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RE: [VIDEO] Stan & Ollie

This could be good, I always find many comedians tend to depressives off screen, and have loads of social problems, due to the insecurity of the job. Will be interesting to see this pairs lives.

RE: Mary Poppins returns

Oh no, go &^^%&  fly a *&^^%%&^  kite somewhere else 

I still cant get that *^^&*%$ chim chiminny, song out my head 54 years on !

RE: Sky email problem

but I get an error message telling me to call a number, but the recorded message is asking for security question answers in not happy to give over the phone.

That sounds like a scam.

Out of the four mediums above, i do have gmail and that's working fine.

RE: Vacume tube transport (Russia?)

There is always critics of new technology, myself included as an engineer we always have to question our designs, and ensure the best solutions for efficiency and safety.

Although i love the idea of fast transport for the masses,  which may be even safer that airplane travel. Here we have a guy busting the hyperloop idea, due mainly to vacuum seal problems with thermal expansion due to sun and weather, and even creating the vacuum in the first place for a tube of such length.

I have not seen any data on solutions, but like an oil pipeline that has pumping stations every so often, I would think they would have to segmented sections of tube with opening doors that have vacuum pumping for that specific section. There would be dangers in that if a vacuum door did not open in sequence before the train reached it ...BANG!, so safety systems would have to be very strict.

Here is the Hyperloop busted video, and see what you think.....

RE: Taking a knee

You are taking it all to serious, so have a laugh at an old advert, and see how we all get along with each other 

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RE: Westworld Season 3

Season 2 which I would call 'Escape from Westworld' was a total mess, had us all head scratching each episode. The flashbacks could not be time stamped to a specific date from 'massacre day', so made it difficult to follow.

The one episode 8, that was best, and was worth seeing.....

Bandi says....I think episode 8 'Kiksuya' was the best episode so far, showing the plight of a robot, who realises eventually that he is just being used as a puppet, by the puppet masters....

"Kiksuya, concentrates on a single host, the Ghost Nation’s Akecheta, and tells the story of how his pain at a love lost led to obsession and eventual enlightenment".


Now that season 3 will be outside the Westworld park and the robots are in real life cities, I am in two minds whether to watch this season, and just get a headache like the last time, or forget it.

The si-fi geek in me wants to watch it, and hop it is easier to follow this time 

RE: [VIDEO] Solo: A Star Wars Story

Have to agree. 

The first three films of star wars the character gelled. In the later three movies I did not care who died, and have forgotten the characters already in SW7 and SW8. 

With Solo, once again you can believe in the characters, and thats what makes a movie.

RE: [VIDEO] Solo: A Star Wars Story

Well just saw SOLO last night...totally brilliant, reminded me of the very first three Starwars films (4,5, and 6), and not the latter ones, till now.

Acting great by the cast (although i did not know the guy who played Han solo) Backstory of Solo really good.

Emilia Clarke (game of thrones) ...great.
Woody Harelson (many films and cheers)...unexpectantly brilliant
Chewbacka The wookie ....fantastically hairy

The stealing from the train scene, just one of those classic 'not to be forgotten' star wars moments, Will buy this on DVD...definite.

RE: Vacume tube transport (Russia?)

Pune to Mumbai 90 miles is now going ahead...2.5 hour car drive will now be 25 minutes by vacuum tube. (approx 200MPH)

Abu Dhabi to Dubai 80 miles is now going ahead....2 hour car drive will now be 12 to 18 minutes by vacuum tube. Depending on speed quoted. Also the diameter of the mockup train compartment here seems very large and spacious compared to previous test tracks. so would require a very large diameter tube to contain it.

1200kmh =745mph quoted in this video, the figures are not correct here...
Checking on other websites quote 500MPH maximum.
So they are going all out, and not the current 300 MPH advised restriction
WoW...Typical fast drivers in the Middle East :D

Other systems on the cards, of interest to us....

Based on current 300mph advised restriction on speed (being new technology/first test tracks) would be...
Sydney to Melbourne 400 miles 300mph = 1.33 hours  (1 hr 20 min)
Glasgow to Liverpool 200 miles 300mph =  0.66 hours (40 min)
Edinburgh to London 500 miles 300mph =  1.66 hours (1 hr 40 min)
These times will decrease if higher speeds are allowed at later date.
Also many USA routes and other world routes being considered.

World map of considered routes....(click for bigger picture)

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RE: Fenella Fielding has died at 90

Oh no, not another one.....

Carry on screaming is my most favorite carry on film, 

I do have carry on screaming on DVD

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RE: TAX TAX And other ways of TAXing

Bump by 11 years, but never a truer word said.....

Sidshady says....Just interested in some people opinions...

The govt plans on taxing cars (in the future) by how much they drive... this wont be out for a while, but they say its to reduce traffic, keep an eye on your speed, make sure you are paying for what you are driving so some one who does not use their car much wont be over charged in road tax...

BUT, what if there is a different reason. I.e as people start using gas cars, electric cars etc, the govt wont get any cash from over taxing our petrol.

Well its starting.
Yes doom and gloom for the electric car future (and fueled cars as well)....

It did not take long for Southern Ireland to think about tax loss revenue if all cars go electric, and not paying fuel tax.

Ireland is proposing a tax per mile for all cars, so if you have electric car, then your back to more or less paying a fuel tax. And other countries may follow this lead if it goes ahead.

