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ALBA DVD54 - region hack

Kraykan (Harmless) posted this on Monday, 3rd May 2004, 10:38

Just bought a "bargain" DVD player : ALBA DVD54 from tesco`s, 29.96.

Plays MP3 discs, DVD+R`s and Kodak picture discs, and obviously Region 2 DVD`s.

However, I bought the player, safe in the knowledge that pretty much all ALBA players can be hacked. Much to my dismay, I have hunted everywhere on the net, and not found one hack that works.

I can repeatedly press 1 when loading a Region 1 DVD, and the film will play. But it displays the "wrong region" window in the top left of the screen - which sucks.

There are is code where as you type something like 338017,5 enter the power. But that doesn;t work either.

Please help me, I have a lot of multi region discs that I can no longer play.

A multiregion hack would make me very happy

RE: ALBA DVD54 - region hack

Melll (Mostly Harmless) posted this on Tuesday, 4th May 2004, 22:59

I`ve just got one of these players too, an absolute bargain, but I`d also appreciate a hack for this machine.

RE: ALBA DVD54 - region hack

g00ner (Harmless) posted this on Wednesday, 5th May 2004, 19:38

I have one too. Region hack would be most welcome.

Does anyone know what chipset it uses?

RE: ALBA DVD54 - region hack

g00ner (Harmless) posted this on Thursday, 13th May 2004, 19:22

is it possible to hack this player?

it`s possible to play R1 DVD`s cos u can do the 11111 thingy on the remote when loading a DVD. so it must be possible.

RE: ALBA DVD54 - region hack

stokesy30 (Harmless) posted this on Monday, 17th May 2004, 22:48

come on guys, surely someones got the region hack for this by now!
let all be revealed...
for all our sakes

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