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RE: Battery question for Rob

Ended up buying a new one but still appreciate the help given.
Got an angle drill & a cordless router. With the prime day discount & a student discount code I got the drill & the router for less than the normal price of the router.
I've had them both on my wishlist for months so I know there wasn't a sneaky price rise before prime day.

RE: Battery question for Rob

Thank you both for replying.
Yes, the newer battery fits into the older tool, it's Ryobi's One+ system.
The older type battery was 'I think' 14v. The newer batteries are 18v.
I don't own any Ni-cad batteries only the lithium ion current generation.

I noticed that the new drill is on Amazon prime day offer in half an hour, might end up buying a new one depending on price.

Thanks again :)

Battery question for Rob

Rob, I seem to remember you being knowable about batteries. If I'm mistaken, sorry.

So anyway my question is regarding a power tool that was designed to be used with a rechargeable Ni-cad battery. If I use a lithium ion battery in the tool, am I going to damage the circuit in the tool.
I'm looking at an angle head drill driver made by Ryobi. The current generation is about double the price of a used previous gen.
I don't think I will use it much after I use it for the job I'm looking at getting one for. But I really don't want to burn out the drill using my new gen battery.
Sorry if this is a bit long winded.

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RE: The logistics of Formula 1

Having just watched both of those videos I'm at a loss to understand how it generates enough money to pay for itself.
The thousands of people required & everybody's being paid & the extraordinary amount of money spent.
Even the most mundane of items all of which are required every race, how the hell are they paying for it?

RE: Official Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

"Antonio Conte: Chelsea sack Italian after two years in charge"

RE: Official Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

"West Ham have agreed a club-record deal in the region of £35m for Lazio midfielder Felipe Anderson, according to Sky sources.

If Anderson is signed, he would become West Ham's sixth signing of the summer following the additions of Andriy Yarmolenko (£17.5m, Borussia Dortmund), Jack Wilshere (free), Ryan Fredericks (free), Lukasz Fabianski (£7m, Swansea) and Issa Diop (£22m rising to £25m, Toulouse).

The 25-year-old Anderson, capped once by Brazil, joined Lazio from Santos in 2013 and has since scored 34 goals in 177 appearances."

Blimey, the dildo brothers are really splashing the cash.
Add the managers (probably) high salary it's really high numbers. I thought the financial fair play put a stop to clubs buying into the top flight. Not that I'm suggesting West Ham will get into the top 6, I think that's highly unlikely although the odds have dropped dramatically. (I read the headline saying that but didn't open it).

RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

Yeah I realised I deleted the wrong one but I have got a really bad head cold I can't think straight never mind type.
That 3 line reply just took about 10 minutes to type.

RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

Deleted, duplicate post

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RE: Protecting DVDs in storage (garage)

Wouldn't the paper incerts get damaged by moisture? I 'think' the brand Really Useful are airtight. They are expensive.

RE: [VIDEO] Official England aren't knocked out yet thread

Dare to dream?

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RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

Deleted, duplicate post

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RE: Official Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

"Jack Wilshere undergoes West Ham medical ahead of free transfer from Arsenal"

West Ham are being linked to everybody by lazy journalists but at least he wouldn't have to uproot his family. Wonder if his pay will be linked to the time spent available to play.

RE: DIY Tardis

That's a good idea.
Maybe put it in front of a garden entrance to a garage. :)

DIY Tardis

Saw this on YouTube, thinking about making one as a Garden tool storage shed. :)
He has a set of pdf plans available for free. Sorry if you already knew about this but it's new for me. I'm not even that big a Doctor Who fan but this looks cool.


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RE: Official England aren't knocked out yet thread

The ref was bloody terrible but I don't care!

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

"Staff at a Maryland newspaper have published a Friday edition after a gunman killed five people and injured two more at the paper's office"

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

"Maryland shooting: At least five killed as gunman opens fire on Capital Gazette newspaper office in Annapolis"

RE: Fantasy World Cup 2018

Yeah but seeing Germany go out of a world Cup was about as big a moment as watching England win the world Cup. Which I don't believe I will ever see in my lifetime.

RE: [VIDEO] Sir Paul McCartney's Carpool Karaoke..

Yes, I really love the Beatles.
When you listen to their first album then listen to their last, it's amazing just how much they progressed.
The only songs by them I'm not keen on are the Indian sitar inspired music usually proformed by George Harrison.
And a few of Ringo's tracks. 😀

Thanks for posting this 👍

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RE: [VIDEO] Google seems to be ruining YouTube

If you choose to pay Amazon Prime monthly it's £7.99. But look at what else you get for the money. Twitch (which I've never been on) Amazon video which includes quite a lot of their own financed programs, their music service, & next day delivery. Oh & Amazon Read which gives the subscriber free content using the Kindle app.

And Google want more money.
Not for me, well not yet anyway.

RE: RIP Matt Murphy

Was surprised to hear he was 88 years old. My mental image of him has always been of him in the Blues Brothers.
RIP :-(

I just looked it up, The Blues Brothers is 38 years old.
That's made me feel really old...

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RE: WC: Tunisia vs England

"Former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel says Kyle Walker should have been sent off for his elbow on Fakhreddine Ben Youssef but is pleased England beat Tunisia."

I'm sorry, but that is just ridiculous.
What about their number 13 running away from the ball with the sole intent of bringing down Harry Kane?
That should of been a red card because of intention.

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RE: WC: Tunisia vs England

Imagine how they would have played under Sam Allardyce. Just lump it up the end to the tallest player he could find. It was frustrating watching them miss opportunity after opportunity.

RE: Fantasy World Cup 2018

I thought the Saudi team were awful, amazed they qualified.

Really enjoyed the Spain Portugal game.
Wanted Spain to win but wasn't to be. One of the best World Cup games I've ever seen.

RE: [VIDEO] Condor

"Based on the movie 3 days of the condor"

Which was based on Six Days of the Condor, a novel by American author James Gray.
Looks interesting.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Official Title For Star Wars: Episode VIII Revealed

Saw this yesterday, yeah only taken me six months to get round to it.
I liked it but it felt very formulaic, nothing new, nothing surprising.

I have a question, & can't use spoilers because I'm using a mobile.

After their fight, how did Ray escape? Did I miss a rescue scene with Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon?
Can't remember if I went to the loo or not, but at the length of the movie I might have.

Rob, thanks for editing & adding the spoiler.

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