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RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 2

I thought it was a fantastic season, episode 8 being one of the highlights.

My only real concerns were the amount of exposition (which somehow made a fairly simple plot seem much more complicated than it really was) and the over-use of the "Surprise! So-and-so is a robot too!" plot twist.

Apart from that, I loved the world building and the final after the credits scene left me salivating at the prospect of what is to come in the later seasons. The scope of the storytelling is beyond anything I've ever seen on TV.

RE: [VIDEO] The Predator

Predators was great fun, especially Walton Goggins.

This looks like complete gash, though.

RE: [VIDEO] The Terror (AMC | 2018)

Renewed for a second season.

The next iteration, based on an idea by Borenstein, will be set during World War II and center on an uncanny specter that menaces a Japanese-American community from its home in Southern California to the internment camps to the war in the Pacific.


RE: [VIDEO] Steam Summer Sale 2018

Prey for £9.99. I would snap that up if I hadn't already bought it in the black friday sale.

One of the best games of 2017.

[VIDEO] Steam Summer Sale 2018

Runs until July 5th.

All the discounts you've seen before, but again!

[VIDEO] RE:E3 2018 | June 9th - 14th

RE2 Remake

Over the shoulder RE4-style camera system as rumoured, what a disappointment :(

[VIDEO] RE:E3 2018 | June 9th - 14th

Some Bethesda highlights:

Rage 2 gameplay showcase

Doom Eternal (just a glimpse, full reveal at Quakecon in August)

Wolfenstein: Young Blood

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

[VIDEO] RE: E3 2018 | June 9th - 14th

Good Lord, they actually announced Dying Light 2.

RE: E3 2018 | June 9th - 14th

IO Interactive and WB Games are both teasing some new Hitman reveal:

The WB Games tease appears to be for a racing game on first glance, but one eagle-eyed twittererer noted:

Hitman Season 2. Calling it right now. Here's why: The back of that racecar has Hamsun as a sponsor. Olivia Hall (side character from Hitman Season 1) is "currently involved in an operation about Hamsun Oil in Reykjavik, Iceland." Taken from the wiki. You're welcome.

WB Games recently signed a deal with IO to publish the Hitman series, so this should be a season 2 announcement. It better not be another bonus mission or elusive target.

E3 2018 | June 9th - 14th

Its that time of year again. Some rumoured titles I'm hoping to see:

Doom sequel
new Splinter Cell
Resident Evil 2 remake (although not if the over-the-shoulder camera rumour is true)
Prey DLC

Also really hoping there will be a Dying Light 2 reveal.

Handy chart showing the times of the big press conferences in each time zone, if you're into that sort of thing. The EA and Microsoft presentations are always good for a laugh. Every single sentence is dripping with buzzwords and marketing speak as they desperately try to convince you that you want what they're selling.

RE: [VIDEO] The Crossing

This has already been cancelled.

RE: Net Neutrality

Senate votes to overturn Ajit Pai’s net neutrality repeal

The US Senate today voted to reverse the Federal Communications Commission's repeal of net neutrality rules, with all members of the Democratic caucus and three Republicans voting in favor of net neutrality.

I guess Comcast didn't pay off enough politicians this time.

RE: adblock: acceptable ads not so acceptable?

This has been known for a while.

Just turn off acceptable ads in the options.

A better reason to ditch ABP is because they removed a ton of functionality from the Firefox version and made it more like the dumbed-down Chrome version.

RE: Rage 2

Godawful colour scheme aside, I am definitely ready for a Mad Max-inspired open world shooter from the makers of Mad Max. I ploughed 70 hours into that game.

Gameplay trailer tomorrow.

RE: [VIDEO] Tremors: The Series (I Hope)

They shot a pilot but SyFy decided not to go ahead with the show.

This is a trailer for a show that will never be.

RE: [VIDEO] Venom

Looks super generic and naff. Stunts I've seen a million times, cringey dialogue and ropey effects. Hopefully the CGI isn't finished in this trailer.

Also, is the character supposed to be mentally disabled in some way? Or is Hardy's accent really just that bad that he sounds retarded :\

RE: [VIDEO] Satellite Reign (the real Syndicate successor)

Free for the next two days:

I sank 70 hours into this game. Loved every second of it.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Terror (AMC | 2018)

It isn't explicitly stated what killed the creature. It could have been the lead poisoning that it had been ingesting for months, the poison that Mr Goodsir swallowed to kill his captors, Mr Blanky's fork armour, Hickey's soul being too foul or being choked by Crozier with the chain in its throat. Or a combination of those factors.

The child at the end looked too old to be Crozier's (given that it was only two years later). I assumed that it was the same child that had run away when he first entered the camp. He had been accepted by the tribe and was now hunting seals with the child by his side, no longer afraid of him as he had become one of them.

RE: [VIDEO] The Terror (AMC | 2018)

All of the episodes are out now. Just finished binge watching the whole thing and absolutely loved it. Relentlessly grim yet utterly engrosing from beginning to end.

Hickey made for a memorable villain - the kind you really hate and can't wait to see die. The show changes his demise to a more crowdpleasing one and I didn't mind at all.

I loved the final shot with the child sitting beside Crozier as he hunts for seal, having run away in fear when they first met. A nicely poetic conclusion and a piece of creative license that I felt had been more than earned after the excellent storytelling that had preceeded it.

Tbh, the story would have been gruelling enough even without the creature.

RE: Asimov's Foundation

Will now be an Apple TV series from David S Goyer

So a bit of a downgrade then...

RE: [VIDEO] The Terror (AMC | 2018)

I really liked the first two episodes.

Finally some proper horror on TV!

RE: [VIDEO] American Crime Story: The Assasinaton of Gianni Versace

Overall I would say it was weaker than the first season, but then it was so different that it's hard to compare them. My only real problem with it was the pacing in the middle of the season and the lack of focus on Donatella Versace. That said, it seemed like there wasn't really much story about her to tell, which led to a chronic underuse of Penelope Cruz (who I absolutely adored in every scene).

I found Cunanan to be quite an interesting character and much like they did with Johnny Cochran in the OJ series, I felt they did a great job of exploring him without detracting from the severity of his crimes.

The ratings weren't nearly as good this time around, so I wonder what this will mean for the reportedly very expensive Katrina season.

RE: [VIDEO] Homeland

Well it took six episodes but I'm finally on board with this season.

RE: [VIDEO] American Crime Story: The Assasinaton of Gianni Versace

Episode 6 was a slog indeed.

Penelope Cruz should feature a lot more in episode 7, though, and I'm looking forward to the manhunt in the final episodes.

RE: [VIDEO] Homeland

I dunno, it's like the writers just stick the previous year's current affairs into a plot-o-matic and see what comes out. I guess at least they're going back more than just one year this time with the whole Ruby Ridge-esque pantomime.

Just waiting for Russia to be behind it all, now...

RE: [VIDEO] American Crime Story: The Assasinaton of Gianni Versace

Yup, it's starting to test my patience now. The Versace's weren't even in episodes 3 and 4 at all, and only had a scene or two in episode 5. It looks like episode 6 will delve even further back into Andrew Cunanan's past, as well. On the plus side, it will feature more of Analeigh Ashford, whose presence I've missed since the end of Master of Sex.

I'm really hoping the last three episodes focus more on the investigation into the murder and the manhunt for Cunanan. I went into this knowing nothing about what happened and decided not to look anything up so as not to spoil the show.

That was until episode 4, at which point I scoured wikipedia and read up on all the information that the show wasn't giving me. At the very least, the finale should be exciting.

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