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RE: [VIDEO] 5G con spiracy

5G might be a non-starter anyway in the UK...

here's hoping

RE: [VIDEO] RIP Ennio Morricone


I always liked the music from the Good, bad and ugly, but as usual never know music composers.


RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

Had an actual live milkman come to the door yesterday, and ask if I wanted milk delivered every day, during this pandemic.

I asked where have you been for the last two decades when milk deliveries to the door ceased, as we all just buy a 4 pint bottle for the week from the supermarket.

Anyway I said no, but at least he tried.

RE: [VIDEO] 5G con spiracy

I am not wanting to win any arguments, I just want to inform you of the possible dangers of 5G which you all seem to be blind to or disinterested in.  You just take a technology as being safe, but this technology is profit lead, irrespective of any dangers.

The 5G network has never been tested in a small area for a long period to see how safe or unsafe it is, and is now being rolled out worldwide with us as the guinea pigs. No wonder so many people are wary of it.

RE: [VIDEO] 5G con spiracy

The idea that we’re going to saturate all countries with a 5G network that has never been tested is appalling....

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I wish we knew the endgame as well, as the Government certainly dos'nt.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

We are heading to Scotland to visit our relatives this month, not been up there for some time. The border is now open but the toilets are shut. Got my shopping outfit ready if I decide to nip in for some amber nectar or need to go behind the bushes for a nature call. (PS..this is the first time you have seen my face )


RE: [VIDEO] 5G con spiracy

There are many papers on the dangers of cell towers....

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RE: [VIDEO] 5G con spiracy

You may joke now, but you do not know what dangers will be imposed on us. The joke might be on you in a few years as you die of cancer. And lets see you prove that cancer was caused by the 5G, even if it was the culprit. This will let them away with it.

The biggest danger of 5G will be the many extra transmitters required, so you will live closer to one than 4G or 3G. There is no escape, unless you can live way out in the wilderness in a country farm or country mansion.

It has been proven that 4G base masts create a cancer zone around it, with cancer way above average norms. But you can if you have money live well away from a 4G mast. The further away from one the better.

Also going back further there was the danger of cancer in the brain by holding a mobile phone to your ear for an undefined period over years. The way to avoid is like my phone where you have an external speaker, and can hold at arms length and shout into it, who cares if half the population can hear the conversation. Many people do that now, to reduce dangers.

Cancer from all this mobile networks, is likened to the tobacco industry of the 19th and 20th century where we did not know the hidden dangers of cancer and destruction of lungs till it was far too late. Likewise this 5G will be the hidden killer and worse as its so evasive a network compared to 4G. Many a scientist has spoke out about the dangers of an 5G as an unproven technology imposed on the population without years of testing in one small area first, but their voice go unheeded. 

Anyway you have been warned. The genie is out the bottle.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Seems Scotland lockdown is getting stricter as we in England slacken off the lockdown... the Scots will have to compulsory wear masks in shops as of next week 10th onwards, or as they say up north if not wearing one "aye, the polis will nick yer"

It will be a paradise for shoplifters LOL as they go unidentified, and what happens when you go into a bank, as they will think your a bank robber 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

The hong kong problem could be resolved tomorrow by those opposed to communism by getting up and buying an empty island in the South china Sea, moving there and then being the biggest capitalists in Asia within a decade 

RE: Superman's cape for sale - can I borrow some money please?

I would not like to buy Christopher Reeves superman cape, just due to superstition due to his terrible bad luck sad ending to his life, and might just rub off on me. Argh!

Moral: There is more to life than meets the eye 

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

What i would like to know as an Engineer with the above video scan showing the electrical pathways of the brain, is that God seems to have left out something very important.......the in-line fuses.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

A new word for us all during this Covid 19 situation, and that is WHACK A MOLE.  You could not make this up, but maybe they can 

In the event of a spike/hot spot, such as LEICESTER city, the whack a mole strategy is now in place, it was mentioned in parliament today, just like the old fairground game if a mole pops up (a covid 19 spike in one area) then hit it hard with a local lockdown....

