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RE: [VIDEO] Paracetamol shortage

40p in Boots today (own brand of pracetamol) plenty on shelf.

Had to get the whole speel of the new shop assistant who loved listening to her voice, "do not take too many, keep away from young childrens reach, do not use if you are....,  etc, etc" (yawn)

RE: Doctor Sleep (The Shining 2)

“Heeere's Johnny!” again?

RE: Brexit

There is a lot of deviousness going on with both sides. And we ain't seen the last of it, till Brexit is resolved.

And talking about deviousness, I see the speaker of the house decided to go, before he was booted out.

RE: Fancy going to Mars

Would rather go to Butlins in Skagness, as it has far more atmosphere!

RE: Paracetamol shortage

Talking about shortages. There is also a big shortage of public toilets in England and Wales, and the  non-domestic rates relief for public lavatories bill 2019 has been put back now that Boris has closed Parliament, and will have to be re-introduced again, next session.

Public toilet buildings have been dissapearing fast over the last 10 years due to lack of council money for cleaning them, so they are sold off to be made into small shops and the like. Also rates have to be paid on toilet blocks, which this bill would have solved. Pubs and cafes do not like you using their toilets unless you buy something, so its getting difficult to find places to pee.

In the meantime due to lack of toilets in towns and villages you will have to dive into bushes for relief , and hope that you are not seen and charged for indecency

RE: Paracetamol shortage

As said they are quite strict on two packs only, and that's on Paracetamol and Aspirin, just in case you decide to top yourself. Though i suppose you could stockpile them and then top yourself (though not in Kent as the moment , as you have a shortage ).

Best way to go, is if you have any high blood pressure problems and get those blue Viagra pills over the counter now. When I went to get some, they said I could not get any, as it could kill at any moment during the act...........yeh, what a way to go, but not sure if they meant if it was the wife or me that dies 

Vaping dangers on the lungs

Seems this week the 'safe' alternative to tobacco smoking now has a danger of possibly infecting the lungs and injuring or killing people, as stated in a report in America (5 deaths, 450 cases so far) due to chemical exposure with vaping.

It was on the UK news last night, and here is a Sun article about it that has a USA NBC news video. Not heard anything about the UK situation regarding this, as we have a far smaller population than the USA, so should be lesser numbers, so far. But vape users beware....

RE: Brexit

All it takes is one EU country to veto the extension, and that is our quick way out. France now threatens to veto any extension and that will be us out of the EU.

Although a hard Brexit is not ideal to anyone, even for leavers, we know now this situation is going to go on forever with both sides ingrained in a battle of leave or remain.

The EU is getting fed up like the rest of us and this has to be resolved ASAP as its been going on far too long. Boris's hands are tied by deliberately by Parliament taking away any negotiating tactics by this Government in the short term, but it will never end  whether by General Election or further Neverendums over the following years,  and this could be the only way to move forward out of deadlock quickly, by one EU country saying enough and go for the veto.

France threatens to veto.....

RE: BMX silliness

I feel sorry for those BMX guys that were experts and are now middle aged, and just look silly on a BMX bike. Mind you some of them (not a lot of them) made a fortune promoting  BMX video games.

RE: Bloody banks

Snaps says......and takes 10% commision.

Did not know the banks themselves did that, I know the public one at my local Azda supermarket takes 15%,which I thought was quite a lot.

RE: Bloody banks

The 'red tape' of banks can be headbanging, and totally illogical.

If you try to get quite a lot out in cash, you have to go through hoops to get it, give notice and get it a few days later, why do you want it Sir? can you use another method of transaction Sir? its as though they do not want you to deal with cash! and that is the intent in the long run.

Tin foil hat on time...a cashless society accounts for every penny in and out that you earn, buy, sell, owe, deal with. And Big bro watching on taking note, thats the future, if we do not watch out 

PS..for Snaps,,,there are many banks that have those machines in the public area, that you put your coins in, sorts them out,  and it gives you a totals receipt that you put into your account.

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RE: Heat and IR (I'm back)

1st check.....Change the batteries 

edit..oh you already have.
2nd check...try another controller.
(one of those cheap 'does all' type)

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Who do you expect to get in with a vote of no confidence, just look at the great choices? What will they do? and will that satisfy your will, or make matters worse?

And three years out of date?..No, the deadline was 29th of March from invoking article 50 and that's when we should have left the EU, but deliberate meddling in Parliament has added another seven months. We should have been out of the EU ages ago.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

“Shutting down Parliament would be an offence against the democratic process and the rights of Parliamentarians as the people’s elected representatives," says the Speaker John Bercow

“Surely at this early stage in his premiership, the prime minister should be seeking to establish rather than undermine his democratic credentials and indeed his commitment to Parliamentary democracy."

I just can't fathom how people can be so contradicting, especially the leader of the house John Bercow, who has went out of his way to scupper any Brexit deal over these past months as he is pro-EU. The majority of MP's in the house who are pro-EU, have been trying to stop Brexit and go against the democratic vote for 3 years and now when something doesn't go in their favour they decide to protest to protect democracy. It just makes no sense, but that been this whole Brexit experience for you. Because of not giving us a decent deal to leave, the only option now is a No-deal Brexit, its not what everyone wanted, even on the leavers side, but it is a Brexit.

RE: Morrisons to put price of bags to 30p

The court heard that he (the thief) is set to meet with staff at the Asda store to apologise later this month.

They better watch after the meeting, that he does not leg it again with another full trolley of booze 

RE: Frack off

Once again we get quakes in the Midlands when fracking has recommenced.  It should be stopped now for good, before it is allowed all over England. 

