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    Bexley Anime and Manga Festival and Anime Review Roundup

    Ghibli Adapt Another Story From The Mystical West

    It seems to happen a lot nowadays, with studio Ghibli opting to adapt stories from around here, to be made into anime from over there. I guess it helps with the globalisation of anime, and doesn't hurt at awards season either. Following hot on the footsteps of movies like Howl's Moving Castle, and Tales From Earthsea, comes the announcement that their next feature film will be based on Mary Norton's classic novel The Borrowers. This has already been made into a live action feature film by Hollywood, but the Ghibli animation will relocate the story to Tokyo and move it to the present day. More information at Anime News Network.

    Haruhi Suzumiya News

    Even if you've been living under a rock, you must surely know that the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is going to be a feature film, and that said feature film will be released next spring. Well, Anime News Network have linked to the trailer. Feast your eyes and go squee!

    The Bexley Anime and Manga Schedule Has Been Published

    …or a preliminary version. If you are in the South East London Area during February 2010, here's what you can look forward to.

    Feb 1st - OPENING NIGHT - Spirited Away - Cineworld, Bexleyheath.

    Feb 3rd - Ninja School with Chris Crudelli - Crook Log Leisure Centre

    Feb 4th - Howl's Moving Castle - Cineworld, Bexleyheath

    Feb 6th - Manga Tattoos! Bexley Village Library

    Feb 6th - Manga Tattoos! Thamesmead Library

    Feb 8th - Tokyo Godfathers - Cineworld, Bexleyheath

    Feb 11th - Cowboy Bebop: the movie - Cineworld, Bexleyheath

    Feb 15th - Manga Art workshop with Sweatdrop Studios - Sidcup Library

    Feb 15th - Manga Art workshop with Sweatdrop Studios - Erith Library

    Feb 15th - Ninja School with Chris Crudelli - Erith Leisure Centre

    Feb 17th - Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon League events - Erith library

    Feb 17th - Ah Oishi! Bento Cookery workshop with Atsuko - Crayford Library HALL

    Feb 18th - Manga Art workshop with Sweatdrop Studios - Central library, Bexleyheath

    Feb 18th - Manga Art workshop with Sweatdrop Studios - Welling Library

    Feb 18th - Cat Returns - Cineworld, Bexleyheath

    Feb 19th - Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon League events - Thamesmead Library

    Feb 20th - Cosplay Workshop and Meet Up - Civic Chambers, Bexleyheath

    Feb 22nd - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Cineworld, Bexleyheath

    Feb 25th - MAJOR NEW TITLE PREVIEW - Sky Crawlers - Cineworld, Bexleyheath

    Mar 1st - CLOSING NIGHT - MAJOR NEW TITLE DOUBLE BILL: 5cm per Second and K20: Legend of the Mask (UK premier?) - Cineworld, Bexleyheath

    Go to the BAM Facebook Page for more details, and for information on how to book early. Please note that as this is a youth project initiative, there will be age restrictions on all events excluding the cinema screenings. And since the announcement of the schedule, the cosplay event has been expanded to accommodate more attendees. Also note that these events are free, including the cinema screenings, but places are limited and need to be booked in advance.

    Inline Image
    Another slow week for me… Well it is the holiday season, and we anime reviewers need to take things easy as well. But it was a Christmas tradition that was my first review of the week. Although some might say that just because a Naruto Movie is released at the end of every December, it doesn't make it a Christmas tradition. This year it was the turn of Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, which is a title that is long enough to give my typing fingers cramp. Naruto the TV series has been on a downward spiral of filler, and I needed something to remind me of what the series was all about. The trouble is that the Naruto movies are the epitome of filler, stand alone stories that have nothing to do with the main storyline. Still, theatrical quality animation, and decent action may make up for a lack of narrative relevance. Click on the review to see if this filler is better than TV filler.

    Inline Image
    2009 ends early for me, and I dive straight into 2010, telling you what to look forward to once the sherry hangover has worn off, the resolutions have been made, and broken, and when you blink in amazement at the tenner you find in your pocket, the one you were certain you had spent on sprouts. You can indeed buy an anime DVD instead, only don't buy Samurai Deeper Kyo: Volume 4. I could spend a paragraph in incoherent profanity, or I could just direct you to my review. Yes, click on my review, which comprises several paragraphs of incoherent profanity.

    The dying gasp of 2009 brings with it Naruto's 3rd Movie, released by Manga on the 28th December. Then, as the doctor smacks the arse of little baby 2010, its first cries herald the arrival of MVM's Samurai Deeper Kyo: Volume 4 on the 4th of January.

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