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    Anime Review Roundup

    Anime on the Big Screen

    To coincide with The Royal Academy of Arts' latest exhibition devoted to Kuniyoshi, the 19th century Japanese artist who inspired modern manga, the Curzon Soho cinema in London will be presenting a selection of some of the best anime films produced in recent years, each followed by a discussion with experts on the genre. Among the films being screened are Mamoru Oshii's Palme d'Or nominated GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE and Keiichi Sugiyama's highly acclaimed eco-adventure, ORIGIN: SPIRITS OF THE PAST.

    For full details of the Curzon Soho's Anime Season, including screening dates and times, visit the official website.

    Anime on the Small Screen

    Admittedly Spirited Away is only a small part of it, but this is worth setting your PVRs for if you have any sort of interest in all things Japanese. [Sheepish]I'm a little late with this notice as it's already started[/Sheepish], but the brilliant Fumihiko Sori movie Ping Pong is on tonight, and well worth going to work tomorrow bleary-eyed for.

    "BBC Four turns Japanese next month with a unique collection of programmes dedicated to discovering the hidden soul of Japan.

    Three authored films form the centrepiece of a month long season of documentaries, animations and dramas inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the more beguiling aspects of this far eastern country; from Japan's profound fixation with fish; the somewhat incomprehensible philosophy of wabi sabi; and the peculiar world of the salary man."

    More details to be had here and here.

    Anime on the Greasy Pole

    The Trinity Blood boxset has slipped again. It will now be released on the 30th March. That is all.

    Inline Image
    Inline Image
    It was a Chevalier D'Eon sandwich last week, as I looked first at Le Chevalier D'Eon: Volume 2, and then Le Chevalier D'Eon: Volume 3. It's a series that is best served by the marathon viewing format, a complex historical and supernatural drama with multiple threads and layered characters that would be harmed by any lengthy delays between volumes. You can read the reviews by clicking the links.

    Inline Image
    The filling for the sandwich turned out to be the Gravitation OVA: Lyrics Of Love, which turned out to be remarkably more palatable than I anticipated. The Gravitation series came out last year, and turned out to be the quintessential marmite anime. I hate marmite. I wasn't looking forward to the OVA, but my interest perked up when I learned that it was actually made prior to the series, and that it was directed by Shinichi Watanabe of Excel Saga and Tenchi Muyo GXP fame. The Gravitation OVA turns out to be more cheese than marmite. See if it's a fine Stilton or processed cheese in a tube by clicking the link.

    Inline Image
    Then at the last minute, Stuart McLean posted his review of the Tsubasa Season 1 boxset. Again he has the enviable task of reviewing an anime series at one sitting, as opposed to waiting for the discs to eke out one by one. See how Stuart took to this cross-dimensional fantasy adventure series by clicking on his review.

    Both volumes 2 & 3 of Le Chevalier D'Eon have been released previously by ADV, and are available from all good shops now. Revelation release the Tsubasa Boxset (and incidentally the individual volume 6) today. MVM release the Gravitation OVA on the 6th of April.

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