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RE: Is Assange about to be kicked out of Ecuadorian embassy?

Dr Who!?! It's from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

RE: [VIDEO] The Grand Tour Season 3

I know that technically this isn't from the grand tour, but don't really think this belongs in the top gear is back thread.

RE: TV Recommendation please

Have you seen this?

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

Interesting read...

Lauren: Ex-Arsenal defender's tough route to becoming an Invincible -

RE: Vehicle speed limiters to be introduced by EU and adopted by UK

You wouldn't like my car then, I have all of the features you listed apart from heated seats.
It also has a few more including warning of exceeding the speed limit, lane departure warning, & a help button that puts you through to a switchboard help centre in case of an accident or break down.
But the one that you probably would like the least is a companion mobile app that logs all journeys using the built in GPS. I'm sure Tony Soprano would be horrified.

I forgot, you can have auto parking as an optional extra.

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RE: Bill & Ted 3

NME Live: William Sadler will reprise The Reaper for 'Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music'.

Tarantino’s latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

More info here:

Bill & Ted 3

I really liked Bill & Ted's first movie. I don't remember anything about the second one. Nothing. Not even the title. Must have been good...

RE: Hope you haven't been using MySpace for music ;)

I take my audio backups to what most would regard probably as extremes. As well as using Google's free 50k free upload (worryingly nearly full) I have full backups on 3 Windows PC's, two external hard drives & a full copy stored on another external hard drive at a family's members home & also on their laptop.
Yes I know it's overkill but I once had a hard drive fail that lost over 4k cd's of audio files.
When I get new stuff I just put them on a usb flash drive & update all the backups.

I forgot, I also have an ipod classic but that isn't up to date as I really hate iTunes.

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RE: Speaking of Drinks

"A bottle of whisky costing just ​£13.49 at Lidl has won big at this year's World Whiskies Awards, scooping the prize for 'Best Scotch Whisky'."

I don't drink but saw this & thought some of you might be interested.

New fold out mobile phones

Let's just cut to the chase,
TWO THOUSAND POUNDS!?!? for a mobile phone. Mental!

Both Samsung & Huawei will be selling a fold out double screen that becomes a tablet. Yes it looks nice but who parts with that kind of money for a mobile?
You can get a huge 4k ultra HD TV for around 600 quid.
Hell, u can get 2 iPhone max phones for that much.
So, who's gonna get one?

BBC News - Huawei Mate X smartphone folds face out

RE: [VIDEO] The future of helicopters?

That looks amazing.
I've always wanted to go for a ride in a helicopter, but never had the opportunity.
And the weird thing is, I'm scared of heights. But flying has never bothered me, but I could never climb up a 40 foot ladder.
But at 30k feet in a plane, it just doesn't seem real so it doesn't bother me. :)

Bandi, did you work on an oil rig?
I've always been interested in the process of offshore drilling, it seems such a difficult engineering challenge it's hard to believe it was financially viable, but it must have been because they wouldn't have done it if it wasn't.

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RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

Rob & Snaps, don't shoot the messager...

'Sarri has turned them into Arsenal': Jamie Carragher berates Chelsea after embarrassing first half performance against Manchester City
Chelsea fans were left wanting to restart the match after watching their team go 4-0 down against Manchester City after just 25 minutes.

During half time on Sky Sports, pundit Jamie Carragher put a lot of the blame on manager Maurizio Sarri.

'The worst thing I can say is it looks like he’s turned Chelsea into Arsenal,' he said, likening him to the old 'weak' Arsenal team.

'I called a couple of Chelsea performances a disgrace going into this game, this is as bad as anything,' he said.

'Looking at Sarri, just over halfway through his first season, but the worst thing I can say is it looks like he's turned Chelsea into Arsenal.

'That Arsenal team that just used to get battered for the last seven or eight years away from home in big games because they were too weak.'

Raheem Sterling opened the scoring for the visitors after just four minutes before Sergio Aguero added two more shortly after. Ilkay Gundogan piled even more misery on Chelsea in the 25th minute.

Carragher called Marcos Alonso's defending 'criminal' for the first goal, while he and fellow pundit Graeme Souness believe that Chelsea keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga should've been able to keep out a couple of the goals.

The second half didn't get much better for Chelsea, with Aguero scoring a penalty and completing his hat-trick after 56 minutes. Sterling then doubled his own tally 10 minutes from time.

'You could never say that about Chelsea, no matter what's gone on, that they've been "weak,"' said Carragher. 'We're watching a really weak football team here.'

RE: [VIDEO] They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson's WW1 colourised footage)

This is on tonight, I just remembered Snaps post & set my hd to record. :-)

RE: How to watch UV movies now Flixter's no more?

"Movie streaming site UltraViolet is shutting down "

Shame, as I have several titles where my UV copy is the only copy I have.

RE: Jeremy Hardy has died at 57

I'm pretty sure he was Pierce Brosnan's singing coach in Mama Mia.
I will miss his appearances on the News Quiz.

RE: Metro Exodus removed from Steam...

I use this app to keep track of my games. It's not free & I can't remember how much it costs. It doesn't show me the price on the app store because I'm logged in.
It works for both physical and digital.