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It's annoying, but someone has to keep an eye on Twitter to make sense of all the announcements, rumours and whispers that abound. Thankfully that someone isn't me, as by the time I hear these things, someone else has been trawling through bytes of nonsense to ferret out a nugget of news gold.

Last week Manga made some positive noises about a potential release of the King of Thorn movie. I've read the first volume of the King of Thorn manga, and it's a rather appealing, if a little clichéd post apocalyptic tale. A group of patients looking for a cure to a plague enter an experimental clinic, where they go into suspended animation while a cure is sought. When they wake up, it turns out that they are the only people left alive in a world that was wiped out by the plague.

Manga Entertainment also made some even more positive noises about Akira. It's that classic cyberpunk movie that practically kicked off anime fandom in the West, single-handedly, and Manga initially released it to the UK on VHS, before releasing the DVD in remastered form several years ago now. Last year saw the Blu-ray release of Akira in the US from Bandai, which gave the film another spring-cleaning to make it even better for the hi-def format. Manga Entertainment strongly intimate that the Blu-ray will come to the UK this June, and with it a newly mastered DVD release as well. Hopefully this time they'll get rid of the dubtitles.

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Last week just saw one anime review, with Hetalia Axis Powers: Complete Series 2 passing beneath my judgemental gaze. It's that comedy show where the nations of the world have been personified, with various, pretty boy characters taking on their nations' most clichéd and simplistic traits. It's national stereotyping on a global scale, the sort of thing that gets the Top Gear lads into deep water. Unfortunately, the closest we get to Mexico in this anime is Cuba, who keeps beating up Canada when he mistakes him for the United States.

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If all this anime stuff is getting too much for you, and you want to take a break, you may have an interest in Alien vs. Ninja. It's a Japanese live action film, which sees an elite ninja team out of their depth, when a fireball falls from the sky, unleashing a deadly alien that reaps its way through mediaeval Japan. Yes, it's a remake of Predator, but it's given the full, schlocky, b-movie treatment, complete with dodgy effects, dodgier acting, but with awesome action sequences.

Hetalia Axis Powers: Complete Series 2, would have been out today, but unforeseen circumstances mean that Manga Entertainment have had to delay its release until the 11th of April. You can get Alien vs. Ninja today though, courtesy of Revolver Entertainment, and I certainly recommend that you do.

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