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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

He was lying 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Hey, many millions of Australian men are homophobic but cannot say anything about it nowadays due to Politically Correctness, unless they are way in the outback talking with their mates over a beer or two, and where only the roo's can hear them. (By the way, I am not in that category as I am ambidextrous). But as for being a misogynist (had to google that one, too many big words going on here LOL), well then maybe he is not a true Australian stud like us Ozzies, he he.

But overall, leaving his personnel preferences aside, I think he will do a great deal getting Australian goods sent here to the UK, and we can send them British made Range Rovers that break down and rust after a few months.

PS..Import from the horses mouth, take the delicious chops (maybe a bad expression talking about meat), but not the Fosters lager, its only for export, as we know not to drink it in Oz..... 

RE: New Ebay con

Update: The seller received £1 tin of vaseline back, so I could get my money back of ebay, and still he did not acknowledge anything and did not pay my money back even by the deadline date. (2 business days after receiving returned item).

I had to get ebay to make a judgment on my behalf, and £7 cash is now paid back into my account, but I never got my £2.50 postage of £1 tin of vaseline back, as expected.

I have  given ebay feedback as they requested, and said happy i got my money back for £7 item from ebay, but not happy that a seller can do me out of £2.50 postage and cause such hassle.

RE: It's life Jim

Its quite a find from the 'Sky at night' program.....

RE: [VIDEO] Dune (2020) slated for December

I think they went slow so you could get up to speed with the 'Dune' world of planets, the history of spice and how it controlled that part of the universe, and specifically who is who, without having read the books.

Its the atmosphere, the sets, the worms, the music, that make the film. It does fall down in places with some ham acting and some badly acted fight scenes, but overall quite a decent film to watch.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

marksparks999 says...Personally i think we are heading into another lockdown during the winter period...

If you mean a full UK lockdown again, no chance. It was brought in at great expense for the NHS to cope during the initial surge, and now they can cope, everything is set up.

The Government and eventually the UK taxpayers who pay, just cannot afford another 2 trillion pound layoff and more disaster to the economy. It will just be as it it is now with short time local lockdowns, and changing and tweaking of the rules regarding social contact.  

PS..After saying the above that another full lockdown could not occur, just saw on the news that Israel is introducing total country lockdown again for three weeks. So makes you wonder. Anything could happen in the next half hour, best to ask Dominic Cummings for advice 

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

There are a lot of people cashing in on this crisis, and as you say there is the old boy network, plus the many unscrupulous sellers of PPE equipment/masks making a fortune. Plus there is a forthcoming rush by the world for questionable covid 19 inoculations that will have the pharmaceuticals rubbing their hands together thinking of all that money.

RE: [VIDEO] Dune (2020) slated for December

Actually still got that mini series on VHS tape boxset (3 tapes), so it must be quite old. Might be worth 50p on ebay LOL.

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RE: [VIDEO] Flatliners (remake)

Also never watched the original, as it did not interest me.
I have a whole list of films I have never watched as just having an instant dislike of the trailer or subject. Can't go the the cinema all the time, so got to be selective.

Many of these films have ended up on telly and still cannot watch them, examples: trainspotting, clockwork orange, hollow man and the most dreaded of all, paddington bear 

RE: [VIDEO] Dune (2020) slated for December

Its the tech I am always interested in Si-fi movies, and it was the Lynch film that showed a fantastic way of space travel, using 'transformed humans through generations of spice use' turned into alien looking space navigators, and using their minds power to move the giant mother spaceship instantly from one planets orbit to the next planets orbit. Then smaller spaceships inside the mother ship would land on the planet. Fantastic.

Looking forward to seeing the technique they use for spaceflight in this film, as instantaneous spaceflight is useful to speed up a films progression.

RE: [VIDEO] Farewell Mrs Peel

Yep, Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel in a cat suit and striking poses in the Avengers, say no more 

Though i did like her replacement 'Purdie' better (a young Joanna Lumley), with that sexy voice and body, striding her stuff on screen.

Just thinking about it all. Away for a cold shower now 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Was watching these little Hitlers patrolling on the streets of city in the news last night, 'Covid enforcers' they are, though they do not have police powers of arrest or fine-ing, thank goodness. They will recruit an army of them soon, to enforce the rule of six people max being together.

This is just one of my worries of police state sneaking in, using this Covid 19 situation as an excuse to do so.

Unfortunately in any country there are always many budding 'little hitlers' and 'we obey orders' types to fill these positions. Sort of covid 19 traffic wardens. Will be glad when this covid 19 thing is well and truly over.

RE: [VIDEO] Dune (2020) slated for December

Yet another Dune film and based yet once again on the first book.
So no matter how good the CGI is, the acting, the dramatics, the plot is always still the same as the book......its just a can of worms 

PS..will end up seeing it, but will wait for the DVD. Agree with Snaps, going by the trailer that Paul seems a very poor actor for a major role. But want to see it for the effects.

