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bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 30th June 2019, 11:00

Director is Danny Boyle so should be a good one. Going to see it at the cinema this week.

It is the story of a music writer guy waking up to find that no-one knows or remebers the famous Beatles or their music, A bit like the Mandela effect, where a time stream is changed, and there is subtle or major differences to your reality. I wonder if Danny Boyle looked at the Mandela effect and decided this is a good platform for Beatles music. its a good si-fi/fantasy idea.

The guy then re-writes and plays the Beatles music, and becomes the greatest song writer in the world. Take that in the face, Paul and John :D

For those not familiar with the Mandela effect, here is the old thread on it...

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bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Monday, 1st July 2019, 20:04

Went to see Yesterday today (Is that confusing or what ) 

Sneaked into the afternoon matinee after a work meeting, up to my old tricks, he he.

Must say it was a very funny film, and it was based on the Mandela Effect, as the main character realised that it was not just the Beatles missing in this 'new' world but also coca cola and other well known products, as we find out as the film progressed.

Story was very good and very well acted, even though a major singer in real life playing himself in the film (see spoiler for name) was very self aware of his own image he was portraying, and it showed. But still it did not put you off the film.

The sub-plot is very good having you guessing what some strangers waving a toy yellow submarine are up to, and has got a great twist in it, typical Danny Boyle style (director).

The weirdest moment is when the main character meets (see spoiler for name, and note this is a BIG spoiler), and it actually made my hair stand on end with the situation, it was so surreal. Glad this was added to the story, just did not expect this. Definitely worth seeing this film.

Ed Sheeran the singer

Do not read unless you have seen the film....BIG SPOILER
The meeting of an Older John Lennon at the remote beach house was totally amazing, especially the actor who plays the part looks identical to an older John, and really gives you a double take, as they do not say who he is initially, but is recognisable instantly.

Should the main character have told John Lennon that he would have been in the previous world an international name known by all, but died young by being shot dead, or just let the man not know, as  he was in this alternate world an unknown no-body but had a full life into old age.

Yeh, it was a very weird moment and the scene that I will remember the most.  

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mbilko (Elite) posted this on Monday, 1st July 2019, 21:13

really enjoyed it I have to say, Richard Curtis writing and Danny Boyle directing, couldn't really go wrong, and the cast nailed it, particularly enjoyed the roadie :)

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bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 4th July 2019, 18:55

I wonder how much the film had to pay the Beatles estate to use their songs? I bet quite a bit.

But it is a great platform for people to get interested in their music again. I have dug out my old Albums, just to remember the lyrics.

The guy in the film was struggling to remember the lyrics LOL, especially for 'Eleanor Rigby', and I don't blame him.

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bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 11th July 2019, 22:50

Ella, here is the trailer. The film will likely be shown in the USA. Its really good.

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