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[VIDEO] pennyworth

Alfreds early days, and what a surprisingly fun pilot and Paloma Faith is a revelation, definitely WWAW 

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

Hurry Up Hurry Up Hurry Up and engage :)

RE: [VIDEO] Ad Astra

been a while since I saw such an underwhelming trailer tbh. No interest in this at all after that

[VIDEO] Cats

what a cast :) even if it includes James Corden

[VIDEO] Vicious

Fantastic series, now on youtube and WWAW just for the top top cast

RE: Arsenal: 2019/2020

He is better than the boy Man U bought for 50 million!! And like Van Dijk and Wanyama will prove himself as a top class player, I would be amazed if a top team challenging for titles and CL didn't snap him up, again like the previous 2 players I mentioned he may well use Arsenal as a stepping stone if he chooses Arsenal of course which is no gimme

RE: Arsenal: 2019/2020

sensible transfers that don't even mention Tierney?? Duh

RE: The 100% Official 2019/20 Fantasy Footie Thread

Thats me in till I forget all about it after 4 weeks as usual :)

RE: The Trump Presidency

I agree with a lot of that, but the anti semitism thing is one I struggle with, I am very very anti Israel, but I don't have any problem with jewish people or religion (well any more than I am against religion per say) so don't feel that criticising the jewish government is anti semitic.

RE: Women's World Cup

After watching the tourney completely ruined by VAR can we cancel it before the season starts please.

[VIDEO] Knives Out

This looks a complete hoot :), fantastic cast too

RE: Yesterday

really enjoyed it I have to say, Richard Curtis writing and Danny Boyle directing, couldn't really go wrong, and the cast nailed it, particularly enjoyed the roadie :)

RE: TV Recommendation please

I ended up with a Samsung from John Lewis with 6 year warranty which I'm very happy with :), thanks guys

RE: Good Omens

Loved it, absolutely fantastic from start to finish, I knew from the start the christian crackpots would have a Connery with a female god and black Adam and eve, that was me hooked :)

[VIDEO] Swamp Thing 2019

Just watched the surprisingly awesome pilot and was getting quite excited until I read they cancelled it after 1 episode !!!! Bloody Americans

RE: [VIDEO] I am mother

Just looked on imdb and seemingly this is an old black list script which makes sense in that Blacklist is consistently the best written show on tv and has been for years.

RE: [VIDEO] Deadwood- Worth a watch?

Magnificent, I mean I didn't realise how much I missed it and how much I enjoyed it, especially Jane and the Gimp :), The characters were all so welcome back and the writing was as usual top notch.SPOILER:
loved the fact the Al spent his dying moments with the gimp :) so clever given he had every woman in the joint and she was the one who was there at the end. 

RE: RIP Paul Darrow

Huge part :(


[VIDEO] The Dead don't Die

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[VIDEO] I am mother

don't quite know what to make of this but I do know I want to see it.

RE: Freddie Starr RIP

Before the PC brigade moved in he was simply a very very funny man, some of the humour is still hilarious now, and the 70's and 80' comedies I still love watching even though they wouldn't get away with it now and I'm not sure its for the best as this country has always been at its best when we laugh at ourselves and each other.

[VIDEO] Watchmen HBO series

really looking forward to this, one of my favourite comic book stories ever by Alan Moore

RE: The Official Liverpool 2018/19 Season Thread

Stunning performance and result and shows everything we love about the game and why absolutely anything can happen in a cup game :)

RE: Thought I’d say Hi...

Hi Jimbo, nice to see you back in the madhouse :)

RE: Daft question (Ladders)

even better you do the holding and get some other muppet at the top of the ladder :)

[VIDEO] Catch 22

This looks fun

[VIDEO] Bel-Air

well that looks fresh :):)

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[VIDEO] Columbo on sex

My favourite cop ever, this is delicious, hilarious and just pure Falk at his best