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[VIDEO] RE:Brexit

The first time in history a UK government has been found in contempt of parliament.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Well Pete-MK, if you want to go technical 

We have just won a concession and bear with me here, the provisions of standing order 24B should not apply to any motion pursuant to section 13 of the 2018 European Union (withdrawal) Act

What the *^^* does that mean?
read on....

RE: Australians nearly teatotal?

Australia wildlife! have got to shout "I'm a celebrity get me outa here" 

PS...High earner Noel Edmunds got £600k for 10 days in the jungle 

RE: Australians nearly teatotal?

Rob says....How this is not snakes or spiders or kangaroos I have no idea!!!

Yeh, them as well can be included as something to watch out for 

Australians nearly teatotal?

Nah, but we are getting there, maybe by the year 2070, going by the downward trend.

Latest figures on the BBC news last night, is that there is a bit of a downward trend of the amber nectar, wine and other drinks.

Australians like to drink to compensate for heat loss and are very social being in a mainly outgoing outdoor society  and having a good old swig of refreshing beer or lager, but a recent survey shows that we are drink less achohol now than the last 50 years.

This is a good sign as drink is still one of the biggest killers in Australia. This was on the BBC news last night and in the papers today,,,

On a personal note, one of the biggest secrets Australians had was exporting for decades absolute bland Fosters lager and Four XXXX kangaroo pass to unsuspecting foreign markets like the UK. Since then a lot of micro breweries have set up and sell real tasty refreshing beer around the Oz coast. Looking forward to sampling them all soon.

As for myself there is still nothing to beat real English ales and beers using hops and barley to create fantastic smells and taste. You have the real stuff here 

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Pete-MK says...As it happens, a second referendum is being mentioned so often these days it's becoming more and more a certainty.
As I said before, as the conspiracy websites said way back when joe public accepted to leave , there was not a cat in hells chance of us leaving the EU, you just wait and see May going down the tubes in a few weeks with no-one wanting to accept such a raw deal for both brexiters and remainers, and then there will be a call for a second referendum and we will be back in the EU before we even left it.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Alfie says...Congratulations on being a willing stooge.

Yeh, me and the other 52% of the vote that decided to leave 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Rob says....Heh, bandi, you know who made that video you linked? And who funds that TV station? :)
Well that video was to show just like the Stephen fry video above that  fear propaganda is on both sides of the Brexit argument.

RE: Trouble with Gmail

Sorted: The problem was my 15GB of mail space was filled with a year or two of spam, which I never look at, as mostly filled with these 'Helga says come up and see me' ads, which multiply like a pyramid scheme, starting with one selling your gmail address to 10 others, and then expodentially exploding into your spam folder (oh ek!) 

I got on to google and they emptied the allotted space. Told me to go in there with eyes closed if need be, and delete trash every month and that will sort it. Well, someone has to do it  

Gmail always seems to be full of unwanted spam.

RE: [VIDEO] Blade Runner 2

Why the name BLACK LOTUS?

I assume this will be like the film Animatrix that made a number of episodes back to back, to do with the matrix world.

So this should be seperate episodes based around the bladerunner world.

RE: So type 2 diabetics are...

There is a lot of reasons for diabetes, and not just over weight, though being overweight does not help one bit. 

Common warnings signs of diabetes include:

  • Increased thirst.
  • Increased hunger (especially after eating)
  • Dry mouth.
  • Frequent urination or urine infections.
  • Unexplained weight loss (even though you are eating and feel hungry)
  • Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
  • Blurred vision.
  • Headaches.
I have always been careful of my diet, avoiding a lot of sugary intake. My old man who drank sweet stout, lots of beer, and fizzy soft sugary drinks every day in the hot sun of Australia, had first signs of this by 50, and by 60 had lost a leg through it (bad circulation), got bad eyesight, and eventually at 70 lost part of the other foot, and looked like being at deaths door, just before he died at 71.  It honestly is pure hell for those going through life with it and also for those relatives left to care for the unfortunate. 

I would not wish it on anyone, and I would advise all to watch out for first symptoms of it and go see your doctor for advice and diet, to get back on the road to recovery, if possible, before its too late.

Trouble with Gmail

I can open my gmail account to get my emails but....

When I click to read an email this info comes up (see red circled)
saying I am are having trouble connecting to google.

This happens if trying to read an email, or trying to delete an email.
New emails are still coming in. Help needed. Thanks.
(Gmail is on my home desktop computer via chrome browser).

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Why do I get flashbacks of Noel Edmond's saying "Deal or no Deal" 

[VIDEO] Mortal engines (Si-fi film)

Looking forward to this film due out soon, read the book back in 2013...

Seems my prediction was right about that it would make a great film due to the visuals, My quote on here from 2013...

