Disgruntled Wives Blame Monther-In-Laws for Partner's Bad Habits

Disgruntled wives blame their mother-in-law for their partner's bad habits, it was revealed yesterday.

More than a third of women say their partner's mum is responsible for his laziness, lack of hygiene and selfishness.

Nine out of 10 women believe their partner is the way they are due to the constant mollycoddling they enjoyed growing up.

And 15 per cent of wives HATE their mother-in-law as a result.

The poll of 4,000 wives, conducted by www.onepoll.com, revealed that 41 per cent of husbands won't lift a finger, expecting their partner to do everything for them.

A third of women say their mother-in-law is to blame for leaving clothes lying around, and 29 per cent say she is responsible for the fact they are taken for granted.

Twenty eight per cent of wives believe their partner has been used to getting his own way for too long, whilst a quarter blame their mums for the fact their partner is selfish, spoilt and childish.

A spokesman for www.onepoll.com said: "The relationship between a wife and her mother-in-law has always been a tricky one, as there is a certain amount of competition between them.

"Wives often feel they need to prove they are capable of living up to the mother-in-law's expectations, when in fact they blame her for all of their partner's inadequacies."

The poll revealed that a third of women find their mother-in-law interfering, and 20 per cent have even been advised on how to look after their partner.

Astonishingly, the average married couple fall out twice a MONTH over an argument about the mother-in-law.

The only thing women begrudgingly admit their mother-in-law has done right is to instil a good work ethic in their son.

One in 10 women are incredibly jealous of the close relationship their partner enjoys with his mum, whilst 27 per cent say the mother-in-law is jealous of them.

Fourteen per cent of wives have had a blazing row with their mother-in-law, and 12 per cent have slammed the phone down mid conversation.

But 72 per cent of husbands are blissfully unaware of the ongoing battle between wife and mother.

A spokesman for www.onepoll.com continued: "At the end of the day, wife and mother have one common shared goal - to keep the man happy, content and well looked after."

1. Expecting you to do everything for him
2. His laziness
3. Leaving clothes lying around
4. He takes you for granted
5. Used to getting his own way
6. Being selfish
7. Being spoilt
8. His inability to cook
9. Being childish
10. His lack of romance
11. His bad manners
12. His lack of respect for you
13. Hi lack of hygiene and cleanliness
14. His swearing
15. Forgetting to clean his teeth
16. His addiction to TV
17. His cockiness
18. Not bothering to regularly change his clothes
19. Forgetting to wash
20. His addiction to football

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