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RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Tom Baker still making money on Doctor Who with audio 

7 years as Doc Who, which was the record. And they had difficulty trying to get rid of him at the end. He was my favorite doctor and Leela my favorite assistant, beutiful and a killer instinct.

Yes,  everyone has their own fav doctor.

RE: [VIDEO] 50th anniversay of moon landing

Somebody had to stay up there and watch over the return craft, and Collins picked the short straw.

Problem was by the time they got to Apollo 17, people of the world were bored of it, and who remembers these astronauts names.

The program was then run down.

[VIDEO] RE: 50th anniversay of moon landing

Yeh, you can go if you have a lot of air miles :D

Note I am not saying yeh or ney on this theory , but here is a youtube video on it....

RE: 50th anniversay of moon landing

How about....'Moon is hollowed out' theory due to crashing empty lander on the moon made the moon ring like a bell for hours, as though it was hollow.

There is speculation that the moon is a actually a massive generation spaceship that carried aliens across the universe with an 'engine' on the back and eventually came here and locked into perfect orbit with the Earth tens of thousands of years ago. So most UFOs visiting Earth are from bases on the Moon rather than crossing the cosmos to get here.

The hollow moon theory is based on teraforming a moon by hollowing out areas underground for living, working, life support, probing areas, and other such alien things   

There are many youtube videos on the subject, and also books. One i have in my book collection 'Secrets of our spaceship moon' by Don Wilson published 1980.  its an interesting speculation.

RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 3

Gareth says...More likely it is just one of the parks, ie. War World or WW2 World.

Oh your right, I never though about the parks starting up again due to their slightly bad Public Image of killing all visitors 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Kippers and mars bars, and this is our next PM (more than likely) 

RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 3

Trailer interesting. Hope it is more understandable than season 2.

Not sure yet, why scenes are back in time re WW2, unless time travel is involved, but thats just speculation on my part.

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

Trailer looks good, but Picard looks really old and craggy now. 

but we will get great acting, 'Engage'

50th anniversay of moon landing

I remember the day well, as we were moving into a new house, and I was sitting on a rolled up carpet watching the TV. Thats all that was in the living room LOL.

So this leads us on to the conspiracy theory, did they really get to the moon, or was it filmed in a backlot studio by Stanley Kubrick?

This is one conspiracy theory I do not want to believe, as being a si-fi nut with the idea that humans will one day get to the stars, I just hope that there is the remains of the lower half of the lunar landers, moon rovers, and American flags up there. 

There is a few things that does niggle though, an example being the famous video film of the moon lander launching from the moon, with the remote camera panning up exactly with the rising moon lander. Was there a guy left on the moon to do that perfect panning? 

Just one small step , but a leap for mankind. I hope.

The one moon conspiricy I do believe though it that ancient alien bases and artifacts are being covered up by NASA, including on Mars, and other places in our planitary system.

RE: [VIDEO] Topgun: Maverick

has it got that song "take my breathe away ay ey ah ey aaaaah eeeeeeh" in it again 

RE: [VIDEO] Square clouds - geoengineering or not?

You put  a lot of effort into this one Rob, looking deep into it.

I am on the fence about this one myself, as I have never seen them.

[VIDEO] Square clouds - geoengineering or not?

Back on with the conspiracy tin foil hat and its time to talk about a rather new phenomena, seen throughout the world, a lot in America, and also now seen in the UK .

We have had chemitrails for years, but now we have square clouds, which are either clouds with very straight edges and ninety degree corners, or the inverse, clouds with square holes punched in them. Satallite images pick up massive square cloud formations, right down to small square clouds.

i personally have not seen them , but there are many videos on the subject, and there is no definite answer yet on why they are formed, some could be natural by a freak coincidence, but most are put down to some sort of geoengineering, possibly high energy waves in the atmosphere like harp. 

One of the best youtube websites is secureteam10 to give an unbiased review of square clouds...There is weird things going on in the skies folks. Any of you seen one?

Some examples: 

RE: [VIDEO] Chernobyl (HBO / Sky Atlantic)

Did you notice the holiday company name...

'Get a good doze' Holidays

No need to use torches anymore, as 'glow in the dark' comes free with the tour.

RE: 007's replacement...

Snaps says...I'm way behind with Bond movies anyway, never even seen a Daniel Craig one

What!...., you have never lived (twice) till you see his films, especially 'Skyfall' 


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RE: [VIDEO] Ghostbusters 2020

Lay Ghostbuster's to rest.