Bandi says....Signed copy of `Mortal Engines` by Philip reeve (in hardback). £30 reduced to a fiver, in bargain books.
He is one of the authors of `Horrible histories` the childrens book series, so this is supposidely a childrens book about an after atomic wars Earth and towns and cities are now on wheels, eating up each other for assets. There is also the anti-traction league dedicated to oppose these wandering towns.

The story seems quite heavy and dark material for children, and leans more towards adult reading.

It is a very descriptive story and would make a great film, with massive moving cities, great escapes, hunted by renovation men (androids), etc. Really gripping and a good read.

RE: Chance of wining lottery decreases tomorrow

Yet another rule change in the lottery to give Camalot even more profit....

The Lotto which now has a crazy high odds chance of winning due to the increased number of balls, has now changed the rules again, by removing the Lotto raffle.

This used to give you the additional chance of winning...
1 prize of 1 million
20 prizes of 20,000
So thats 1.4 million pounds now scrubbed from each draw.

The only decent change has been to make the 5 balls and bonus ball now 1 million, instead of the measily 64,000. But usually this does not come up often, so Camalot will be coining it in yet again.

Getting 3 balls (very difficult now due to the odds) will give £30 instead of £25. 

Like thousands of others, i gave up the Lotto a while back, and now put my gambling money on the postcode lottery, where the odds are better and prizes seem a lot higher than they used to be. (due to having more punters, hence more money in the pot).

In fact the postcode lottery is hammering out TV adverts now, as most likely the punters will be leaving the lotto in droves, with this latest change.

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RE: [VIDEO] Ricky Jay RIP

Re card trick....

You need these 'distractions' to keep you sane in a '9 to 5' office job  

Thats why I moved to a site office job early in my career, where most of the time you are out and about, and not stuck on a seat..

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Some good news today.....

RE: [VIDEO] The Lion King

The music was good, so assume they are remaking the same music, maybe with some new tracks?

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Yeh, she was whiney 

Episode 6 ..the Punjab, again another recent history episode, quite good except for the poor excuse for aliens being there. Though I suppose there had to be some si-fi in it, or it would have just been period drama.

RE: [VIDEO] Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie Mercury story)

Rob says .....People who were into them before Live Aid would say that, but I remember them being really, really uncool. We'd just had the punk era,
The punk era destroyed music for me, could not stand it, in fact, I am sure it almost destroyed 'Top of the pops' as people lost interest. I was glad the day punk finished and real music came back in.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Got to hand it to her. She is still surviving so far.
Mind you its only Wednesday 

RE: THE LEGO® MOVIE 2 - Official Trailer 2

I like it :D

....and I do not even like Lego, since I got hit on the head with a Lego brick by my evil brother!

(he always maintains it was an accident )

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Rob say.....Brexit removed 

I think you have just read the future.

RE: Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie Mercury story)

Thanks for the review.

I bet the 'live aid' re-enactment scenes were fantastic, I remember watching the whole day and night live on TV (the UK and USA concert) and Queen stole the show, just one of those moments of rock history not ever to be forgotten.

Will have to find the time to see this film before it finishes at the cinema.

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Nt really going to miss the Xmas Doctor Who, as the last one i enjoyed was the 'Voyage of the dammed' back in 2014 with David Tennant and Kyle Minogue.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Conspiracy websites say May will go 'with no confidence vote' as she is stuck on a 'no second  referendum' stance, and the next leader will ask for a second referendum vote for the people to decide again, or best out of three, to ensure we stay in the EU, before we even left 

PS.....As I said many times on this thread, Conspiracy sites have been saying that the second referendum was always on the cards anyway, since we (the plebs) decided shockingly to go against our betters and leave. But was just a matter of how to wangle a way of getting a second referendum back in play. This could be it.

We wait and see, if this will happen. Interesting times ahead.
We will definitely know by the 29th of March 2019, when we leave or maybe not 

RE: NOT an RIP thread

I was up in Glasgow visiting wifes relatives a few decades ago.

I saw that Wakeman was on live. I used to love his albums until the night I went to a Glasgow theatre to see him 'live in concert' and everything went well till his microphone packed in mid-number.

Instead of being professional... 
He went nuts screaming abuse at the setup team/backroom boys, and then turned on the audience who were booing, he then shouted and sweared at them to shut up.

he got boo-ed off the stage, left, and I don't think he ever returned to Glasgow. 

Glasgow is well known as the deathnell of many a comedian and musician, who never return. At least we did not throw fruit at him 

PS..still like his albums.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Ler's stir it up more and make your high blood pressure worse 

What ever happened to  the £350 million a week pledge to go to the NHS with the savings from leaving the EU?