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    Review for T-Bag Series One - Trouble With T-Bag/Wonders In Letterland

    6 / 10

    A while back I was having a chat with someone about old TV shows when he said 'Hey you remember a show with a character called T-Shirt?' I quickly answered 'You mean T-Bag?' This lead to a long chat about this show that, if I'm honest, I couldn't really remember. How odd is it that this show should arrive for me to review then?

    T-Bag follows the adventures of Debbie, who has been magically transported into a board game overlorded by the evil Tallulah Bag (T-Bag, get it?) aided by his helper Thomas Shirt (T-Shirt, even better!) and must discover a number of letters in order to stop her control of the world. I think. Along the way she encounters a number of people who help her along the way.

    I have to admit, this show is badly dated. It really does suffer from 'The Knightrider Effect' (When a show that you loved as a child is viewed as an adult and proves to not be the classic you thought). The effects are awful, the characters wooden and the dialogue is almost as bad. The stories themselves and the whole plot of the show is fairly entertaining and I do seem to recall the show getting better as it went on, but in this series, there is simply not enough entertainment to make it worth watching. I understand that it's not meant for me now, but even the children this is aimed at would probably find it a chore to sit through these shows. Though I do have to admit that once you make it through the first two or three, you do want to see it through to the end, which is a plus I suppose.

    Also included are a number of commentaries by the cast which really should have been monitored or at least had someone who was involved creatively in the show. Instead of telling stories, they seem to just be watching the show and making the odd comment about 'I remember filming that'. Though some stories are interesting they really needed someone to guide what they spoke about and really it would be the creation of the show that I would be interested in, rather than whether the costumes were a pain or not. Also included is a short photo gallery and trailers for a number of other shows.

    T-Bag is not a great show, but is certainly not a show that I would watch again. With this show being released I do hope that other kid shows like Knightmare will also see the light of day again.

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