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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Admars says.... there's a big difference between spreading misinformation, and having a different opinion. You having a different opinion, isn't a problem.
Misinformation...No...alternatives that you and most others on here do not like to hear.

You lot just do not want to hear anything. All you want is to agree on your happy life, and not consider what has been really happening this last year, and going downhill fast.

Anyway I am on my way back to Oz soon, so have decided just to finish this quick. I am pressing the button to leave this website as of now to let you all have peace and quiet. No big deal anyway, its just one website with a few people.

You can all now get back to agreeing with each other, I have destroyed my login code, so farewell, I enjoyed it here for many years, but not now.

So have a good life, mates. Bye all.

RE: Cheap energy suppliers

Octopus told me today via email the big 6 are putting up there tariffs soon, ie energy price hikes again. So Octopus is going up less then them (so the say).

I checked mine as it was changing, as they are giving me three different options of tariff, flexible, fixed or green, so just going for fixed monthly again for 12 months, putting my price up by a £2 a month. Cannot be bothered changing energy provider, as its just a low increase.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Angry Rob 'finger on the button' says ...Bandi, I'm very, very close to banning you.

Its a free country ban me if you wish, if you don't like what I say then push the button. I am only telling you lot what many people are thinking and just cause its not what you like to hear, then so be it.

But lot will be bored to hell when I am gone, and all just agreeing with yourselves. Happy days, LOL

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Jitendar Canth says...With that being the case, it's obvious Bill Gates isn't chipping and pinning everyone, as who would do that more than once?
Well Bill Gates is a worry too many, irrespective of chipping, due to his depopulation strategy, and many will not take the vaccine because of that.

Other reasons are some people are worried about the vaccine causing sterility (reducing population), some ethnics worried about it on religious grounds, and even some Christians about 666, the end times, and the devils work. Some others are waiting to see what happens to those injected, over the longer term.
There has been some recent studies that 20% of the UK population will not take the jab.  And more like 33% in the USA. This will lose their chances of flying to another country, as most likely a jab pass will be required by then. Yet another big brother imposition in the near future.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Snaps says....Five years they've had to negotiate round this and they ended up throwing it together in a couple of weeks and by their own admission not even reading what they'd signed up to.

Have you read this thread from the start? it has been a fight between Brexiters and Remainers the whole way for many years, and Brexiters only got it eventually by throwing out the whole of the EU loving MPs by having an election where the whole north of the country feeling betrayed got rid of them all, destroying the labour party in the process, and we also had to get rid of the EU loving speaker of the house who was supposed to be neutral but instead was throwing spanners in the works, preventing us even having a no deal Brexit.

So it was not 5 years of negotiation, it was 5 years of bickering and destroying our chances of a decent Brexit, So we now have what we have. If we all had abided by the 2016 referendum win of having a Brexit, instead of in house fighting, we would have got a better deal.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

The so called experts do not know if the jabs are going to be any good protecting against new covid strains. So you are going to get your two jabs which has been mentioned a lot, up to a max of 12 weeks apart, but that is not the end of it, you may now possibly get another 'booster' jab in autumn.

As I said previously, never ending jabs? Never ending lockdowns? 

Meanwhile France shops and now Poland shops continues to open up in defiance against lockdown...

Autumn booster jab, followed by more?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Its just teething troubles, as Brexit has only started.

As for the lobster guy, sounds fishy to me, likely a year under covid lockdown has curtailed his income a lot, just like everyone else, and Brexit was the last straw.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Pete-mk says....At least you're not a flat-earther. Right?
Correct, I know the Earth is round, but why is Australia always mentioned as being upside down? when my beer stays in the open can :D

[VIDEO] RE:Living on Youtube

For those that like seeing New York like me, been there a few times, this Actionkid guy gives good live tours of the neighbourhood. Also watch to see if he gets mugged LOL, so far he has done OK.

RE: RIP Christopher Plummer

RIP....Sound of music argh!

Was on a boat from OZ to UK working my ticket, took a month, and the only two films on board was Sound of music and a carry on film, as the Captain had sold the other films for rum.

Must have seen Sound of music so many times during that voyage. 
And he lied, told us it was a porn film, with Nazie's , nuns and goats :D

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Rob says...But if we are all still here in two years time, remind me to dig up this post and show you how stupid you were.

Or the other way around.

RE: Post Trump fallout

Do you get good money and better pension working for the KGB?... :D 

I being under the official secrets act could not join, but I was once working on building services for a secret bunker's ventilation system, and we were stuck with a co-ordination of services problem on the drawings at revision 3, and someone shouted out "just phone the KGB up and get the revision 4 drawings", he he

RE: Captain Tom dies..

