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    Noir: The Easter Eggs

    Google and you will find, although there may be inaccuracies and oodles of opinion. I've stripped away the opinion, tried them all out, and here I list the Eggs and how to get them.

    Disc 1

    Kirika Character Sketch - Go to 'Extras', highlight 'Clean Closing Animation' and press LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, ENTER

    Mireille Character Sketch - Select any episode, when you see the silhouette of the guy being shot press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN

    Monica Rial and Shelley Calene-Black interview - Go to Episode 3, Chapter 4, press LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT

    Disc 2

    Monica Rial and Shelley Calene-Black interview - Episode 6, Chapter 3, press UP, DOWN and LEFT.

    Disc 3

    Tiffany Grant and Hilary Haag Interview - Episode 12, Chapter 4, press RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT.

    Disc 4

    Episode 15 and 16 audio commentary - Episode 15, the moment 18 minutes in, when the character Shaoli touches the forehead of her opponent lightly with a single fingernail, press the UP arrow key on the DVD player remote ten times.

    Disc 5

    Kirika music video clip - Episode 18, Chapter 4. When the bells are chiming as Kirika meets Chloe, press DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT.

    Disc 6

    Sock Puppet Theatre - Episode 21, Chapter 3. When second eyecatch of the episode appears, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

    Disc 7

    Animated Music Videos - Episode 25, Chapter 4. At around the 18:30 mark, pressing one of the arrow keys on your remote will take you to a music video. 4 arrow keys, 4 videos.

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