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RE: [VIDEO] Jeff Bridges

Ella....Thats weird that video has been removed,  but here is the same one.....

RE: Go away and shut up

Argh! the mention of that Dreaded Thatcher woman would be enough to keep the Russians at bay 

Even in death you can't keep her down.....

RE: Professional resume writing

We are getitng spam-a-lot

RE: [VIDEO] Trip to the cinema

Good job I cannot afford "luxury seating".

RE: Go away and shut up

I meant also that we are a small country physically, and no where to go when the bombs drop.

We don't have to threaten nuclear war, but the Russians could, so all this brinkmanship just brings us more to the edge.

They should all just calm down on all sides.

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RE: Ant drunk driving forces rehab

And that's when they were sober :D

RE: Ant drunk driving forces rehab

I suppose with all his millions he can get his hands on a lot of booze.

My drink problem is that I cannot afford it 

RE: Go away and shut up

Rob says.....What can we do anyway? :

Your right there. We are only a small country, we are no longer the Great British Empire, and have had to rely on the shield of NATO over the past decades of the cold war, to survive with MAD, Mutual assured destruction. Not a good policy but kept us reasonably safe from another European war or WW3.

Do we want to return to these cold war times?, I do not think so, so lets hope this blows over fast, and we get back to normal diplomatic relations.

RE: Self driving cars and morality

Snaps says .....Mark this one down in the calendar.
I agree with Bandi.

RE: Ant drunk driving forces rehab

I just hope is sober by the time 'Im a celeb get me out a here' comes around, as i would miss this show set in Oz.

Ant drunk driving forces rehab

After a three car crash and arrest for drunk driving , Ant mcpartlin of Ant and Dec fame is stepping down from TV shows immediate for the forseeable future.

RE: Self driving cars and morality

Saw that on Sky news earlier today,

I wonder how many fatalities will be required before we realise sensors failing to detect on self driving cars, Kills.

RE: Questions about Twitter

Ella says....One of my friends said he spoke to Miley Cyrus

I have never seen the excitement of talking to a celebrity.

I have in the past ignored the Big yin (Billy Connolly) walking past him in the same London street.

Or maybe he just ignored me 

RE: Go away and shut up

Rob says.....There's a conspiracy theory for you Bandi!

Could be Rob. Could be.

Boris Johnson UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs shouts out its the Russians, and should likely be blamed for everything, including 'the Beast from the East' weather

Also we have the Russian UN ambassador stating the nerve agent came from UK portadown lab, more or less insinuating that it is a false flag operation, as the victim is a perfect Russian target, to make us think who else but the Russians would want to kill him.

Another factor could be a third party wanting this situation of escalating tensions between UK and Russia.

After 911 which I totally believe was a false flag inside job (as many others do), and the manipulation of illegal wars for a decade and more afterwards because of it, I could believe anything is possible to manipulate the public attitude.

All this is just leading to dangerous situations. This is why I want to know the real facts first before accusing anyone, assuming that we ever get them.

The last thing I want to see is a return to a cold war situation or worse.

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RE: Go away and shut up

First facts coming though....nerve agent could have been delivered in powder form via the victims BMW cars ventilation ducts.....

RE: [VIDEO] Tomb Raider movie (reboot)

You are right about the lack of humour Mbilko, could have done with a few laughs, as the body count went up.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

I blame the Euro sausage for all this Brexiting 

RE: Questions about Twitter

Sometime you need to be in Twitter to get on another website's signing in procedure, as its the only means of signing in. (Maybe they have some deal with Twitter, I do not know).

I am not into social media stuff, but had to join because of the above, so created a total fake identity and name, and never follow anyone's account or twitter anyone (make comment). 

Occasionally I put a daft picture in my page, to keep my account active. So it does not go dormant.

Funny thing was that I had a French female stocker following me once, (assuming she was a French female ) how she found my page I will never know, as my name is so obscure, so have had a follower of one...LOL.

RE: [VIDEO] Tomb Raider movie (reboot)

Admars, you will have to see it yourself to decide, LOL

RE: New clean air act on the cards

I suppose if we went fully green, I would have a hard time getting back and forward to Australia in 24 hours 

RE: [VIDEO] Tomb Raider movie (reboot)

Saw the film and was pleasantly surprised how good it was, cinematic scenes were brilliant, of mountains, rough seas, the shipwreck, etc.

