Review for WWE: Finn Bálor: For Everyone

10 / 10

Finn Balor is one of the shining lights in the WWE at the moment. Coming through the indies and Japan he came to WWE to dominate in NXT before unleashing the demon on the WWE Universe. This set brings sixteen of his best matches and throughout Finn gives his thoughts on his journey so far in the WWE.

It is surprising that WWE did not make some deal with New Japan, as his work there in the Bullet Club was amazing and it would have been great to have seen some of his work during this time. Instead, the set starts with Finn coming to NXT and working his way through the ranks to become NXT Champion.

Sadly, this set is the typical Talk, Match, Talk and my issue with this is that there are times when the talk before the match actually spoilt the outcome of the match. If you did not watch any of his stuff in NXT or do not remember the outcome to certain matches then you will have these spoilt for you.

Over the two disks there are Five from NXT (Six if you include his match at NXT Blackpool) and Ten on the main roster since his debut in 2016. I think what is most surprising, that I never realised was just how quickly he was pushed into the main event, winning the Universal Championship in his first PPV match.

Of the sixteen matches it is not surprising that they are all fantastic. I don’t think a single match here is less than 3 Stars and some were even Match of the Year contenders. All Five from NXT are perfect matches and showed just how great the guys in NXT were. His matches against Adrian Neville, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are just fantastic and worth owning the set for just these ones.

Moving onto the main roster he starts with an excellent match against Roman Reigns, followed by his fantastic match against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Summerslam. It is such a shame that he was injured and had to relinquish the belt, but the match itself is almost perfect.

Returning in 2017 there is a dream match against AJ Styles which was also amazing and it is not surprising that these two are considered the best in the business and this match proves it. This is followed by a match teaming with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in a WWE version of the Bullet Club and it is just a shame that this never seems to have worked within the WWE Universe, but they do work well as a team here.

There are some great championship matches against the likes of Roman Reigns and a wonderful match against Brock Lesnar. This match against Lesnar was so heartbreakingly infuriating as it is one of the few times when it looked like The Beast would be slain and this would have been such a wonderful regaining of the belt he never lost. Also included is a fantastic match against Jordan Devlin at NXT: Blackpool and you can tell from his interview that this was something special for him.

Finn Balor: For Everyone is quite an apt title for this set. There is something on this set for everyone and I cannot think of another set with such a strong set of matches. I did not feel the need to skip through any match and enjoyed every second of it. I’m sure there are matches missing, but none that are a detriment and hopefully when we see the next set The Demon will have risen to the top of the WWE mountain again.

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