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RE: Boris the not-a-spider

The last time I was here we were discussing USA Region 1 imports.. now it's USA Voter Fraud Imports...

this is nothing to do with fraud and 100% to do with locking out a demographic that are currently suffering from Stockholm Syndrome..

Hello BTW.. I'm new here

RE: Christopher Nolan`s Inception

Inception is one of the best pieces of cinema I`ve seen in such a long time, and ranks alongside Children of Men and Moon as a great of modern science fiction... What makes the film so special is that it contains such a convoluted and complex plot and narrative, but never treats the audience as anything less than equally complex and able to understand. This is a movie that expects you to think and indeed - needs you to involve yourself in it`s complexity of concept. DiCaprio continues the paranoid investigator role he played with great effect in Shutter Island - but unlike Scorcese`s film, Inception is filled with interesting characters and great performances from the supporting cast (Tom Hardy is particularly good). Chris Nolan again succeeds in creating a film that tackles and challenges the notion of the human psyche and offers another example of how fragile and fragmented the human brain and personality can be.

RE: £200 budget for a PC....

I`ve actually got 2 for sale...

this one for £400.00 (its just over 2 years old)

Dell XPS 420 PC - 3Gb RAM, 2Tb Hard Drive, ATi Radeon HD 2600 Graphics, TV Tuner Card, Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard, 19 Inch Flatscreen Monitor/ with TV tuner, Windows 7 Professional -  £400 ono

and a Dell Vostro 220s - for £150 (6 months old)

1Gb Ram, 150Gb Hard Disk, Pentium Dual Core E6300 2.8Ghz

send me a message if you`re interested..

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RE: Received direct from British Transport Police...


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RE: Doctor Who: The Next Regeneration...

I thought it was fantastic...similar silly opening to the last few seasons, but with a certain different thematic that leaned towards a more psychological and internal fear, than the global ideology that Russel T Davis preferred. There was much more emphasis on character and ironically despite there being a cut in budget it certainly appeared more aesthetically filmic.

Can`t wait for next week..