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Frank Bough RIP at 87

a sad loss, he was a staple for me growing up, especially Grandstand on Saturday afternoon and the sports review of the year

[VIDEO] Tremors Shrieker Island

loved this, best since 2 I thought and I'm guessing they spent more on the location and production budget on this one than on any of the full movie budgets of the others, the island was stunning and I loved the shamelessly ripping of (firmly tongue in cheek) of other movies

[VIDEO] RE:Tremors: The Series (I Hope)

new documentary just appeared on youtube thought might be of interest to any fans out there, some interesting stuff including the 1st movie they wanted to do was short circuit and were talked into doing tremors 1st and 1 of the writers is Scottish which I had no clue about :)

RE: Refereeing

speaking of refs, as a lot of you I'm sure know im a huge fan of Aguero but his putting his hand on the neck of the female assistant ref was I thought really disturbing? I thought also putting your hand on an official was an automatic sending off?

[VIDEO] The Owners

really enjoyed this totally Ott British thriller/horror with the magnificent Sylvester McCoy and Maisie Williams, based on a graphic novel I don't know tbh but set in the 90s, group of locals decide to rob the local doctors mansion, when he and his wife come home the s*** hits the fan big time :) Be aware the trailer gives away loads.

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RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

well unfortunately my fears were correct, without doubt the worst Celtic performance iv ever seen, at home to rangers and not a single shot on target, simply unacceptable and I don't know where Lennon goes from here, Gerrard tactically has his number, that's 3 games in a row they have battered us, the team doesn't appear to be playing for him and this is I believe the 3rd game in a row the team has been leaked the night before so someone has it in for him, our only hope is rangers bottle it again,

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RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

1st Old Firm match of the season tomorrow and I have never been less confident in a long time, which tbf probably means we will take 5 off them lol (I wish), it will be a fascinating game with no fans, but with 5 players out with injuries or Covid a draw would do me now.

RE: Dexter Returns

I was a huge fan and I remember we had some cracking chats on here about the show but I think I made it to episode 3 of the final series before giving up

RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

so add elhamed  and bitton to the Covid axe, both after playing 120 min and penalties against Scotland tested positive, also Stuart Armstrong tested positive before the game and KT and Ryan Christie because they were in close contact (playing video games in a room for hours) been forced to self isolate, is the international break feasible now taking players who clubs keep as safe as possible into a completely new bubble, seems mad to me, all this before our biggest game of the season on Saturday :(

RE: #PremierLeagueIsCorrupt - pay per view football

who is getting the money? clubs, sky, bt, now tv? thet may have a bearing on whether fans pay or not, I know for Celtic tops I only ever buy from the club shop to make sure they get maximum income possible

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

well working in hospitality iv seen the affect 1st hand and as hard as it has been I think the problem is that we opened way too soon, I mean we are an island so should have been best placed to avoid the worst of it but the government was and is clueless, we still are not testing arrivals, I have a possibility of a job on Guernsey, when I arrive I will be tested then isolated until the test comes back, we should have done that from January when we saw it coming, now we are open, closed, open in Newcastle closed in Sunderland, it makes no sense at all.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Now after the commission said the next debate will be virtual because he's tested positive he has refused to take part, good riddance :)

RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

Edouard tested positive for Covid on international duty, nightmare :(

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

well I can't say enough about this show, absolutely charming and all 10 episodes watched with a huge smile on my face, definitely WWAW :)

RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

So transfer window closed, we kept our players who now hopefully (French eddy) will now regain some form after being pretty poor the last month and the addition of the Uruguayan left back/midfielder from AC Milan will be the addition we needed. The season has been very strange, football wise its as poor as I remember for a long time, results wise, well we are 3 points better of than last season, scraped into the Europa league group stages again and again got a CL quality group (AC Milan pot 3??) now rangers football wise have been flying and must be very happy with the season but if we win our game in hand will still be 2 points down, add to the mix the next game is the derby if they lose that they could be 5 points down with a game more played, funny old game. My worry is the effect the lack of fans seems to have had on the side as I can't think of any other reason is such a dramatic loss of form.

