The Man Who Fell to Earth - 40th Anniversary Edition

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Certificate: 15
Running Time: 139 mins
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Content Type: Movie

To mark the 40th anniversary of the UK release of director Nicolas Roeg’s iconic science fiction odyssey  The Man Who Fell to Earth, STUDIOCANAL is thrilled to announce that they are near to completing a new 4k restoration of the cult classic. The restoration has been in the works since late 2015, but is now especially timely and poignant given the news of David Bowie’s death earlier this year.

The film will be released in cinemas nationwide on 9th September by Park Circus and on Download, DVD, Blu-Ray and as a Collector’s Edition by STUDIOCANAL, complete with brand new bonus material and special packaging, as part of their Vintage Classics range.

Restored by Deluxe London, the restoration of  The Man Who Fell to Earth is based on a 4K scan of the original camera negative, followed by a full 4K workflow, with the approval of cinematographer Anthony Richmond.

Featuring a startling and era defining lead performance from David Bowie (The Prestige, Labyrinth) in his debut feature role and based on the cult novel by Walter Tevis, The Man Who Fell to Earth endures as, not only a bitingly caustic indictment of the modern world but, also, a poignant commentary on the loneliness of the outsider.

Thomas Jerome Newton (David Bowie) is a humanoid alien who comes to Earth from a distant planet on a mission to take water back to his home planet in the midst of a catastrophic drought. Using the advanced technology of his home planet to patent many inventions on Earth, Newton, aided by leading patent attorney Oliver Farnsworth (Buck
Henry, The Graduate, Get Smart), acquires incredible wealth as the head of a technology-based conglomerate that he intends to use to finance the construction of a space vehicle to ship water back to his planet. Newton embarks on a relationship with hotel maid Mary-Lou (Candy Clark, American Graffiti, Zodiac) and makes progress with the construction of his vehicle but soon finds his true identity at risk via his roguish colleague and confidant Dr. Nathan Bryce (Rip Torn, Men in Black, Marie Antoinette) who threatens not only his relationship with Mary-Lou, but his freedom and chances of making it home to the family he yearns for.

Director Nicolas Roeg began his career in film as a camera operator before progressing to the role of cinematographer on films including Roger Corman's The Masque of the Red Death, François Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 and John Schlesinger’s Far From the Madding Crowd. Having moved to directing with 1970’s Performance, Roeg went on to
helm an extraordinary run of films over the next decade that included
Walkabout, Don’t Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth. Since then, Nicolas Roeg has enjoyed a long and highly acclaimed career, inspiring many of today’s filmmakers from Danny Boyle to Ben Wheatley and picking up numerous awards and accolades including a BFI Fellowship in 1994.

Special Features:
New interview with costume designer May Routh featuring original costume sketches
New interview with stills photographer David James featuring behind the scenes stillsNew interview with fan Sam Taylor-Johnson
New interview with producer Michael Deeley
New “The Lost Soundtracks” featurette
French TV Interview with David Bowie in 1977
Interview with Candy Clark
Interview with cinematographer Tony Richmond
Interview with Nic Roeg
Watching the Alien featurette
Trailers / TV spots
The Lost Soundtracks featurette including interviews with Paul Buckmaster and author Chris Campion

Video Tracks:
2.35 : 1 Colour

Audio Tracks:
Uncompressed stereo 2.0 English

Directed By:
Nicolas Roeg

Written By:

David Bowie
Rip Torn
Candy Clark
Buck Henry
Bernie Casey

Soundtrack By:
John Phillips
Stomu Yamashta

Director of Photography:
Anthony B. Richmond

Graeme Clifford

Production Designer:
Brian Eatwell

Visual Effects:
Brian Eatwell

Michael Deeley


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