James Corden

[VIDEO] Vicious

Fantastic series, now on youtube and WWAW just for the top top cast

RE: Arsenal: 2019/2020

He is better than the boy Man U bought for 50 million!! And like Van Dijk and Wanyama will prove himself as a top class player, I would be amazed if a top team challenging for titles and CL didn't snap him up, again like the previous 2 players I mentioned he may well use Arsenal as a stepping stone if he chooses Arsenal of course which is no gimme

RE: Arsenal: 2019/2020

sensible transfers that don't even mention Tierney?? Duh

RE: The 100% Official 2019/20 Fantasy Footie Thread

Thats me in till I forget all about it after 4 weeks as usual :)