Talk about flogging a dead ghost :D

RE: 007's replacement...

Thats surely an April fools joke.

If true, I would not go see a female Bond, I would just boycott it. Its will end up just like that recent Ghostbusters woman edition film that really bombed, they had no chance competing against the original two Ghostbusters films. It was a total box office failure.

Anyway, Bond is a matco, brutal, cold calculating, character in the books, ie, its a mans part, so its just not right, it is taking Political correctness to the extremes that seems to be the in thing to do now. Re Doctor Who as a woman.

Mind you, to balance this out, I critise some men as Bond as well, as I always thought Roger Moore's protrayal of Bond as too 'namby pamby' whimsical and occasionally comical, only saved by the good stories. I would say Sean Connery and Danial Craig are the nearest to the books.

RE: [VIDEO] The deeply concerning advent of Deepfakes

They are already using 3D moving images of dead actors for films and advertising. Money goes to their estate. Its good quality but as Rob says its not quite there yet. But it will be.


Advert Cadbury Galaxy choc bar with deceased actress Audrey Hepburn.
Film Admiral Grand Tarking Star wars Rouge one, using deceased actor Peter Cushing.

RE: [VIDEO] Worms Nostalgia

The guys voice is so soooothing and patronising it is like an episode of a 1970's Blue Peter.

"Are you ready boys and girls, are you sitting comfortably, here is how to re-render a worm in high pixel quality, and we will make one together from a cardboard tube and straws" 

Mind you the 3D printing of the worm at the end of video, was fascinating. 

And finally... "And you could win this 3D worm, if you have been good"...Yeh, right 

RE: [VIDEO] The deeply concerning advent of Deepfakes

That's a better looking Sylvester than he is now.

RE: New Australian wildlife danger

They must be more refined on the Isle of Wight 

Its not so much about dive bombing you, but them dropping a load of.... on you. its supposed to be good luck, you know.

[VIDEO] RE: Yesterday

Ella, here is the trailer. The film will likely be shown in the USA. Its really good.

RE: New Australian wildlife danger

TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham is a wildlife expert

The only naturalist's we know in Australia is the one's that frequent the nudist beaches, and rather dangerous when it comes to lighting the barbie in the nude 

But now they will have to watch out for those seagulls as well.

New Australian wildlife danger

Its the bl**dy seagulls now..yes the seagull

Another danger added to the list. as 20% of silver gulls nationwide carrying bacteria such as E. coli, which can cause urinary tract and blood infections and sepsis.

Research has raised fears that the antibiotic-resistant bacteria- similar to superbugs which have hit hospitals - could infect humans and other animals.

Scientists have described it as a "wake-up call".

Maybe we need a seagull cull, and get out there with our double barrel shotguns and sort out the blighters


RE: [VIDEO] The deeply concerning advent of Deepfakes

I suppose this fake programming can be used both ways.

Against you...they could put you in a compromising fake scene and blackmail you or make you do something they want, so that it is not shown.  Personally I would say show it and we will have a barbie a few amber nectars and some friends around, and make a night of it.

For you.....You could do a President Donald Trump and say its all fake, prove it. Even if it was real you could say its fake manipulation.

Yep, the world is no longer black and white, and if you saw on the world news, a fleet of UFO saucers attacking the planet , you would now do a double take, and wonder if it real or not 

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

Jitendar says.....People have been calling for an intervention to save Chris Harris from being bullied, which I thought was quite funny.

He has the last laugh, as likely getting more than £150k per series.

A lot less than Jeremy Clarkson did, but hey, its a good salary for only a few months of work.

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

What I don't like about public transport is that you are in with unhealthy germ ridden 'coughing their guts up' people, and waste and sick is lying around, and people swearing, drinking, music blasting and screaming down mobile phones, and not giving any consideration to fellow passengers. And that's just the Australians.

I will keep my private transport no matter what, thank you.

RE: Can’t Sleep 😴

Glad to hear that something could knock you out Ella, and get a good nights sleep 

RE: Yesterday

I wonder how much the film had to pay the Beatles estate to use their songs? I bet quite a bit.

But it is a great platform for people to get interested in their music again. I have dug out my old Albums, just to remember the lyrics.

The guy in the film was struggling to remember the lyrics LOL, especially for 'Eleanor Rigby', and I don't blame him.