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Space Haven on steam

Does anyone play this at all?? liking the idea of it and building the ship but not getting anywhere after the Hyper Jump and looked around for help but not getting anywhere, any help appreciated

RE: Close Channel D: David McCallum R.I.P.

Truly gutted at this, Scottish great, like Connery always the same voice no matter the nationality even dodgy Russian ones, loved UNCLE he was the reason I watched NCIS even when he Was reduced to cameo roles later in life and he was the great escape for me as he always charmed the pants of everyone and stole scene after scene, RIP Sir :(

RE: The Continental (John Wick Prequel)

Completely agree, gets the setting right, enough cookie characters to fit into the wick world and definitely started with a cracking action scene

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[VIDEO] Dream Scenario

Yet another Nicolas Cage flick where im like, wait!! what!! and smile all the way through, this is now officially a career resurgence :)

[VIDEO] RE: Ange to Spurs

Manager of the month and guessing he's made a similar connection to the spurs fans he made to ours :)

RE: [VIDEO] Wrestlers

Loved this, really proper indepth warts and all behind the scenes documentary that shows the people in and out of the ring, really interesting financial side and really gives you an inside into how important the wrestling company is to the local population and how difficult it is to make ends meet, definitely WWAW

[VIDEO] Slotherhouse

No Cocaine Bear but looks ridiculously OTT enough to be a fun ride

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 23/24 season

Celtic also out on penalties, gave away a penalty on 120th minute 😩 when we should have won our 2nd CL game and lost 11 10 with our keeper who was superb all game missing it, gutted

[VIDEO] Godzilla minus one

Thats Godzilla!!!!

[VIDEO] Bodies

very interesting and on my watch list 

RE: Ange to Spurs

So quick question for the neutrals out there, how you liking angeball then 👍

[VIDEO] Zombie Town

Akroyd and Chase do Zombies???!!! what's not to love :)

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[VIDEO] The Black Book

Looks terrific

RE: [VIDEO] Post Trump fallout

$7.1 million dollars raised on the back of that, just how stupid are they??

[VIDEO] RE: Everyday TV

Best 2 minute start to any series iv ever seen :)

RE: Everyday TV

If you liked James Spader on Boston I guarantee you will love him in the Blacklist, was my top show for all 10 seasons, just finished last month :(

[VIDEO] Rebel Moon

Could be epic 

side note why does it sometimes embed and other times you get link??

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[VIDEO] Pakistan Cable car rescue

My absolute worst nightmare being deathly afraid of heights , glad they are safe 

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Saudi Pro League

So I assume we are all cringing about how much money these lunatics are spending on football players (mainly past their prime) for outrageous amounts?? Celtic sold Jota, not past his prime but 2 excellent seasons and the main club there got him by activating a £25 million release clause, 6 weeks later they have allegedly released him so they can sign Sala, something will need to be done asap

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 23/24 season

2nd weekend and so many frankly shocking referee and VAR calls that were completely and I mean 100% wrong from every angle, players sent off for nothing, players who should have been sent of goals disallowed that shouldn't have been and goals that should have been checked not, honestly I am absolutely hating VAR and the useless refs and assistant refs who honestly half the time im not 100% sure they know the rules!!!

RE: [VIDEO] Prey (prequel to Predator)

Prey is getting a 4K release 👍👍 really looking forward to seeing it again

RE: Women's World Cup 2023

Well a bit of honesty maybe called for, imho England were never good enough to win it, in fact pretty fortunate to get so far

Sir Michael Parkinson RIP 88

Surprised no one has mentioned this yet so here goes :(

For me a huge part of my growing up, introduced to world to the big yin, his emu bashing will never be forgotten and neither will going toe to toe bit Ali, but I think I could go on for yonks, true gentleman even when his subjects were not the easiest to get on with

RE: [VIDEO] Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I bought the 4K titans of cult box set because I had them all. Very few movies I couldn’t manage to the end, half way was best I could do, absolutely hated It, no redeeming features at all

RE: [VIDEO] Only Murders in the Building

Have to say, episode 3, is there anything Meryl Streep can't do??? I know why there are so many people without talent like me, she has it all !!!!!