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RE: [VIDEO] Google, you're internet stalker

Thats just creepy, especially dead celebrities moving and also talking portraits (aka harry potter style).

Not sure where that technology is going, unless we are going to video conference with an AI. character and not know it.

RE: [VIDEO] Terminator: Dark Fate

Sarah Conner.......Shes baaaaack!

Sarah in Terminator is a bit like Ripley in the alien series, there is no end. Great!

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

The winner between Discovery and The Orville, was The Orville as it was based on The new generation, was upbeat, clever, funny and had stories similar to what Star trek fans loved.

Discovery was a very dark story and universe,  and the klingon's talked like 'the clangers and soupdragon' and really put the star trek fans off, me included, it was a slog to follow the series, instead of enjoyment.

As for this new Picard series, lets hope it goes back to TNG roots or similar format, as it has been a right boot in the ....s  for the Star trek Discovery series as fans deserted it for The Orville.

RE: [VIDEO] Chernobyl (HBO / Sky Atlantic)

Third episode really rubbing in the communist pholosphy of you will do it for the good of the motherland (and in this case, lucky for us,  for the good of all Europe).

The highly radiated dead firefighters being sealed up in welded lead coffins encased in concrete was a rather harrowing scene, knowing their bodies would be a danger for centuries to the living.

In the West at the rime we knew very little that was going on, except for the radioactive winds coming our way, and the eventual encasement over the reactor house to prevent further spread of radiation. And now decades later with the new shield put over that.

RE: Court battle over Police Face recognition


And if it continues, it could go the same way as the si-fi film 'Minority report', where cameras see you, then recognise you, and adverts close by blast out your name, to get your attention. You would have no privacy at all.

RE: Court battle over Police Face recognition

Maybe if the Police win out in this case, then we will all have to wear Burqa's for privacy,  with just a slot for our eyes peering out, and sunglasses on

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Standby for three GOT spin off series....

The long night (a prequel) is one which is a goer now, and another two on the cards

Court battle over Police Face recognition

Big brother verses the individual looms once again, as a guy in South Wales is taking the police to court over the use of automatic face recognition in public places taking a note of his face. (one of three Police forces in the UK using this system, Lecestershire and London is the other two).

This is the first legal challenge in the UK over this CCTV system, as the guy says his face was taken during a protest against the arms trade, and and is now getting crowd funding by the public to take the Police to court over his (and our) human rights.

The AFC system can match faces against a criminal data base, and identify a person in real time.  The case continues.

Source..The Metro

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Well some of the ending was expected and some not. Overall a reasonable ending to a great arc of seasons.

The third and final battle last week was brilliant.
The dragon woman getting the dagger embrace was expected.
Jon Snow heading into the north with the wildmen was expected
The wheelchair lad getting to be the king was not expected.
The big dissapointment was Cersei getting such a quick end instead of a blood thirsty nasty death she deserved.
Glad the iron throne was melted to the ground by the dragon. And so ends GOT. fairwell.

RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 3

On no, I have the headache pills standing by 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Jitendar says.....You can't beat politicians with dairy products,

But surely you can beat them with eggs 

RE: [VIDEO] His Dark Materials (HBO | BBC)

HBO seem to like using polar bears a lot LOL 

Looks good, will have to give it a watch, assume on Sky Atlantic as HBO or will it be on BBC1 ?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Brexit Party for me as I got the badge and not aftraid to use it 

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Na, the aliens got em all, and they got a probing 

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Lets hope with the upcoming MEP elections that it will decimate the Tory party, it will serve them right as the party in power not fulfilling the majority wishes of the people to leave the EU. Mind you the Labour Party, and others did not help either, as most MPs are pro-EU and are not interested in the peoples wishes.

And maybe a surge in the Brexit party during the elections will show up the anger we have now, by our MPs in Parliament holding back a democratic decision for us to Brexit.

"Brexit means Brexit"... we still wait and see.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Gareth says....LOST...They weren't all dead from the start.
Come off it, you are just nit-picking now.
OK, they were all were dead after the plane crash at the start of Lost.

Jeeee-susssss, give a guy a break 

RE: [VIDEO] Chernobyl (HBO / Sky Atlantic)

Having seen the second episode now, it is very well acted, and you can see how secretive red Russia worked against themselves by their system of political control, and only owning up to the disaster, once Sweden measured the radioactive clouds. 

Hats off to those that gave their lives to save further destruction of the plant, that would have decimated the whole of Europe for 100 years. But it makes you think these plants should never be built again no matter the safeguards.

I would recommend anyone to watch this series, as it shows up what Nuclear plants are capable of, when things go badly wrong.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Not much chance of a remake LOL, but have to agree the lazy writers in LOST, as they ruined the ending by saying they characters had all died from the very start, instead of using their imagination to come up with a better ending. Though I suppose it was the journey through the whole arc of the story that made up for it, until the crap ending of LOST.

So I would say we have to admire the whole arc of GOT, for keeping us well entertained.

