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Apple TV no idea I’m afraid I download most of my shows, suits me better that I can watch when I want and keep some and delete most


Just wow, fantastic 1st couple of episodes to this, production values through the roof, beautifully shot, great score and top cast who are all on their game, definitely WWAW for people who are missing GOT, kinda steampunk version with very random music popping up and definitely for adults.

RE: [VIDEO] Zombieland: Double Tap

Oh f*** that was awesome. I think I enjoyed it more than the original :) couple of awesome additions to the cast and some amazing zombie kills and do not go till you've seen the addition in the credits :)

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Said after the womens world cup that VAR should be scrapped before the season starts and havent seen anything to change my mind, if anything its reinforced my view

RE: [VIDEO] Treadstone

really enjoying this, my favourite of the new shows, fight scenes are excellent and storyling good although another of the jump back and forward in time shows which will annoy some (does me a little bit)

RE: [VIDEO] BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

Really didnt enjoy the 2nd part, really dark and very very vague with the aliens and didnt particularly like the leads and the over emphasis on the strong women showing the weak men how to do things, i think TV is going way overboard with this currently.

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Scottish press is saying he didn't think the left back had done anything to warrant being dropped, hence no KT, then said left back had a mare??

[VIDEO] 70's adverts

Boy these brought back some memories and a few smiles and cringes :) never get away with these now 

ome very well known ones here, including Jimmy Saville clunk click !!

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[VIDEO] RE:The Trump Presidency

General Mattis ripping trump a new one :)

[VIDEO] Stumptown

This was good fun 

[VIDEO] Treadstone

Set in the Bourne universe, a series of Sleeper agents around the world are woken

[VIDEO] Nancy Drew

Not at all how I remember it tbf but interesting in a spooky way

[VIDEO] Godfather of Harlem

Forrest Whittaker and Vincent D'Onofrio fantastic pilot

[VIDEO] Batwoman

So that time of year again, new season...putting up a few trailers iv started watching

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Trump has a huge amount of hotel deals in Turkey and Saudi and lets them literally away with murder!! How in the hell he is getting away with it when he doesnt even try to hide it is beyond me.
Add to that it was revealed last week that lobbiest and foreign goverments are booking and paying for trump hotel rooms which are never used!! 

Fox news Shep Smith quit live on air!! it was obviously a shock to others on the station as they genuinely didnt seem to have a clue. Trump later asked if he quit due to his low ratings, he had very low ratings you know the numpty said....class as usual

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RE: [VIDEO] Joker

Im obviously in the minority but it doesn't interest me in the slightest, I go to the movies to be entertained not preached to or educated.....

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Watched the Europa league highlights, your forwards must be looking forward to doubling their goal tally this season once KT starts feeding them :) £25 million is a steal!

RE: Facing facts

I had boxes of dvd's in my mates loft, he just moved and moved them into the static caravan i bought this year, I havent been back since and am not 100% sure i will be able to get into said caravan :), but, and its a big but i do miss watching my old tv box sets of Ronnie Barker, fools and horses, Steptoe and Son etc when i get back. The hotel im at in the Channel Islands has its own cinema which i use more than the guests so have been picking up a few 4k movies as i can watch the blu-rays here.

RE: [VIDEO] Paracetamol shortage

Not many shops in Alderney but checked today and all had plenty from what I could see

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Didnt see the game but read Tierney got good reports on his debut?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Isnt that what Boris is doing?

Now Thomas Cook gone bust

Horrible situation for people :( including staff i might add

RE: Brexit

Leave it to Scotland to save your asses before we head off on our own :)

Your welcome.

RE: Apple Watch 3 screen popped out

My Samsung 4k TV with 6 year warranty....cant beat John Lewis.

RE: Something missing

No Family, i know lots of people there now as i stay in the same apartment every year so the locals know me and shepperd the kids out when im passing to practice their english, re 3 months i work agency so for 8 or 9 months I work and save and the rest of the year decamp to warmer climes :)... for 2 or 3 years Orlando only for couple of weeks, then Gambia for month now Vietnam as long as i can afford :)

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

I dont think its their own fav doctor I think everyone has their doctor. The one you grew up with which in my case was Baker :)

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

The exact opposite really, this is the 1st year i havent religiously played Football Manager, pretty much been Civ 5, actually dont think i will buy the new one given how little i played last years.