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Or by that time Dominic Cummings is in full power and makes up his own rules, how run Brexit, and gets away with it.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Rob says...and wolf whistling any woman in a short skirt
We still hear wolf whistles on the construction site if no-one knows who the secret whistler is....I have to go round finding the culprit and give them a verbal warning, usually to no avail 

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Viewtiful Mark says....I can certainly see a time when I'm watching my own or my colleagues losing their job for misgendering someone or being accused of being racist or something similarly new normal crazy.
I would not worry about that one too much as losing your job in the private sector, has always been easy, especially since the days of 'Thatcher milk snatcher' onwards, this was the reason i went self employed, so I can only sack myself 

I remember losing a good job just because I fell out with the reception woman of the company i worked for, over me serving coffee to a rep and myself during a sales discussion, as she said it was against the rules as it would stain the table. I told her what she could do with her crazy rules and carried on, and within a day was called into the office by my boss and he told my services were no longer required as the job I was working on had dried up overnight, but his body language showed that was not true, sweaty brow, sorting his tie, etc. The real truth was that she was the directors bit of stuff and I was booted out. Ever since then I have always been very wary of dealing with women in business.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Viewtiful mark says....And if lockdown comes again, whether local or national, between now and say the end of the year, who's to say there won't be more of it next year, or more after that? Because it's so easy isn't it? Just send them back indoors.

Although i do believe in considering conspiracies, because some turn out to be true.... In this case of further lockdowns, it is not going to work, one because the Government cannot afford to keep everyone not working, ie, total lockdown again. Its cost a fortune so far, and two, the people have got fed up being locked up and will just rebel.

If they try  local lockdowns as they are considering now for leicester city, it will not work, as the people will just not comply and go days out elsewhere outside the ring.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Snaps says...The cost of Brexit has already exceeded our total contributions to the EU since joining and it ain't anywhere near over yet.
Don't worry the cost of Brexit pails into insignificance against the three months cost of keeping the country in Covid 19 lockdown and it ain't anywhere near over yet. 

What am I saying, we will be paying all this back in taxes till the 22nd century and beyond 

RE: Dumb smart meters

Re: above video...

Hes smart by having patrons paying him, to pay his energy bills 

Agree that all smart meters are not compatible with all energy companies. I do not have a smart meter, mainly due to other things.

Agree you can get in a right mess changing energy companies, I lost £80, as my previous energy company said I was £120 in credit, then they told me there was gas not accounted for, (their clerical error in their favor, yeh, right) and  gave me £40 back , grrrh!  ..I had got to the stage i just wanted changeover complete, got some credit back, so did not argue.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

We have not reached quite that kind of world yet, but you are correct that Covid 19 has stirred up a hornet nest of conspiracy and some could end up being true, if we do not shout out and warn everyone.

Conspiracy 1..Covid 19 itself could have been manufactured and deliberately put out to the world, targeting the old, the infirm, ethnics, etc.

Conspiracy 2..Covid 19 link to 5G, not probable, but was due to the fears of incoming 5G, mainly due to radiation and ill effects from it. With 4G we only had to avoid the base towers that have a ring of above average cancers. But with 5G transmitters will be numerous so difficult if not impossible to avoid. Only time will tell how much 5G will be a silent killer.

Conspiracy 3..Big brother take over, increased rules that the plebs have to follow but not the elite, (Dominic Commings was the finale, and we the people revolted), more surveillance and tracking, worried about police powers, etc, etc. Luckily people in the west do not want to lose any freedoms they still have, as they have been well warned how easy it is to lose them. re: hong kong, etc.

Conspiracy 4..Clamp down on social media..and that is happening, using the fake news approach and even copyright infringement to remove. Many websites taking down channels that have been there for years. Using this excuse to remove channels of interest like UFOs, mysterious phenomena, and other conspiracy theories, ie, anything outside the main stream or outside the box.  