Only governments can think of ways of taxing more

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Pete-mk ..says using the meme.... Democracy. You keep using that word....I do not think you know what that means

Maybe the Government does not know it either, by even considering a second referendum  

Once a vote is taken, that should be it.

Also you do not know the reasons why people decide on voting one way or another. So you are making awful assumptions.

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Looking forward to this, as its seems Doctor Who has been off air, for such a long time.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Interestingly, there is talk of second vote to leave the EU, if there is Parliamentary deadlock which means it may be necessary to go back to the people.

Conspiracy chat websites have been saying this all along that there is no way the UK was ever leaving the EU and an excuse will be found, by any means, to break the democratic vote to leave.

The biggest mistake that the powers that be made was thinking that like sheep we would remain in the EU, and be too fearful to leave, and got the shock of their lives when the people rebelled, either due to not liking the EU system or just in protest, and voted as a majority for leaving.

This idea of a second vote would make a mockery of a democratic voting system, and if going ahead, does this mean if it fails again to remain in, do we go for best out of three? till they get what they want

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RE: I didn't know that halogen light bulbs had been banned!

A lot of energy saving lights are not the power out that are stated on the box. it is a pure con to save money due to cheaper construction techniques. You need to know true power out.

One of the worst cuprits is LED External flood lights, due to the heat given off  from the ballast, so lower wattage ballasts are installed to save money, by one having a cheaper ballast and two the heat sink (the metal frame) can be made with less material.

Also the lack of earth continuity in this specific light, is rather worrying, making it less safe.

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RE: Carried off

Always loved the carry on films, I have quite a collection of DVD's of the film series.

Liz Frazer was brilliant in them, just like the rest of the carry on team of actors and actresses.

When you read the life stories of the gang, she had a more reliable and steady life compared to the rest, although her first husband divorced and second husband died early at 45. (that's normal?...LOL) She also bailed out of the carry on films for over a decade, as she was not happy with marketing of the films, plus most grumbled how little money (comparatively) they got as 'big stars', due to the cost constraints of each carry on film made.

Anyone reading this, should consider reading a book of the life story of the Carry on team, as it is a real eyeopener. As they included womanisers, drunks, all out and closet gays, depressives, love triangles etc, and most had lives that were anything but normal. I suppose that is and was the way of a showbiz career.

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RE: Lion jumps into safari tour vehicle

That's what you call getting your moneys worth, and some :D

RE: Jacqueline Pearce

(deleted by wife) 

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RE: Australian PM

A very subtle way (Australian style) of telling Politicians to get the finger out :D

RE: 200 dropped wallets

The 200 wallet story was really good, as its shows that there is hope for the human race yet. There are still many honest people out there 

Also the USA method of returning a wallet to rightful owner by posting it in the mail is great (assuming address is in the wallet). I do not think we have that here in the UK?

Personally I do not care if someone takes the money and the wallet, as long as I get my driving licence and bank cards back.

I have lost my wallet once and it was handed into the UK police, who then took a cut of the cash inside for their Police benevolent fund in front of me. A sort of optional thing that was not really. If you know what I mean. Likely for their weekend drinking fund, he he.

Also I have found a wallet last year on the ground when walking my dog 'Ralphie', no money in sallet, and the guy lived 300 miles away, going by his address on car licence, The cost would have been steep with the wallet, so binned wallet as it was old and scabby, and posted car licence, bank cards and picture of his girlfriend/wife back to his address.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

And here I was, thinking that she loved him, and not just his money, power and lovely wig  

i hope love wins out,and she stays by his side, as everyone needs somebody, but that's just the romantic in me  

RE: The last chuckle

Pete-MK says .....I never realised they'd been in the business so long.

I also did not know that, as i only knew them from the Chuckle brother series children's show on TV.

I sup;pose all these acts had to work their way up from the bottom and do the club circuits, till noticed.

The last chuckle

Barry of the chuckle brothers has died at age 73.

He was not looking too good in the recent series of Chuckle time.

My youngest daughter and I always sat down to see the Chuckle brothers series, and we had mighty laughs and chuckles. Definitely a class act for a childrens show.

Reminded me of Laurel and hardy stuff, and these old time great comedies based on physical gags, and a few jokes thrown in.

Yes, Chuckle brothers will be a truly missed act. RIP.

RE: Annoying cookie banner on Ebay

I have privacy badger on, I turned it off temporary, and that's sorted it, Thanks Rob.

RE: Annoying cookie banner on Ebay

Anyone else getting this?

RE: Oh no its just a whip

I like to quickly whip around the article 

Lets be sweet about it, I hope you got the point 

RE: Oh no its just a whip

Walnut snip due to pricing......

RE: Oh no its just a whip

Your right I must have got all whipped up with anger 

Annoying cookie banner on Ebay

Need help going mad trying to get rid of this new blue cookie banner on ebay, as usually you click 'accept' and it goes away, but in this case, no, it does not go away.

Also there is no X on the perimeter of banner that I can see, that is usually another way of getting rid of a cookie banner.

Every time I select an item or turn a page this blue cookie banner comes up again and again. Argh!

So how do you get rid of it?

RE: Oh no its just a whip

Just found out that they are going to  retain the Walnut whip as a single sweet, but not multi packs.

And also a six pack special of Walnut whips at Christmas season only.

What a carry on !

Walnuts must be dear :D