Your lucky you can get to Lidl, as my nearest one is 9 miles away, just outside the Boris bike zone limit of 7 miles.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Respense says....France doesn't seem too bothered about upsetting people :D Some shops in Wales did do this, but got a lot of pushback!
Correct, Some in France are now seeing the big picture with all this lockdown garbage going on, with possibly continious vaccines every year and continious lockdowns, to destroy our liberties and our livelyhoods, our very way of life.

As for the UK and other countries, they are using the Police, and possibly in the near future the army to enforce lockdown, so that we will be locked up forever, if we do not fight back. 

This is no longer a case of fighting a virus that could have been deliberately inflicted on us, and giving us jabs that are next to useless, if more are required,  but it is a case of fighting back for our freedoms, before they are lost forever.

Yes, tell me this is just conspiracy in two years, if this is still going on, with us all still locked up. I do want to be proved wrong.

RE: RIP Dustin Diamond: Saved by the Bell star dies aged 44

Same here, remember the face, as my daughter watched the show, I just saw snatches of it, while working around the house. Gave up on funny USA shows after 'Happy days' and 'Cheers'.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Viva la French resistance...
At least some French shops, unlike the UK have the guts to fight the lockdown world economy destroyer... 

Le supermarkets now have essential section and bans non-essential section, people are fuming....

RE: Captain Tom dies..

I think we are past 'the clapping and banging on tin pots' stage.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Nine Police found munching together in a cafe fined £200 each....
No wonder the public are braking these crazy lockdown rules that he police are enforcing on us.

RE: Captain Tom dies..

Knight for a few days
he went out in a blaze
Did he get the covid jab in time
If not, as that would have be a crime
He could have lasted another ten years
Yes, the young die so quick, it ends in tears

RE: [VIDEO] Boston Dynamics Atlus does parkour

He can now grab you by the goolies :eek:

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Liz Truss will deliver a 'huge dollop of Brexit boosterism' by announcing the UK is applying to join a £9trillion pan-Pacific free trade area

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Si Wooldidge says...Oddly enough, not sure the current Taoiseach, the DUP or Sinn Fein were saying that last night. Only the SNP appeared to be silent, which is telling.
The EU is a total disgrace of an organisation evoking their political power from Brussels over Northern Ireland. Thank goodness we got Brexit.

"The EU has reversed its decision to temporarily override part of the Brexit deal amid an ongoing row over Covid vaccine supplies in the bloc.
The Brussels U-turn came hours after it was announced, following condemnation from London, Dublin and Belfast".

The SNP are silent as they want the people of Scotland to vote for Independence soon, and not see the nasty side of the controlling EU, as if they get independence they will have to rely on EU subsidies to survive as a nation, and that means they will have to re-join the EU to get subsides.

But...They may have a fight on their hand to be able to rejoin the EU, as Spain might veto Scotland re-joining the EU as they do not want their own separatist factions splitting off their country.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Best to use it than bin it.

Reminds me of my wife's 'working in School kitchen' days as a cook, where lots of lovely leftover meat and veg went straight into the bins, to avoid staff temptations. 

You would think they would have worked out a way to send leftovers to local pensioners, or the charities that sent food to the down and outs, or even sent it to the piggeries, rather than waste it.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Well the EU was well known for introducing unacceptable new regulations, who must be obeyed. 

Jitendar Canth ....I also never thought I had an inner Farage!
Not heard much from Farage nowadays, likely counting his money on a tropical Island or over the pond consoling his ex-pressie chum with a round of golf :D

RE: [VIDEO] Larry King RIP

I thought he died a decade ago.

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

Well that's nearly a week gone and old Biden is still alive.
Kamala Harris is standing by to be the first woman Pressie, he he

I wonder what the bookies odds are for this to happen within Bidens presidency? Might put a punt on.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

10 Dutch cities have riots for the third night running, breaking night curfews, as Police describe it as the worst unrest for four decades. The last time there was night curfews in Holland was by the Nazi SS.

Night time curfews are an infringement of our freedoms, and cannot see why they are needed, as the covid does not just come out at night. I hope night curfews do not come to the UK, or riots will happen.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Rob says....I wonder how long until people start talking about the "brain drain". I guess that'll come after Scotland has it's indepdendence.
My wife who is Scottish, always says she is the brains of the household, and she is right :D

As for Scottish independence its 50/50 that they will get it or not get it, and may end up similar to the angry split of Brexit, if they get it, as half of Scotland will not be pleased.

Of course the only reason the SNP want separatism is so they can cosy back into the EU and get subsidies to keep the country going. Would be a laugh if the EU refused to take them on :D

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

mbilko says....Mastercard raising the fees on EU transactions by 5x!!! Seemingly the fees were capped by the EU, Now we have left the eu no cap, gets better and better.

Move to SNPcard, the one that wants to be back in the EU by next year :D