Conspiracy 5..Chemitrails..Covid 19 causing the lack of planes flying worldwide, have shown that chemitrail spraying is still top priority whether for good (global warning screening) or bad (nasty chemicals), as the lack of planes have shown up the military air tankers still spraying the skies, day in and day out.

Conspiracy 6..Removal of paper money as its frowned upon during Covid 19, its dirty buggy money, but hey give it to me...Yes, This is the start of an excuse, and a big worry to remove money, I use money in shops. It is essential that paper money is not removed ever...Once money is removed then you are in a credit based system, then you have no control, you cannot hide assets. Banks could close or freeze your account, Government can track all assets. Any credits can be seized and removed from your accounts. This is a big brother ideal, and their essential move towards total control. Keep using money, refuse to deal with shops that use cards only,  do this or lose paper money.

There are likely a few more conspiracies out there, and as said some could end up being true if we do not keep a watchful eye on those that control us, and make the laws.

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RE: If you thought the UK was a police state (still not sure why you'd think that)

Glad to see Police are no longer monitoring parks, and instead have moved onto the crowded beaches.

So we can now sit with bums on park benches without being ticked off, lovely, as I feel as if I am back in a democratic country and not the soviet block 

RE: Update on Vaccine

Vaccine might be waiting a long time for a vaccine to come along.

RE: Update on Vaccine

Hi Brooky, most of us are coping, well we have no option.

Most are going back to work and putting the risks at the back of their head, as they have no option, they have no money behind them, mainly due to a decade of austerity, where many are living hand to mouth with each pay cheque.

I am in no hurry, I have backup finances, so I am taking my time before reopening my small construction site. But I am getting real bored now.

England is now opening up pubs and restaurants and cinemas, and moving on to a one metre distancing rule, which may as well not be a rule at all. It seems its like its all over, but it is not. People are still getting ill and dying from this thing. Other countries have had second waves, so I am waiting to see if that happens here in the UK, before taking more risks.

More drastically my wife is cutting my hair, whats left of it 

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

A new risk has been talked about on the news tonight, and its about if you catch Covid 19 and end up in ICU in hospital on oxygen or ventilator, and assuming you survive, you may have damaged your lungs for life with scar tissue build up, seems around 30% of survivors are getting that.

Showed you a couple of UK survivors who gasp for breath if they do anything strenuous. Whereas before catching covid 19, they were fine. Doctors said they may improve, but possibly not, just depends on the lungs on how they heal over time.

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[VIDEO] RE: Green Screen

Its amazing how they can project a 3D world now, there is an extra 30 seconds from the start here...

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

I would agree that 1 metre is just a load of nonsense, and not social distancing at all. May as well just accept its herd immunity now, and we have enough NHS capacity to deal with more casualties. Hard luck if it is you or a relative though.

I suppose its been down to the pressure lobby of opening pubs, cafes and restaurants, where the amount of bums on seats per hour counts, and makes the difference of being profitable or not.

RE: [VIDEO] Asimov's Foundation

Snaps says...Not sure I'll be paying Apple for the pleasure of watching it though.
It will likely be on another TV station that you already have, after a year or two. That's what i am hoping.

There are too many payable formats now to have them all.

[VIDEO] RE:Asimov's Foundation

The books are heavy reading, I gave up as there were too many, so I hope the TV series is not as complex to follow if its just based on the first book.  Visually it could be really good. I do love Si-Fi.

Mind you , I would have prefered a film of 'Rendezvous with Rama', which to me was Arthur C Clarke's best book, about mankind investigating a massive cylindrical miles long spaceship heading directly to Earth, before it reaches here, to find out its motives. Morgan Freeman the actor, has been pushing for this to be made for over a decade, as director, but likely with him as one of the main characters, but still no advancement since 2013.