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    Added on: 5/11/2000 10:13
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    Mission Impossible 2 (US)

    8 / 10
    6 votes cast
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    Expect the impossible again
    Certificate: PG-13
    Running Time: 123 mins
    Retail Price: $29.99
    Release Date:

    The world`s greatest spy returns in the movie event of the year, M:I-2.

    Top action director John Woo brings his own brand of excitement to the mission that finds Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) partnering up with the beautiful Nyah Hall (Thandie Newton) to stop renegade agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) from releasing a new kind of terror on an unsuspecting world.

    But before the mission is complete, they`ll traverse the globe and have to choose between everything they love and everything they believe in.

    Special Features:
    Interactive Menus
    Scene Access
    Behind The Mission" Exclusive Cast And Crew Interviews
    "Mission Incredible" Stunts Featurette
    "Impossible Shots" 11 Amazing Stunt Sequences Including Exclusive Interviews With Tom Cruise, John Woo And Stunt Coordinator Brian Smrz
    Commentary By Director John Woo
    "I Disappear" Metallica Music Video
    Alternate Title Sequence
    "Mission Improbable" A M:I-2 Inspired Parody From The MTV Movie Awards

    DVD-ROM Features:
    Agent Dossiers
    Mission Locations
    "Legend Of Chimera"
    M:I-2 Tech Tools
    MI:I-2 DVD Online

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English
    Dolby Digital Surround 2.0 French

    Subtitle Tracks:

    Directed By:
    John Woo

    Written By:

    Richard Roxburgh
    Ving Rhames
    Thandie Newton
    Dougray Scott
    Tom Cruise

    Casting By:
    Sarah Finn
    Deborah Aquila
    Gregory Apps

    Soundtrack By:
    Hans Zimmer
    Lalo Schifrin
    Klaus Badelt
    Tori Amos

    Director of Photography:
    Jeffrey L. Kimball

    Christian Wagner
    Steven Kemper
    Tony Ciccone
    Stuart Baird

    Costume Designer:
    Lizzy Gardiner

    Production Designer:
    Thomas E. Sanders

    Paula Wagner
    Michael Doven
    Tom Cruise

    Executive Producer:
    Paul Hitchcock
    Terence Chang

    Paramount Pictures

    Your Opinions and Comments

    7 / 10
    An anticipated movie, that`s for sure. Did it deliver the goods? Well, err... ahm... no. While this IS an action packed movie, it has no attributes of a thriller nor of a good script. That`s putting it mildly - it`s totally boring and non-original. The entire movie is a big excuse for all the special effects. Bummer.
    The video transfer is great. All the (spectacular) special effects are rendered beautifully. The Grand Canyon scene looks especially impressive due to the special hues of that monumental scenery. The chase scenes as well as the fight scenes are all very nice to watch. A lot of the scenes include dangerous stunts and Cruise did most of them himself, apparently. Good for him.
    The DD 5.1 soundtrack is breathtaking. This movie literally begs to be played at high volume. The sound is crisp, surrounding and in several cases - totally mind blowing. Awesome.
    The menus are fully animated with sounds.
    The extras include an extensive look behind the scenes and explanations from several crew members. It`s a really nice feature. They also include a short (funny) parody, a music video and a problematic commentary by the director (impossible to listen to due to his horrible accent).
    Bottom line - a classic popcorn movie with explosive action, stunning visuals and sounds, but alas, no plot.
    posted by Zvi Josef on 5/11/2000 20:02
    10 / 10
    Better than the first by miles

    Every one should have a copy
    posted by jaymz1 on 9/11/2000 09:35
    9 / 10
    Mission Impossible 2 is one of Paramount`s best DVDs out there this minute. The features should give good insight on how this big blockbuster was made.
    However, if you are intended to get the Region two of M:I-2, be warned since up to a least 5 minutes have been cut from the cinema release while Region One dvd holders shall only have the uncut release.
    It doesn`t matter which version you buy, get it and accept the mission.

    Kevin Wild - The perfect gentleman
    posted by Kevin Wild on 7/12/2000 17:18
    6 / 10
    I have to say, I liked this movie. The action scenes were cool but the plot has nothing on the first.

    I prefer the first movie as the script and story actually make you think, whereas in the sequel you think what the hell is that dove doing there?

    Overall I liked it but I don`t think I would buy it or watch it again as there was nothing to it apart from the final fight scene. Having said that the disc overall is of a high quality with the picture and sound excellent. The features weren`t bad either.
    posted by James Clews on 18/12/2000 22:13
    8 / 10
    Hee hee

    Content:- Well this is one of those films that most people justify watching by `turning their brains off` and just taking it as what it is; merciless, mindless and whole heartedly innocent action. I went to see this in the cinema and was impressed then by the action, effects and music. It was a fun film. Its not *quite* so impressive on DVD, but still not too bad. I consider it better than the first film, but still misses the point of the series. The series was about wits, gadgets, fake beards and dodgy accents. This is about guns, cars, women and fighting. Fair enough on its own but not really the same thing as the series. If you catch my drift. Having said all that though, this film is perfect popcorn fodder. Yep.

    Video:- As you would expect with a film of this age, the video is as good as flawless. The dramatic locations transfer effortlessly to DVD and look mighty fine. No complaints here.

    Audio:- Umm.........`ditto`

    Features:- A very comprehensive selection displayed here. Plenty to choose from, and neat menus to choose them with. The `Mission: Improbable` is absolutely hilarious and worth watching at least once. The Metallica video is quite cool too. A good package all round, the only thing missing is a commentry but nevermind.

    Overall:- The film is so-so but the DVD is damn good thats for sure. A good representation of an average film, aye?

    posted by Blazingmonga on 22/8/2001 05:03