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RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 2

I think episode 8 'Kiksuya' was the best episode so far, showing the plight of a robot, who realises eventually that he is just being used as a puppet, by the puppet masters....

"Kiksuya, concentrates on a single host, the Ghost Nation’s Akecheta, and tells the story of how his pain at a love lost led to obsession and eventual enlightenment".


Mind you my son and daughter in law who was also watching the episode with me, thought is all very dull 

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RE: Good Summer so far

"Jitendar Canth says...Thanks bandi...I finally know what a carport is..."

He he, I could giver you a lecture on city building regulations and stipulations on car ports and garages, though i may be in danger of boring you  

We are no longer allowed to use corrigated iron on the roofs as it is an old Australian thing (there words), where we use the stuff everywhere, as it takes the heat, will not rot or be eaten by insects, but looks awful as it rusts.

Also the upright wood supports have to be metal, as wood again can rot and be eaten by insects. We tend to use rolled and shaped metal sheeting now as roofing. it also has to be strong against any severe weather, so cantilevered off the wall is not allowed, and so must have supports at all corners (as photo).

Are you still actually reading this (Yawn)

RE: Good Summer so far

Well the wife and I fly out to Australia this Wednesday for two weeks, and I am ready to install the new carport on my house which has been lying disassembled in the back garden since last year. But it will not be about work this time as it should be assembled over two days, (my oldest son who lives next door with his family will help me) and the rest of the time should be a well deserved holiday 

Here is the very carport I ordered (picture by manufacturer), which is needed to prevent the car interior from baking in the sun.

Funny to think that in less than a year from now, I will be leaving the UK for good to retire in Oz. 

RE: T T riders. A breed apart.

Years ago in Oz I used to take my old man to the artificial limb clinic in Sydney to get a fibre glass leg fitting, mind you, things have moved on in making legs a lot lighter, his weighed a ton.

Anyway getting to the point, the three most common reasons why people were getting artificial legs, were diabetes with blood clotting/blood circulation problems (re: my old man) , smoking same as diabetes, and finally motorbike accidents requiring limb removal and new artificial leg, where most of these were young drivers.

RE: T T riders. A breed apart.

They are mad and a breed apart, never been there in person to see it, but always watch it televised 

PS.......A very interesting video to get a hold of to see the lifestyle and the fanaticism behind a TT rider is .....

'TT closer to the edge' by Guy Martin, who may not be a number one TT winner, but knows how to break every bone in his body with spectacular crashes and survive, unlike many of his fellow riders.

RE: Space 1999 complete Blu-ray £18.99

Thanks for the info, So it is available in the UK now, so its worth buying guys 

RE: Space 1999 complete Blu-ray £18.99

Space 1999 Jerry Andersons live series (instead of puppets).....  First season brilliant as it is taken seriously, acting good, second season runs out of steam with papermashe monsters and poorer stupid stories, acting laughable in places, etc.

Best un-forgetable episode of all , 1st season  'Dragons domain' where a lone survivor of a spaceship graveyard has to return to fight his demon. An amazing story.

Actually watching Andersons other live series at the moment which I have on DVD, every few years I dig them out and watch again... its called UFO. About a secret Earth organisation out to fight invading aliens. Acting good, well made and stories not bad.

Another great series to get hold of, but not available in the UK, is a USA made Si-fi series, I have it stored on DVD in Australia, though I think it was shown in the UK once on the Sy-Fy satallite channel years ago. It was canceled after the 1st season as it cost too much to make.......its called 'Space above and beyond'. It is a fantastic anti-war series about recruites fighting war against aliens in the far reaches of space. It reflects past wars on Earth, and has the cadets fight all out war on land sea and air and in space, covert war, and just total messed up vietnam type war, unusual alien killing devices and mental screw-up weapons affecting the brain. All very original in thinking about how alien/human  wars would be fought, won or lost, and its affect on all involved.  a great one off series.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Orville

Definitely far better than the new Star Trek series.

Season 2 in the works, and due end of this year possibly or 2019.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Crossing

There is one season of 11 episodes to see...

RE: Intellivision making a comeback

Was a specky fan, (ZX spectrum) nothing else compared to it  

All down to the wonderful mind of Sir Clive Sinclair who could do no wrong till this ..... 

RE: Cheese Rolling 2018

OK, I give in, how many have died with this nonsense?


Total english plain it be truth no doubt 

RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 2

Your right Rob about it not going fast, as the human mercenary teams sent in to shut down the park and take control, are dead slow and stop 

RE: [VIDEO] Netflix picks up Lost in Space

Decided to watch all 10 episodes, once I got by the labourious and most boring first episode., which put me off it.

It got better, Dr Smith became a nasty bad person as expected, Robot was well made, quite a bit of money put into sets and vehicles and alien animals.

Overall story was not bad, and they have left it open for a second series, as they end up further lost in space.

RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 2

Where the problem lies is the lack of a time index on flashbacks. They should have had say 'massacre day' +1 or 'massacre day' -a year, etc, as everything revolves around massacre day when the robots went diss-functional.