RE: [VIDEO] Earthquake

New York state seems to be the number one disaster area in the world, not only in real life but also in every disaster/zombie/monster/ ghostbuster movie, where they always end up in 5th avenue 

Think it is time for you to consider moving to a wooden shack in the Alaskan wilderness. You will be safe there, well except for the bears, oh, and the wolves, and, what the ell was that ...squirrel!

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

alfie noakes says...This is all very concerning for head of track n' trace, Dido Harding. She should really be confronting main board member of the Jockey Club, Dido Harding...

Talking about track and trace, we were in a restaurant in Scotland last week, and had to write down name and address, and was told by the guy at entrance, please do not write down D. Duck, as we already have in the restaurant two D. Ducks, a Mr Bean and the only person we think using his real name is a Mr Colin Forseconds.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

Remember that you can use the 'Dominic Cummings' fudge factor, to make adjustments to the Lockdown rules.... long as you don't get caught 

RE: Banksy....Is it Art or Graffiti ??

I still see Banksy's work as Graffiti, and would be quite happy to take a sledgehammer to the wall that it is on 

I always chuckle when fragile art is destroyed and people go up in arms. I remember a guy falling down a flight of stairs by accident in a museum and hitting a big priceless ming vase on the half landing, and smashing to pieces. I mean why put it on a half landing LOL. I wonder who paid for that one? 

Mind you i suppose ancient art/statues are worth saving as they say it shows the spiritual and creative side of Man, instead of man the destroyer. As for me, well it is rather wasted on an outback man.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

Are you all back to work? as in to your office or workplace, as the Government is desperate to see us all return, due to the UK having the lowest return rate in Europe, at 35%. We all seem to love working from home now, if you can. Saves a lot of hassle on transport. They have even issued a statement to get all civil servants back to work LOL. Good luck on that.

I personally have not opened our worksite, and have no workers on the books at the moment. My wife says its to dangerous for me at my retirement age to reopen at present. I was going to move onto part-time work anyway prior to lockdown. So at the moment just checking the worksite once every week, for any break-ins or pilfering. But so far all good, as the site is in a cul-de-sac. Touch wood. 

Laugh is, I have not worked on the worksite since end of March lockdown, but still got a Tax bill for year 2019/20, grrh! (tax man still working from home instead of office could not accept a card payment, so had to go get a cheque made out at the bank to pay the bill, first cheque for 10 years. bank clerk tried to hit me for a £20 admin charge for 1 minute to make out a cheque, a pure con. Said i was now thinking to pack in my account with them due to this, and then after a talk with their boss they decided admin cost was free due to the unusual covid 19 situation, he he).

The tax bill must have been to help pay back some of the estimated two trillion pounds owed to shore up peoples wages during lockdown. I brought the bill down by 0.000000000001% 

RE: Stuff you can't part with.

alfie noakes says... I remember an old interview with Alison Moyet where she said that she destroyed all her gold discs because she didn't want to live in the past or carry around all this clutter that we all build up. I'm with her on that in spirit.

This statement instantly for some reason reminded me of the old baggage lady scene in one of my favorite films 'Labyrinth' (starring David Bowie), who tried to make the girl put all her possessions on her back and carry it around LOL.

RE: New Ebay con

The guy was a UK seller. Interestingly Ebay gets notification from the post office of the returning tracked item on the same day as it is posted, as per my email received today (see below), and should get the money paid for the item back this week, I hope. Will keep you informed. Cannot be arsed chasing up the return postage cost.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Higher figures of those with Covid are now inevitable, as it is now a case of 'getting the economy going' over keeping us in a major lockdown. More people will mix by going back to work, being on transport to get to work, going to school, and going to pubs and shops and social events. 

Total Lockdown was a very expensive situation roughly costing over two Trillion Pounds (likely underestimated), and the Government will not, cannot, go back to supporting the UK economy. So we will now just get mini lockdowns of a town or city for a limited time instead.

On the plus side there is less deaths now, as the NHS is cooping with demand, and there have learned more on how to treat the virus, when to use oxygen, drugs, and last resort ventilators,

EDIT..On last nights news, it said less people in intensive care, due to more of the younger generation catching covid (18-24) due to more socialising, so it is not so severe in most cases, but not all cases. You still can die from covid at a young age. Danger is these younger people can pass this on to older relatives, and the older you are the worse Covid can be.

This item was edited on Wednesday, 9th September 2020, 09:51

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Rob says....Basically, if you voted for Brexit and you voted for Boris, the only person you can blame for how it turns out is yourself.

