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    British couples spend just under 10 DAYS a year not speaking, according to a new survey

    The average married couple has two arguments every week which result in the silent treatment for two hours and 14 minutes each time.

    That's an astonishing 104 arguments every year, lasting a total of 232 hours and 16 minutes.

    Six out of 10 people refuse to kiss and make up quickly after an argument, preferring to sulk than admit they are in the wrong.

    A fifth are too stubborn to say sorry, whilst 14 per cent have a tendency to storm out of the house before an argument has been resolved.

    The poll of 3,000 married people, conducted by global research company www.onepoll.com, revealed people are most likely to have a sulk after arguing about saying the wrong thing.

    Just under half of couples admit they often put their foot in it by being insensitive or overly critical of their partners.

    Whilst 36 per cent of couples argue because they have taken each other for granted and 34 per cent have weekly disputes over money.

    A further 24 per cent claim that losing items such as car keys, favoured underpants or the remote control is enough to spur an argument.

    Whilst 15 per cent often get cross with each other after discussing the best ways to bring up the children.

    Other reasons couples argue include getting lost on a car journey, never going out as a couple and being shunned in the bedroom.

    Hogging the TV and getting jealous over close friendships complete the top 10.

    A spokesman for www.onepoll.com said: "The funny thing is that in most cases couples are arguing about the most ridiculous things, but because neither partner will stand up and say sorry, the argument can last for hours on end.

    "The poll even revealed that once a year one partner - usually him - will be relegated to the spare room because the argument hasn't been resolved by bedtime."

    More than half of couples admit a simple "I'm sorry" is all it takes to forgive and forget a disagreement.

    Fifty per cent say they find it hard to stop sulking, and 55 per cent hold a grudge against their partner even if they have forgotten what the argument was originally about.

    But despite squabbling on a regular basis, 76 per cent of couples believe the odd spat are a healthy addition to any relationship.

    And 66 per cent genuinely believe they get on better with their partner when they have made up.

    1. Saying the wrong thing
    2. Taking each other for granted
    3. Money
    4. Being unable to find something in the house
    5. Disagreement about raising the children
    6. Getting lost on a car journey
    7. Never going out as a couple
    8. Being shunned in the bedroom
    9. Hogging the TV
    10. Jealousy over friendships

    1. Saying sorry
    2. Realising you have over-reacted
    3. Realising you were in the wrong
    4. Cuddling up in bed
    5. Feeling like an idiot
    6. Forgetting what the argument was about
    7. A joke
    8. Laughing at the same thing on TV
    9. Sex
    10. Making an effort to get on for the children's sake

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