For instance we know from series 1 that Bernard Lowe who is head of programming, (the black guy with glasses) was originally a human, but died and is now a robot. We also know that he did not know he was a robot until later on, when he finds out that he is a robot (or is that a copy of his dead mind in a robot).

So we have three versions of him over time, but during flashbacks we find it difficult to know which version it is. This can also be said of the many characters in the show during flashbacks. And just to add to the confusion, is the question of who is human guest and who is robot host. Argh!

So its a bit of a mess to follow 

Safetys on for guests.....
Just wondering how do you put 'safetys on' in Samuri world to protect the guests from very sharp blades? 

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RE: Self driving cars and morality

Yep, its all just madness. But they will push it through no matter what.

If they want self driving cars they should have their own dedicated roads with big high concrete walls either side to act as a guide and keep pedestrians and normal driving cars well away from them.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Borders are a can of worms, and red tape paperwork will likely work its way back in, no matter what.

The biggest UK border problem will be the land border between the two irelands. Not sure how this will sorted out.

Just hope it does not go back to the old days before open borders, where I had an Uzi submachine gun pointed at me at the German border, (cold sweat time) due to having Middle east entry stamps in my passport, where I had been working. They thought I was a terrorist, till I said I was a hell of an 'Engineer' 

RE: Acid Bitch only gets 12 years

It is a sad case entirely, as acid burns are the worst, and the most painful for years, so I can see why the man went abroad to get euthanasia, as his quality of life was zero due to his injuries..

I know about acid burns, as I got splattered on the arm with the stuff when mixing a batch up for filling acid battery packs in the middle east. (And that was with goggles and rubber cape protection, but it still got me). It took me years to get over the pain of it even after it healed up, as you could feel the contractions when I moved my arm. Twenty years later I still fell a twinge occasionally from the scars.

As for the sentence 'life' it is no longer life inside, and she will be out quick enough to have a life outside, if she does the 'good behaviour act'.

Unfortunately the man will not have a life period.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Look on the bright side, we are going to see the back of the euro sausage soon 

RE: Royal Wedding

You don't know hat your missing....with TV highlights like this

Annual Kangaroo boxing championships
Koala bears do we effing care...The almost extinct special
Time team OZ.....finding the lost Foster lager cans

RE: Attack on Titan

I want that omni-directional mobility gear for getting round the M25 

RE: Royal Wedding

Considering the hundreds of TV channels available now and on-line streaming, they should do away with the TV licence fee just as Australia did. Its just a Government tax anyway for you to watch TV.

A lot of people would then just 'pay to view' BBC if they wanted to. As for me I could give the BBC a miss. Well except for Doctor Who which I usually eventually get on DVD anyway.

RE: [VIDEO] Solo: A Star Wars Story

Always thought with motorway signs like the one below, that they were advertising a fuel additive for petrol 

RE: Great Scott!

The shoe industry would be better if they made shoes last longer, like they used to do.

I am lucky if I get a year and a half out of a pair of shoes before they have to go in the bin, due to falling to bits, or soles cracking in two, leaking like a sieve when it rains. Discoloration, leather cracking, etc.

There again, from their point of view, they do not want shoes to last, as we have to go out and buy more.

RE: Great Scott!

£619.95 for one pair of self tying sneakers 

For that money I can get 40 pairs of normal sneakers off my favorite internet shopping website.

And get this, I can order them with shoe laces that take 1 minute to tie, or velcro ties that take 10 seconds, so there 

RE: Royal Wedding

Admars says...having said that, some-one will probably say it will help the economy, but more for China or wherever the souvenir tat is being made ;)

Yes, most likely the majority 'made in China'.

I just got a present from my Bro-in-law and its a New York skip hat from his holiday in (errm) New York, and it has the usual NY on the front and smaller letters 'new york' on the back, and inside it has a label 'Made in China'...DOH!

Pres Trump would have been livid 

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

From a building services point of view, the less doors the more secure, but makes it more dangerous in respect to lack of escape routes in event of a fire or other such hazardous event.

During the architect/design team stage of creating a building, all these health and safety issues/and risk analysis is taken into account to minimise harm to occupants.

Of course money available, quality of materials and equipment used, and design cutbacks due to tyrannical accountants, can affect even the best of solutions. 

You always run risks being in any enclosed space. Minimising them is the number one priority.

RE: Royal Wedding

We're taking the dog for a walk/picnic as its such a nice day, and avoiding such stuff on TV :D

RE: Danger: Smoking kills!

There has been other cases of Vap's exploding, but not quite as serious as the above.

Mind you, you are taking all that garbage into your lungs, so maybe 10 to 20 years down the line it will be proved that it gives you Cancer or other diseases, assuming it does not explode on you first and take you out quickly.

RE: The new 'what's the dress colour?' controversy...

Oh well I stand corrected, I must becoming a brain fuddled old duddy.

I keep hearing that word now as...RETIRE