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    IDAPT i1Eco - Eco-Friendly Universal Gadget Travel Charger

    Charge anything, anywhere, no tangled cords, no carrying multiple chargers on holiday, no wasteful vampire power and no buying a new charger for every new phone.

    Unlike other chargers that use power as long as they're plugged into the wall (even after you unplug the device!), the IDAPT i1 Eco Charger automatically shuts power off—including standby power—after your gizmo is fully charged.

    The IDAPT i1 Eco is available for £20.00 including 3 charging tips.

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    -The only travel charger anyone will ever need
    -Shuts off when devices are fully charged
    -Multi-voltage, In-Car and USB powered
    -Charges any gadget anywhere
    -Charges almost every phone and smartphone,
    -Charges almost every tablet and mobile gadget on the planet
    -The one charger you don't throw away when you buy a new phone
    -Winner of a CES11 Innovation Award

    Exclusive to Firebox ( http://www.firebox.com) until the end of August

    Vampire Standby Power Drain Killed

    This small IDAPT Eco charger won't save the planet by itself, but unlike most chargers which continually use power when plugged in, the i1Eco stops using power as soon as your device is charged.

    Greener than 99% of known chargers

    It's made from recycled materials and designed to be recyclable, so not a bad start and charges almost every phone, smartphone, tablet and mobile gadget on the planet.

    The i1 Eco is:-

    - a unique, long-lasting and upgradeable eco-friendly product.
    - small and light for travel
    - supplied with mains, car and computer power leads
    - compatible with 4000+ gadgets and gizmos
    - iPad/iPhone/Android/HP/Nokia/Samsung/Blackberry/Nintendo compatible
    - PSP, XBOX controllers, GPS, Kindle, Bluetooth, cameras & more
    - IDAPT tip system compatible with desktop chargers i4 and i2+
    - Built-in AC Adapter - universal mains Voltage (100~240v)
    - 12v car input with FREE USB Car Lighter power supply
    - USB power lead for PC/Mac charging

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    A Genuine Eco Product

    The compact IDAPT i1 Eco is made of unpainted recycled materials and designed to be fully recyclable. The advanced Auto-Power-Off system, totally shuts off the charger when devices are fully charged, protecting battery life and saving wasteful standby (vampire) power draw.

    IDAPT's interchangeable tip system makes this charger a lasting and upgradeable product. Most chargers are useless once users change phone, so they have to be dumped. With the i1Eco, one only needs to replace a tip and recycle the old one, saving energy and money.

    - Charge any gadget anywhere from mains / 12v car / computer USB
    - Built-in AC Adapter - universal mains Voltage (100~240v)
    - 12v car input with FREE USB Car Lighter power supply
    - USB power lead for PC/Mac charging

    Green Eco Features

    - Made of recycled materials
    - No chemical painting
    - Auto-off when charged, with re-start button
    - Meets Energy Star standards
    - A lasting and upgradeable product
    - Long working life due to future-proof tip system

    The i1 Eco has two charging points, 1 x IDAPT tip charging point, 5VDC up to 850mA and 1 x USB charge point, 5VDC

    3 x IDAPT Tips are supplied - Mini USB, Micro USB, iPod/Phone 30 pin

    Future-Proof - compatible with 4000+ devices

    The future-proof interchangeable tips system used on all IDAPT chargers makes the
    IDAPT i1 Eco compatible with over 4,000 different devices including iPad and iPhone
    as well as BlackBerry, Nintendo PSP, XBOX controllers, GPS systems and Bluetooth.

    - Tips available for almost every phone/smartphone/tablet on the planet
    - iPad/Pod/Phone / Blackberry /Kindle /Samsung Tab Galaxy
    - XBOX Controllers / Nintendo DS 3DS / Playbook etc
    - Almost every MP3 Player / GPS System / Games Controller & more
    - Compatible with 4000+ devices


    - AA/AAA batteries
    - Nintendo, Sony PSP, X-Box Controllers
    - iPod / iPhone (latest generation compatible)
    - iPad via iPad verified USB port
    - LG1
    - Multi-tip A - Samsung / Kyocera / Audiovox / LG and many more
    - microUSB - Plantronics / Motorola / Blackberry/ Kindle and many more
    - miniUSB - Garmin / Magellan / Tom Tom / Navigon and more
    - Nintendo DS-L / DSi / 3DS
    - Nokia 1 / Nokia 2
    - HP/Palm
    - PSP Go
    - Samsung 1 / 2/ 3/ 4
    - Sansa
    - Sony Ericsson 1 / 2
    - Almost all GPS Systems

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