Xmas Gift Guide - volume 1

There's no escaping it folks. Christmas is coming soon. To help you out, we've got several gift guides for you in the coming weeks. Here's the first one for you...

Best for Dad..... Crosskase Fusion - stylish 3-in-1 laptop bag - £79.99

The Crosskase Fusion bag boasts an inspired urban design which features three bag styles within one compact package – messenger, tote and rucksack, so busy Dad can pick his favourite style for every occasion.
Designed to protect and adapt for everyday life, the Fusion is deceptively spacious, with an abundance of storage space including a dedicated iPad pocket and front organiser section, making it the perfect accessory for Dad to carry his ultrabook/laptop, phone, documents and more.
With inner padding, an exterior flap and a secure travel document pocket, items are well protected from the elements and potential theft and will make sure Dad stays calm and reassured about his precious belongings, whether he is walking to work or boarding the flight for a family holiday.
Available now in black or silver, from www.crosskase.com, Apple and Amazon.

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Best For Mum..... Bayan 1 speaker dock with wireless streaming - £119.99

The Apple-certified Bayan 1 speaker dock is the perfect gift for busy Mums. The compact, modern design (in black or white solid wood) will suit every room in the home, and offers a stunningly natural sound quality which brings those favourite tunes back to life.
Simultaneous Charge & Play functionality for iPhone/iPod/iPad lets Mum enjoy hours of music, without the worry of draining her battery life before heading out for the school run. The StreamPort wireless audio adapter (optional, with full compatibility with Apple, Android and other devices) allows Mum to control her playlist from around the home so she can keep her device by her side ready for whilst browsing, tweeting or texting the kids.
The Bayan 1 is available now from www.bayanaudio.com, Amazon, HMV and Tesco.
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Best For Teens..... Bayan 3XL Speaker Dock & Radiopaq QX1 Headphone Bundle - £199.99
Bayan Audio and Radiopaq have joined forced to offer a superb limited edition offer with HMV. The exclusive bundle includes a Bayan 3XL speaker dock and Radiopaq QX1 headphones for a bargain price of just £199.99 – making Christmas budgets a little easier to manage.
The Bayan 3XL is a monster speaker dock with a clean, loud sound making it perfect for teens to impress their friends with during the holidays. With wide compatibility including optional wireless streaming to any compatible Bluetooth device, it can easily be swapped and shared to help keep sibling rivalry away.
The Radiopaq QX1 headphones feature up to 85% active noise cancellation technology with bi-directional sound isolation, so you can rest assured your teenager won’t be upsetting fellow passengers with loud music. With clutter-free detachable cable and tilt & swivel ear cups, the headphones can be safely stored, helping to avoid costly replacements later on.
The limited edition bundle is available now from www.bayanaudio.com and HMV stores.
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Best For Students..... Crosskase Solar 15 solar powered rucksack - £139.99
The Crosskase Solar 15 backpack is a travel-friendly accessory which is perfect for students who are addicted to technology. By helping to keep gadgets charged whilst away from home, including phones, there won’t be any more excuses not to call Granny to thank her for her gifts.
The sturdy and Solar 15 features built-in solar panels to allow students to fully charge their handheld devices quickly and conveniently whilst on the move – including phones, cameras, GPS, pocket gaming consoles, e-readers, music devices and more.
From bus journeys to campus, festivals and far-flung mountain tops on a gap year, the ability to protect laptops and charge up essential gadgets can be a real life saver to any student, and the Solar 15 backpack does just that.
Available now from www.crosskase.com,  Apple and Amazon.co.uk
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For the Kids..... Wind in the Willows App - a Toad-ally perfect Christmas Gift
The Wind in the Willows has gone technical for Christmas this year, with the launch of a new interactive iPad/iPhone app which gives the classic novel a modern twist.
Over 190 fully illustrative interactive pages bring the story to life like never before. Readers can drive Toad’s motor car, make the tyres squeal, crash it into hedges and plunge it over cliffs. They can also conjure up butterflies from thin air, smoke Mole out of his hole, make the band of weasels sing and dance, chuck stones off a bridge to sink Toad’s boat, dress him, and even create a snowstorm among a myriad of interactive moments.
This app has consistently been given five stars on the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wind-in-willows-kenneth-grahame/id515807410?mt=8
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