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[VIDEO] The New Mutants

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 09:32

So this must be the Marvel movie with the absolute most problems ever made, I think after the movie was made it was over 3 years later it was finally released so I was absolutely expecting the car crash everyone else was and was very presently surprised, in fact I really enjoyed it, it is not a typical Marvel movie, set in the x-men universe rather than Marvel and I can only imagine the not well known young heroes, it being an origin movie without super villains per se which seemed rushed in places but with the amount of rewrites I would have thought they could have stretched it over 90min, the cast were strong SFX good and you could see where they were heading if the movie was continued, definitely not a main stream superhero movie which would have worked against it, adding to that 2 young female leads having a relationship I can practically hear the parents dragging their kids out of the cinema. Once again Maisie Williams was fab :) WWAW

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RE: [VIDEO] The New Mutants

Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 11:38

Found it a little dull, tbh, but a second viewing will probably iron out those creases.

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