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RE: Stan Lee RIP

Sad news. I always looked forward to his cameo appearances in the Marvel movies. :(

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

RE: Christmas Ads 2018

I'm sure their publicity dept is overjoyed, it's getting far more attention then it would have had if it had been broadcast on TV

RE: Christmas Ads 2018

"Iceland Christmas Advert 2018 Banned For Being Seen To Support A Political Issue."

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

Metro: Marine with PTSD identified as gunman who went into student bar and killed 12.

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

BBC News - Thousand Oaks: 'Multiple fatalities' at California bar shooting

RE: Mayans M.C. (of Sons of Anarchy fame)

I've only watched the first 2 episodes so far but I'll be watching more..

Christmas Ads 2018

Blimey, they started showing these early. At least it's short...

Went into Tesco yesterday, they were playing Michael Bublé's Xmas cd. I left. Nothing against him, just too early.

RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

The Telegraph: BBC's Dan Roan reprimanded after claiming Leicester City boss 'died with his mistress'

Touch of Pie there. What an insensitive idiot.

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

BBC News - Pittsburgh shooting: Casualties at Squirrel Hill synagogue

RE: Money well spent

Did anyone read this story & think "what him? Well I'm shocked & stunned!"...
No, neither did I.

RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

That's a clip from the show Jitendar linked on the BBC iPlayer.
It's a good show, well worth a watch.

RE: free beer :)

I've had some really odd stuff sent to me by Jack Daniel's, calendars, keyrings, wine bottle stops (??) pens, playing cards & loads of other stuff. The weird part is that I've never tasted the stuff or bought it for others as a gift so I have no idea how they got my name.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

"Bernie? What?"

I took that to mean Bernie Sanders losing the Democratic party's nomination to Hillary Clinton.

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RE: Ray Galton 88, has died

"Loved Porridge as well but that was Clement and La Frenais."
Oops my mistake.

RE: Ray Galton 88, has died

I remember finding on the radio when I was about 10 years old an episode of Hancock's Half Hour & thinking it was hilarious. When I tried to share my experience with grown-ups they were blasé about it because they'd grown up with it.
It started a lifelong love of radio comedy.
I even remember which episode it was, it was "The Americans Hit Town".
I knew Sid James, Kenneth Williams & Hattie Jakes from the Carry On movies but had no idea what Tony Hancock & Bill Kerr looked like.
This was before Google so it was some time before I found out.
I loved Steptoe & Porridge and many of their other shows, but Hancock's Half Hour will always be special to me.

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RE: How to watch UV movies now Flixter's no more?

I just tried my app on my android mobile & it's still working for me.
Not doubting you, but not sure why it streamed the few I tried.

RE: [VIDEO] Amazon Echo

New Echo dot