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RE: [VIDEO] Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Most 0-0 draws in World Cup history, and not half way through the group stages yet!

RE: [VIDEO] Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special

Absolutely positively definitely and without fear of contraception the most fun 40 minutes of the year, I mean I already knew Kevin Bacon is the coolest man on the planet but this is so much fun, and genuinely funny and not just WWAW but must see, and the old 97s Christmas song should be no 1 this Christmas if there is any justice

RE: [VIDEO] Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

so is it going to be known as the world cup penalties competition or the year VAR killed of any joy the game gave us?

RE: [VIDEO] Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Dutch again flattered to deceive, just the Wales game to watch today and I dont think any of the big guns will have seen anything to worry them so far

RE: [VIDEO] Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

couldn't agree less that it should have separate thread, Qatar is as much about corruption than football, and from the 1st game, well apart from VAR sticking its snout in again, I feel for Valencia as he should have started the tourney with a hat trick , really enjoyed the match, Ecuador will cause teams trouble with their very direct style and Qatar continued to try to play their game

[VIDEO] The Old Way

I loves me an old school revenge western, add Nicolas Cage, hell yes

RE: [VIDEO] Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

so can we talk about the footie now??

I think Brazil are worthy favourites but like many would love Argentina to win for Messi , outsiders if they can get by a very tough group Japan, maybe its actually Belgiums time??

RE: Twitter being Musked

I deactivated mine today, been on since 2012, sorry to leave but had to be done

[VIDEO] RE:Christmas Ads 2022

celtic nailed it again

[VIDEO] RE:Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

and more, not even started yet ffs

RE: [VIDEO] Black Adam

well well well DC have absolutely pulled it of, a terrific origin story with a great cast and stunning, and I mean some of the best CGI scenes iv seen in yonks, obviously its tailored around Dwayne Johnston as it should be and he carries the movie effortlessly and this Wonder Woman aside is by far the best DCU movie and could propel them into proper Marvel heights, im imagining it cost a small fortune to make so will be interesting to see if it makes its money, and like marvel dont miss the post credit scene. WWAW

[VIDEO] RE:Post Trump fallout

and so it begins, he's running again

RE: [VIDEO] Leverage:Redemption

2nd season started on freevee

[VIDEO] Tulsa King

thought I had posted this before but search didn't find it.

Anyway, not since 1883 have I enjoyed a pilot so much, very dark sense of humour, cracking writing and Stallone absolutely shines in a role that was made for him, add the rollocking fast pace and I honestly wish I could binge the whole series, really looking forward to the second episode

RE: [VIDEO] Poker Face

Just watched this and it was a thoroughly enjoyable journey, Russell Crowe screenplay and direction and you could tell it was a project very dear to his heart, I always look forward to Hollywood stars who go back home to do a movie, its almost like the pride is off the scale and after seeing the trailer I was in but I got so much more than the action heist movie I expected, very clever script much deeper than the usual 1 dimensional Hollywood movie, Crowes direction was impressive and nuanced with a terrific cast, definitely WWAW and the best Aussie movie in a long time

RE: [VIDEO] Reboot

now showing on Disney if anyones interested

RE: [VIDEO] Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA reject Denmarks pro human rights shirt, shockeroonie!

RE: Twitter being Musked

just joined, looks complicated ?? is it?

[VIDEO] RE:Christmas Ads 2022

I have to say, most of them suck this year

[VIDEO] RE:Christmas Ads 2022

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[VIDEO] Criminal Minds: Evolution

did enjoy this back in the day and it seems like the gangs all here is the newest oldest thing! great premise though, what did the pandemic do to serial killers.