I am happy to accept Boris and the end game of Brexit, no thanks to those that wanted Brexit gone. Do consider that us Brexiteers were boxed well into a corner, and had to accept Boris as the only way to get Brexit done and get the 'will of the peoples reforendum' done. And he is getting it done, no thanks to the pro-EU'ers over the years of inhouse fighting, 

This was due to an inept PM like T May who let brexit drag on, plus the shenanigans of the many previous pro-EU members in the commons totally opposed to Brexit, including the non-neutral Speaker of the house, that removed the hard brexit option and used ever disgusting trick in the book to shut brexit down.

Luckily with the last election, the people of England, especially in the North West and North East and the rest of the country who voted for Brexit ousted many of the parliamentarians that went out of their way to prevent Brexit happening and had total disregard to the Brexit referendum. So we had to get a Government in, that supported Brexit and honored the 'Brexit Win' result by the people in 2016. Many people including myself had to vote Conservative, even if it was for the first time ever, just to get Brexit through. Many voted Tory not in a political ideology sense but in a 'get Brexit done' sense. And it is now getting it done, One way or another. 

The only problem now because of all these arguments inhouse by MP's over the years, and people opposed or for Brexit (as seen in the entire thread above, creating stumbling blocks in the brexit process), we have shot ourselves in the foot by creating a weakening of our bargaining position due to pro-EU's, so we will just have to see what we wind up with at the end of this year.

RE: Stuff you can't part with.

I still have my first electronic calculator (solar powered) that I bought in a Singapore market a long time ago, and have used it most of my working life.

It survived because it came with a hardy plastic casing, even dropped it 20 feet off scaffolding, and it still works.

It replaced my slide rule (remember them) 

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Just back from Scotland visiting relatives, seems a lot safer up there as most people, even the young, are complying with face masks in buildings, supermarkets etc, unlike down south back home, where the young dont give a monkeys, and just do not wear a mask.

They have not had any covid deaths for a while now, but the wee SNP woman on telly says R rate could be as high as 1.6, as the whole UK has a rising R rate due to people going back to work and socialising in pubs etc.

Just wish the end was in sight, but unfortunately this covid 19 situation will linger on for a while.

RE: Lego Hogwarts 71043 - second biggest set ever

Well done in constructing that. I never had the patience for Lego building as a kid (we had a few dozen miscellaneous bricks in a cardboard box). Same goes for jigsaws as an adult. Used to just shove the stuff off the table after an hour, and walk away.

New Ebay con

Got caught out with a new Ebay con (well new to me).

Bought a car cleaning product £7, and was sent a £1 tin of vaseline instead. So item was noted as sent and received by courier, so noted by Ebay as everything going ok. I was now out by £6 and landed with a tin of vaseline.

I sent umpteen emails to seller with no reply back. Gave him a week and a half to reply. No joy.

To get my money back. I had to eventually return vaseline to him, as an automatic return accepted item. I had to pay £2.50 via Youtube/paypal to get a return address label (tracked item) as I did not know his address, to get my full money of £7 back via paypal.

I know I will get my £7 back, but do I get that £2.50 postage back?

Anyway, this is a pure con as the seller has likely used this £1 tin of vaseline ploy to make money, as many would not bother trying to go through the hassle of getting back £7. But i do , as i hate con artists.

Funny thing is that his negative comments on his ratings (I checked afterwords DOH, instead of before), have four comments saying he does not respond to emails, but no mention of this vaseline con, Maybe they do not want to say anything as they got done. Just like me. 

This has cost me time and effort, I hate it when Ebay goes wrong with these rouge sellers, and sometimes there is no obvious way of spotting them.

RE: It's time to meet the Muppets

A bit risky bringing the muppets back after all this time. maybe a new audience might warm to them with this new show format.

I liked them at first, decades ago, but the show layout was just to similar each week, and eventually got bored of them.

Are you never to old for the muppets? I wonder 

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Re that doc video above: What a pure hassle to get a drink, hand washing, using cashless only, give details of your track and trace name and address to get a guinness, is this a 'behind the iron curtain' pub they were in? Stuff that.

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RE: BT wants 10 years to de-Huawei

Think it is time to take the chinese out of the equation, for all major projects concerning electronics and software. Especially Nuclear power stations.

Who knows what hidden software can be in there. How about a program that melts down the reactor, and takes out half of England.

You may scoff but security aspects is a major issue in large projects. There is even a conspiracy that the channel tunnel, which had the boring machines sealed off to the side of the tunnels are packed full of explosives, to flood the tunnel at the press of a button, if an enemy invades.

This was discussed on a forum I attended years ago, and a German engineer asked the question who would likely be the enemy? and all fingers pointed at him, and we burst out laughing 

RE: [VIDEO] Star Trek: Lower Decks

A sort of cartoon Orville 

Wonder what UK TV channel this will be on?