RE: [VIDEO] Pioneer One

bloody hell don't remember the post or the show lol........they say the memory is the 1st to go :(

[VIDEO] Pioneer One

Stumbled on this on youtube , guys raised $6k on kickstarter back in the day and frankly did a remarkable job I think, link is to their own website the 6 episodes are on and wwaw.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I got back to work 4 weeks ago in Windermere and was surprised at how busy the hotel and town was, I mean fecking mental in town but what surprised me and scared me was the lack of face masks, the hotel staff didn't wear them but we did have sanitisers all over and screens over reception, now one of the f&b staff tested positive on Friday, we had a wedding Saturday closed at 12 midday Sunday for 3 day deep clean, due back tomorrow but no idea what impact the latest decisions will have on the industry again.

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RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

the diamond dogs :) fecking awesome

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

If I was Biden I would flat out refuse the debate, pretty pointless when the orange one is going to lie to every question.

[VIDEO] RE: Farewell Mrs Peel

The avengers was a massive part of my growing pains in no small part due to Mrs Peel, just a fantastic actress on stage and screen.

RE: Current Cellphone deals

don't think you can go wrong with giffgaff if its sim only, currently in caravan with no net on site so using their always on for £25 a month and used over 105gb last month

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Bookies have trump as favourite now!!!!

RE: [VIDEO] Star Trek: Lower Decks

just watched 1st 2 episodes and its horrible, I mean really no idea what it is or supposed to be but I won't be watching any more that's for sure

[VIDEO] Ted Lasso

Is anyone watching this? I am really enjoying it, Im sure its way too sickly sweet for most but the underdog story about football is right up my street :)

[VIDEO] RE:Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

So after the Ferencvaros debacle Lennon to make I point I think after consistently saying we played well and were unlucky with perfectly good goal disallowed and hitting the bar played the same side!!! until the 1st goal the performance again was poor with no striker again meaning Christie was taken out of the midfield and no fulcrum it took an individual goal made by Calmac and scored by Forrest, he changed at half time bringing on Klimala and the game changed running out eventually comfortable 3-0 winners but all is definitely not good.

RE: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

you should definitely check out 42, he just owns the film about Jackie Robinson, 1st black player in top flight baseball and all the s*** he went through

RE: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

Truly shocking, an amazing talent, obviously also a proper worker who loved what he did and the effect he had on the black community and as previously stated how in the hell he managed any leading roles including all the press etc let alone the physicality of it amazes me.


RE: [VIDEO] Bill & Ted 3

well who woulda thunk it, they totally pulled it off!! well I dug it anyhoo :) I would go so far as to say it was excellent

RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

OK so im not mad as feck anymore so barely able to pop in regarding this shambles. Many things Si , previous experience, Copenhagen and Cluj, our inability to defend and this season to actually score a goal, that was before I heard that Eduoard was missing, bad enough that but we signed 2 strikers for 5.5 and 4 million and none of them were picked but we played a midfielder up front!! even when behind with 14 minutes to go he puts Julien up front to finish the game, leaved the left back on and Klimala doesn't even get off the bench...WTF111 I like lennon but he couldn't have gotten any more wrong if he tried. The team have been awful this season and honestly Julien 7 million, I would sell him, Ajer constantly linked with 20 million move I would snap their hands off, Greg Taylor and bolingboli both signed to replace Tierney , sell them, I like Elhamed but he made a complete balls of the 2nd goal and the new keeper another 4.5 million was badly at fault I think, we signed Turnbull today after a year when he failed a medical so maybe a bit of good news, Ntcham the fans have been banging on to get a start, he started last 2 games and did nothing according to the rumours he and Ajer asked Lennon for the clubs valuation, well its too high I would say and finally for now John Kennedy was an outstanding young defender before his career was finished by a thuggish tackle but what is he doing, because its certainly not working on the center backs.

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