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RE: How to watch UV movies now Flixter's no more?

I just tried my app on my android mobile & it's still working for me.
Not doubting you, but not sure why it streamed the few I tried.

RE: [VIDEO] Amazon Echo

New Echo dot

RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

Classic Pie

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200 dropped wallets

Only just come across this YouTube channel, thought this might be of interest.

This one made me smile

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

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RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

"Several killed in mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida" -

RE: couple of good deals on Micro SD cards

Impressive time scale from SanDisk.

RE: EPL 2018/19 predictions for Top 4

Just heard on radio station talkSPORT that Jose Mourinho is 6 to 5 to be sacked before Christmas Day. So, if that happens Snaps, will you change your mind about the existence of Santa Claus? :-D

RE: Everton: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

Well, I am a Guardian reader, but I must have missed that article first time round so I'm glad you linked it. Interesting stuff.
On a side note, I would never have recognised him looking at the photo. Not a dig, just not seen him for a long time.

RE: [VIDEO] RIP Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul

Very sad. RIP :(

From Blade Runner...
"Tyrell: The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy". Or in this case, Aretha

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RE: Everton: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

Heard a stat on the radio earlier saying Everton have spent 270 million in the last 12 months. Wow.
I didn't realise it was that much.

EPL 2018/19 predictions for Top 4

Well now that the transfer window has closed, who do you think will be the top four teams at the end of the season.
Rob & Snaps, we all know who you want to win the league, but this isn't "who would you like to finish top", this is who do you think will be.
By the way, not a dig at either of you the same go's for our Southampton surporter & also for our city of Liverpool surporters too.
And of course any members from anywhere else, Scotland, USA or even Australia! :-)
Only kidding Bandi, it was only a few days ago you said you didn't follow football.

So, here's my prediction...

1) Manchester City.
It looking like business as usual, can't see them not winning.

2) Liverpool.
Really struggled to decide the placement of second or third, but there, it's in writing now.

3) Chelsea.
Was so close to being my second place. Just think with a new manager, third will probably be a tough ask but I'm sticking with it.

4) Manchester United.
If this happens I really believe Jose Mourinho will walk. He will blame everyone & anything except himself. Pogba, lack of signings, Yada, yada, yada.

So, no Arsenal, Spurs, or even West Ham. I've only included them because I heard on the radio that they are the most backed for a top 4 finish with the bookies. Reckon Paddy Power can sleep safely with that bet.

Right, your turn. :-)

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RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: A new beginning for the 2018/19 season

"Stan Kroenke's Arsenal takeover signals 'dreadful day for club', says supporters' trust"

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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

"Melania Trump praises LeBron James in statement after husband insults him
Shortly after Donald Trump mocked NBA star, first lady says she would visit his school and Michael Jordan joins chorus of support"

RE: Amazon cloud storage insane prices

You know you can get Amazon Prime for £40 a year with NUS membership?
Had to pay for the NUS card which for 3 years wiped out the first year saving but the next 2 years are £40 a year. And no, I'm not a student.

The how to regularly pops up on HotUKDeals which is where I got the info from. It was a few months ago, so I don't remember the full details but it involved putting "Study Smart Online" as the place of study.
Just went and found the thread, read the first post, but here's a copy of the info...

"Enter 'Study Smart Online' on the NUS Extra site where it asks for Place of study. If it asks for Course reference just enter any number or name.
(I am currently looking at the NUS card i received after entering Smart Study Online, for you doubters )
The Two biggest perks (for me) are
1. Amazon Student (free 6 months trial then £39/Year)
2. Co-Op 10% off (certain items excluded)
*Bizzarely, their T&Cs say Baby milk is excluded - yet i managed to get a few quid off it the last time i went in!"

And Amazon refunded me the remaining time left on my Prime membership. :-D

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RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

Short, but it made me laugh :)

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RE: Annoying cookie banner on Ebay

Just went on eBay to look, nothing happening to me, but I'm using a android tablet. Maybe it's a Windows problem.

RE: It was my birthday

Happy Birthday. :)

RE: The most hated clubs in the EPL....

Re the O2. Don't remember where I got that from but happy to be corrected. Would of been an odd site anyway as it's nowhere near Arsenal. :)

RE: The most hated clubs in the EPL....

"May have something to do with the free stadium."
Didn't the same thing happen to Manchester City?
Also, didn't Arsenal try & buy the O2 dome? So not as if it's the first time it's happened. Blame the Mayor (Boris) for the poor deal signed.
The standout for me was Liverpool. They have a history of playing entertaining football so I'm surprised.

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The most hated clubs in the EPL....

Chelsea // 68.7
Man Utd // 68.1
Liverpool // 52.8 (really?)
West Ham // 47.6
Arsenal // 46.2
Tottenham // 43.5
Man City // 38.7
Cardiff // 36.5
Crystal Palace // 29.7
Everton // 27.0
Watford // 24.0
Newcastle // 23.5
Wolves // 20.1
Leicester // 18.9
Southampton // 16.3
Brighton // 16.2
Fulham // 15.0
Burnley // 13.3
Bournemouth // 10.2
Huddersfield // 9.7

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