My only dissapointment with this final series of GOT so far, (not seen the last episode yet) is that the first two battles were not that good, first was so dark it was difficult to see what was going on, second was all ship models and not that realistic, but the third and final battle was just brilliant. Maybe it was deliberate due to cost, to put all the big money on production of the last battle, and they did. And as for the dragon woman going mad, well it could happen considering all she went through all these years, and she just snapped when the surrender bells went. Same went for her battle leader who lost his girlfriend, and just pilled into the surrendered soldiers with battle rage. It does happen in real battles, re: fighting the japanese on the Islands during WW2 where taking no prisoners was sometimes the safer option, than accepting a prisoner with a hidden grenade.

I wait and see the final episode this Monday and hope that it has a good ending.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

What logic is there in the midst of war?
rape, pillage, madness, chance, luck, survival, all happens, so why not this show.

I think they made a great job of this final battle. The punters seem happy about it, when looking at other websites.  

The one question still being asked by many......SPOILER:
whether Jamie and Cersei survived or not in the crypt? 

RE: [VIDEO] Chernobyl (HBO / Sky Atlantic)

alfie says....I didn't realise they were a couple of days away from pretty much laying waste to mainland Europe.

.....And they are still making them, including in the UK, and Chinese to boot, who knows what hidden 'meltdown' commands will be in the software. {excuse my paraniod thoughts :D}

Note that Australia totally banned them from being built, and so there are none there.

As for this TV show, it is riveting.

This item was edited on Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 11:57

[VIDEO] RE: Farewell Ms Von Kappelhoff

I did not know she was alive either DOH...She did well making 97.

One of the engrained highlights of my life with regard film.....
(had this favorite record for years till I was 10, when my younger brother smashed it of a wall in rage. Says he can't remember the incident, but I can, even though I cannot remember the cause of the argument. Typical kids :D)

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Snaps says ....I have a question

Answer...that would have been far too easy. Mind you , this has been one of the best episodes in GOT, and worth the wait. Just wondering how it is all going to finish.

Mind you i was thinking the same thing, why not attack the castle first, rather than the town. But hey, we know now Daenerys has went mad with rage and hatred and just burned everything. Her first officer of the unsullied also was full of hate after losing his girlfriend, so attacked the already surrendered soldiers, and the massacre began. 

So we face the final episode where we assume Jon Snow has to confront Daenerys.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Have to agree this episode was the best, the battle scenes brilliant, as the dragon did its worst. You could tell there was no safe place in the city.

Lots of really good moments, the battle suddenly turning to carnage, Jamie's fight on the beach, the hound and his brothers fight, where even a knife through the brain did not stop him, till a plunge to a fiery death for both of them, Arya's panic run through the decimated city, the death of Jamie and Cersei flattened in the crypt (or are they? if so , it was an easy way out, as expected a really nasty death for Cersei, after all she did)

So this results in not many left for the final episode, and the iron throne must be melted by now.  

RE: [VIDEO] The Terror (AMC | 2018)

So George Takei (Sulu in original star trek), is in it, interesting.

Anyway this terror will be a different terror to the first series.

Looks worth a watch.

RE: Big Brother spying on how you play games, and choices you make...

All on line gamers want is sex and violence and gore in a game, so thats about all big brother is going to get information wise from you.

Other than that if you have an excellent kill rate, then you have been put on the sniper list for the SAS if it comes to recruits for WW3.

I tried steam once for an on-line si-fi game, and it would not let me in after a week as it rejected my login code, and would not let me in, so that was the end of on line gaming from me. I went back to the gaming shop and demanded my money back, after they tried three times to log me in and failed. Got my money and left.

Now i am back to sonic the hedgehog, and let big brother figure out my motivation on moving fast hedgehogs 

RE: Freddie Starr RIP

Remember wife and I going to see his live show in Blackpool decades ago. We were falling about laughing, and it was belly laughs so sore, I was begging the visual and audible jokes to end, as it hurt.

He could be rude and crude, but one of the best  entertainers of his time.

Well done Freddy, you will be packing the playhouse's up there, or down there, or both, as he was a bit of an angel and a devil :D

RE: [VIDEO] The Orville

Episode 14 was like 'Back to the future' 1, 2 and 3 combined.

Not sure if that was the last episode or not.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

A rather dissapointing and sad episode, burning the dead, etc

Dissapointing with respect the sea battle, a few ship models sinking, and they really looked like models,  rubbish battle tactics again, without even a dragon firing off.

knew the captured interpreter would die the minute she was up on the ramparts.

Tyrion Lannister standing there as a small target below the walls was brave but also such a laugh, I thought we would see him having to beat a hasty retreat zig zaging back to his battle lines, he he. And he must have had some voice to ensure everyone heard up on the wall  and behind him all the way back at the battle lines.

For a one KNIGHT stand, the big woman knight Brienne of Tarth went overboard with tears when jamie left, thought that was a bit overdone with her showing emotion like that, he must have been great in bed LOL.

RE: Daft question (Ladders)

Just make sure someone trustworthy holds the bottom of that ladder, when you are up there. 

Seen too many ladder collapses that way, with no-one holding or worse, holder walking away.