Also although there were bits of the reboot game added in like the shipwreck, there was none of the torture story involved, and the script moved away from the game somewhat, and that made it a lot more interesting. 

As for the female lead, well she was OK, but not Oscar winning performances stuff. Nothing Like Angelina Jolie's charisma and frontal assets 

In tomb scenes I always expected the usual Scooby Doo's let split up and die separately, but no it was the classic lets step on a floor trap switch by accident and see what happens.

Overall, quite a good picture and its set up for a sequel if there are enough box sales, which looks iffy going by the 10 people in the cinema audience, I saw that night.

RE: New clean air act on the cards

Interesting about shipping, Andy, never really thought of it as polluting as its all at sea (or oceans), but get your point.

Maybe its time to return to sailing clippers 

RE: [VIDEO] People we miss

Never liked Gary glitter.

RE: [VIDEO] short films that are WWAW

Taking virtural reality to the max, and watch the twist.... of a very creepy future.

RE: [VIDEO] Tomb Raider movie (reboot)

Booked tickets, going to see it tonight in the city multiplex cinema with missus, hope it is not as bad as mentioned above, as its a bit of a drive to get there and back.

Could not get seeing it in the local fleapit (two screen cinema), as they did not take it, due to an expectant low turn out, so that's saying something in my ear.

RE: [VIDEO] But can it run doom?

Clever, but i tough he was going to animate it, but I suppose thats asking too much.

Mind you i had a client once that wanted an expensive mimic panel made to control ship sheet steel spraying, and came to the meeting with a sketch of the panel, and you guessed it, with his sons etch-a-sketch 

Seemed he had been thinking about it all night, and grabbed the etch-a-sketch, and did a doodle. Of course this was the days before electronic tablets, but pen and paper existed, DOH!

RE: Go away and shut up

I realise that Russia like to make a point, we only have to look at the radiation poisoning of the last spy, who took a month to die in agony, instead of an instant bullet.

But just think the UK Government are just rushing ahead with the one conclusion, without looking at all the facts, and not considering the consequences by leading us into darker times.

Go away and shut up

.....which is a very blunt statement made by our UK defence secretary Gavin Williamson in the last few hours, against Russia....

This recent poisoning of an ex- spy and daughter, and subsequently getting a policeman and civilians hurt as well, using a Nerve agent, has been a real eyeopener with regard of the Tory incumbents instantly branding Russia as the bad ones, and not waiting to find out the facts.

I do not like Corbyn the Labour leader but he is justifying caution in looking at this case and getting real answers before citing Russia as the criminals.

I personally do not want to see a cold war happen again or worse during my lifetime, and the facts are that at least ten countries have their hands on this russian made nerve gas, including the UK, (for the purpose of an anti-dote, supposedly)

It could be a case of a third party determined to create friction between the UK and Russia to create a cold war once more, or it could be Russia themselves, to strenghten Putins stance during their election year, and send fear to ex-spys, but we should have waited for some investigation first before shouting out Russia 'go away and shut up'.

New clean air act on the cards

Heard on the news that MP's are calling for a discussion on an updated clean air act to try and bring forward the date for all vehicles to be electric in the UK by 2040.

Also, and this affects me, that all coal fires and wood burners must be moved on to smokeless fuel. So there goes the free falled wood that is lying around from our local forest.

And worse of all is that the above clean air act is a total joke as long as Military tanker planes and commercial planes are spraying chemitrails over villages, towns and cities on a daily basis, in all the 'First world' countries on the globe, polluting the air with barium and aluminium particles, and God knows what else. This gets into our lungs, the soil/food cycle and the water reservoirs, and pollutes us even further.

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RE: Facebook shuts down race-baiting Britain First's page after multiple infractions

Watched a  parliament hearing yesterday on parliament TV, on Youtubes failure to shut down racial hatred video accounts.

The American Youtube spokesman got a hammering by MP's stating that if you put a piece of music in your youtube video that is copyright, it is instantly stopped, yet Youtube are taking forever to shutdown on racial hatred videos, be it right wing, moslem extremism, or whatever.

They asked the American guy who is looking at this in Youtube, and he said it was contracting out to software companies to look at this problem, the nearest company being in Southern Ireland, and the MPs said this is not good enough, and pull the finger out to sort it now.

The Youtube guy went away with tail between his legs.