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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (UK)

6 / 10
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Love is here to is her family
Certificate: PG
Running Time: 93 mins
Retail Price: £19.99
Release Date:

A young Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek and struggles to get her family to accept him while she comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity.

Special Features:
Cast & Filmmaker Feature Commentary
Cast Biographies
Production Notes
"Greek School" Trivia Track

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Directed By:
Joel Zwick

Written By:

Lainie Kazan
John Kalangis
Kaylee Vieira
Christina Eleusiniotis
Michael Constantine
Nia Vardalos

Casting By:
Camille H. Patton
Meg Liberman

Soundtrack By:
Chris Wilson
Alexander Janko

Director of Photography:
Jeff Jur

Mia Goldman

Production Designer:
Gregory P. Keen

Rita Wilson
Tom Hanks
Gary Goetzman
David Coatsworth

Executive Producer:
Norm Waitt
Steve Shareshian
Melissa Jo Peltier
Jim Milio
Mark Hufnail
Paul Brooks

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Your Opinions and Comments

6 / 10
This movie was a box office smash and after viewing the dvd, I am somewhat bemused as to why that was. The plot is about an american girl coming to terms with the fact that she is Greek. She also falls in love with a non Greek, much to her family`s disapproval. There were some good points in movie, with one or two bits of hilarity. Overall though, the movie ends up being just an average movie with nothing special really about it. It could have been better, the idea had potential but it just lacked the magic and sentimentality that these kind of movies usually have.

For an independant movie, the picture is strikingly rich and colourful. Usually sharp and clean, the transfer is overall good. The sound is kind of flat but since there is nothing spectacularly sounding in the movie, there doesnt need to be much use of the surrounds so in that case it is pretty decent.

There arent that many extras but for a film of this category I didnt really expect that much. Some soundbites, trivia track, nothing really useful or interesting.

This is a nice attempt and it is always good to see independant movies do well. However in this case, the movie was average and highly overated. I guess the marketing campaign had a lot to do with its success. Bend It Like Beckham is a similar movie in its themes but is a far better movie. If it interests you, its worth renting but overall, theres nothing special about this movie or the dvd.
posted by dicanio on 26/5/2003 01:12
7 / 10
A rather funny (and certainly harmless) romantic comedy about an ordinary Greek-American girl (with a typical, not-to-say stereotypical family), falling in love with an ordinary American guy. As simple as that.
The movie tries to highlight the diverse difference between the two cultures (American vs. Greek) and succeed to do so - various scenes with the aunt, the dad and the grandmother.
The video transfer is good. there are no compression signs and the picture is clear of any defects.
The DD 5.1 soundtrack is ok. The surrounds are hardly used, but that acceptable for this kind of a movie.
The menus are animated with sound.
The extras include a behind the scenes look and some interviews. That`s it.
Bottom line - a funny movie about love, family, the extended family, their relatives, and finally - Greece. Go for it.
posted by Zvi Josef on 6/3/2004 15:56
7 / 10
It seems to have been a month for Rom-Com`s... could it be related to recent spousal birthdays?

The Plot
I don`t think I`m giving much away if I say its about a Greek Woman in America getting married to a non Greek.

His family is small and basic.
Her family is huge and extended and comes with a whole load of Greek baggage about who you should marry, when, what you should eat and the rest of it.

It sort of reminds me a bit of Father of the Bride in the sense its partly about a father who doesn`t want to let go of his daughter, although for different reasons. We go through many of the same anguishes.

There is a lot of comedy here, mostly of the situational type. You cringe as the parents meet. You sympathise with her side, wanting a bit more from life than what their society says.

The Cast
Well pretty much an unknown (to me) list. We watched the movie first, then went to the extras.
Nia Vardalos is the lead actress... and then suddenly I discover in the extras that she also wrote the screenplay, story, and its also to a large part autobiographical.
Good parts played by all the cast.

The Visuals/Audio
Good visuals, some small use of the surround 5.1 track but hey, ho, its another dialogue film.

The Extras
A reasonable smattering of extras.
There is a set of sound bites from the various cast and crew. Another suprise, the Tom they keep talking about is Tom Hanks. He is the producer. I should have read the case more closely.

A greek school track.
A commentary is included too.
Other little bits and pieces.

A pleasant way to pass an evening.
posted by Julian Onions on 6/4/2004 14:29