By the way, the answer that franking was not being done that day is just a standard excuse used many times in the past in the USA, to explain that quakes could not be the cause of fraking, if fraking is not switched on.

This is not a correct statement as when the ground is being fracked, it can cause slippage any time after that period due to stored energy in the cracked rocks deciding to release like an avalanche. So a quake can happen even if fraking is not being done that day.

It is well proven from other countries who have had years of fraking, that there is a direct link of fraking causing earthquakes. . And that's not to mention the other side effects of water table contamination, drinking water contamination, air and soil contamination. Its time it was all banned in the UK.

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RE: Shet happens!

Funny that you say this about supplies, as my eye lenz implant was made in Texas.

Quite ingenious actually, as it is a syringe like device that holds a rolled up film, that injects and unrolls into position...

Watch the video...

Morrisons to put price of bags to 30p

Knew this was always going to be a profit making scheme, as we started with 5p plastic bags to 'save the planet' and now Morrisons is moving onto 30p for a plastic bag.

So its now a case of boycotting Morrisons supermarkets, or doing the old dirty tactics again in protest, by going out the door with a full week of shopping in a trolley without using a bag. it drives the security man nuts 

Talking about this pay for bag situation, it has caused a lot of security problems, as now shoplifters can just leave the store with product in hand and the security do not know if the item has been purchased or not. I bet shoplifting has went up a lot now.

The other problem is if you buy something from another store but using a different make of bag or have no bag, once you go into a different store, it can cause confusion at the till. its not the first time I have had to say to the sales person, that this item in my hand was bought elsewhere, and had the receipt to prove it.

This might be saving the plant with payable bags, but has caused a lot of problems.

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

The trailers look good, but could be the old star wars 'same same' stories. think we are getting saturated with star wars now.

RE: Shet happens!

Snaps says...Get in there quick before Johnson flogs it to Trump.
Yeh, I would not like to see the NHS getting pulled more towards privatisation, as private costs money, and those that do not have it suffer. Even those with it have a maximum ceiling height of insurance, and then what! Any cash, house and assets you have will be gone. 

A good or more like a bad example was my Grandfather back in 1940's Australia where you had to pay to see a Doctor, and my Grandmother and Grandfather did not have the money to call in a Doctor to see my ill Grandfather, and they reverted to the usual home treatments, and he died. That's how bad it was.

This is why i believe in the NHS, and their method of taking insurance stamps (cash) from your wages, as its the 'jewel in the crown' for Brits, and not looking forward to paying health insurance premiums when I go back to Oz.

Its a pity not many countries in this World took the NHS approach.

RE: Shet happens!

Bit of good news, got a phone call from the eye hospital to say there has been a few eye surgery cancellations due to people not wanting to lose out on their Summer Holidays, so I have been moved forward up the list from three months wait to only one month, by taking one of the cancellation spots, so should get my other eye done in early September.

Really need it done now as the eye vision is deteriorating gradually week by week, and blurring is now worse.

Anyway to conclude, You would think an eye would comes before any holiday, but that's the public for you.   So "good on ya NHS, I'm ready"

RE: Chuffed

Nice one mate.

Yes...PPI comes to an end at last

At last after how long? 10 years? 

We will no longer get PPI adverts on telly, PPI letters through the door, PPI cold caller on the phone, It all comes to an end on the 29th August 2019 when it finishes with all new claims.

it might have been good for payers out for PPI compensation, but has been a sickener for the rest of us over a very long period of time.

I wonder what else will replace this big nuisance subject. as the next big nuisance subject?

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RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

Its a pity I never showed any interest in the conspiracy theories of this rich geezer, as its seems all his 'so called' society and high falutin friends have distanced themselves from being associated to him.

That alone shows up some red flags.Think i will keep watchin this thread and see where the rabbit hole goes, he he.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Si says...Actually not as crazy as not considering him, seeing as he is the actual Leader of the Opposition. Shows how much they rate him...

Rate him..... hate him more like it.

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RE: [VIDEO] Ad Astra

So what are they hiding from us on the moon, this time?  

Will likely be that the story is that his father found alien artifacts or buildings on the moon, and it is being kept secret from the World Population, at all costs.

This is what I love about Si-fi films......Hollywood mirroring the hidden reality kept from us. Its a good way to 'cushion the blow' 'getting used to the idea' of being eventually told via disclosure that there is/was alien life out there.

Would not bother me, but there are millions of religious people out there told that we are alone in the universe, and that would be a shocker to them.

My only worry is that if the aliens are friendly or not 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Pete-MK says... No, they're not telling us to do anything. This is all on us.

Well whether they say for us to go or we say its time to go....we are gone from the EU come the 31st. Unless more devious tricks are underfoot.

Most Brexiters have seen this 3 year fiasco as using every devious trick in the book to keep us as remain. May just sitting on her backside till she decided to leave, The speaker of the house being allowed to be non neutral and pro-EU. The loads of Pro EU MP's trying everything to stop Brexit. Even to the extent of possibly considering that Corbyn as a caretaker PM. Crazy!....Time this was all finished.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

We have got to the stage where a no-deal Brexit is going to take place.

As said previously many times, Parliament has went out its way to prevent a Brexit of any sort, as it is predominately Pro-EU. This is against the wishes of the majority decision of the people to leave.

Parliament have used every devious trick in the book they can, to prevent a Brexit.

So Boris is making it simple by letting the EU do the job for us, and they will tell us to go, come 31st October.

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