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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

alfie noakes says.... Getting first inklings that Nissan are planning to close Sunderland plant.

No problem, move the workforce onto the future of battery cars. 
This is what you will be driving in 2030..... 

RE: The irony of ignoring bullying in Anti-Bullying Week

Being a boss for many decades I hate seeing bullying and practical jokers at work, as it can lead to disastrous consequences.
Seen plenty of this during my time as an employee to others, and hated it.

Now as a boss, without going into the gory details of having to take employees to hospital on a failed practical joke, or split employees apart during a fight, I always give new employees on the worksite the rules of working, where they can get written warnings, and after that if repeated an offence, the sack. Most of this is down to safety, like ensure wearing PPE (hard hat, high vis jacket, safety boots etc), also foul language or signage affecting the public, abuse on site, bad work practice leading to dangers, found p***ing on site instead of going to portaloo, etc. Yes, its a glamorous life on a worksite - not!

Employees have been well warned when joining the workforce, about bullying and practical joking which is so dangerous on a work site or elsewhere, can be mentally and physically harming, and are sacking offences if found out.

Bullying can be very subtle, as one example decades ago was that we used to sell safety boots on site (all other PPE was supplied free) and if not paid outright, an option was there for money to be deducted from wages in 6 weekly instalments, and found one guy had paid twice over a short period of time without complaint, and it was a bullying guy that forced him to pay for his boots or get bashed up. I found out this money deduction discrepancy, and sacked the bully and paid back the victim back.

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

1hr53 in.....Good dose of hair lacquer on that woman astronaut :D

RE: Star Wars: Holiday Special.


very annoying so switched of video within 30 seconds.

RE: [VIDEO] They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson's WW1 colourised footage)

They say farmers are still digging up possibly live ammunition to this day with their tractors in the killing fields. (Explosives and muster gas shells). They are collected and taken away by the military for safe destruction.

Mans inhumanity to man is mine fields: I was watching a documentary on mine laying history, where forgotten or unmarked mines can be as dangerous after battles as before, especially to civilians. The UK military showed their latest fast laying mine tank that could throw mines in a pattern across an entire area. And the laugh was they said it was humain as they had a timer that exploded them after a timed period of days or months, to self destruct and no longer be a danger. Mind you laying loads of mines all with self destructs. How many due to a fault would not self destruct 1%? 2%?, it would only take one to be a danger there after. I suppose the military mind works on a certain number of acceptable casualties.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Well there was a mad panic at the time for face masks for NHS protection, and especially for joe public when they were required for shopping in supermarket.

I paid a tenner for three face masks with integral filter back then off ebay, and now paying a fiver for five (same mask).

I do hate seeing used ones thrown everywhere in the street and pavements. Its as bad as seeing used condoms and used doggy bags. I was picking up these used masks and throwing them in the nearest bin, until my wife said don't do that, its unsafe to handle them. So now I don't.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Wonder which injection we will all end up with?

If its the Russian injection we will know, as we will end up speaking Russian, and being able to jump into freezing rivers on command :D

RE: [VIDEO] They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson's WW1 colourised footage)

There were many Brits and allies shot by firing squad for desertion, yet likely most suffered PDSD post-traumatic stress disorder, which was not know as a symptom at the time. So you could not go forward or be shot by the enemy, or backward or you would be shot by your own side.

A soldier from WW1 was discussing such a situation on the radio, when he was picked as one of the firing squad to shoot one of his own, and did not like the idea, and was told by another 'older and more knowing the regs' soldier, that this was the only order given by an officer that a soldier could refuse to do, so he refused, and another took on the duty of the firing squad.

Definitely Hellish times.

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[VIDEO] RE:They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson's WW1 colourised footage)

I think the most poignant short video I have seen this year about the horrors of WW1, is by the enemies side of the story, realising that as humans they were put in horrific situations just as the allies were, of kill or be killed. Here it is....

RE: RIP Des O'Connor

He had the last laugh as he out lived Morecambe and Wise.

(Though their banter with each other was in jest and all part of the fun)

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Yep Commings has gone via a few castles on route. 

According to the news its seems Boris will still not be fully in control, as his bedmate will tell him what to do.

Yep, we see the inner workings of running a country LOL

[VIDEO] Zen motoring

Do you go mad with ill patience in your car or van.

You do?

Then get some tuition on zen motoring when driving in the madness of inner London :D 

[VIDEO] RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: The Christmas Music Thread

Whats your favorite Christmas song? this is mine...

r it could be this one, as its also my favorite LOL....

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Latest thing to hit the supermarkets, is a green go/red stop light above the door. If green you can enter, if store is busy red comes up and you have to wait for green.

I suppose this replaces security guard at door controlling entry.

[VIDEO] RE:We Have a Dream

Always remember this brilliant football song from Scotland (say no more)....:D

[VIDEO] RE:Top Gear really is back!

What James May has bought during the pandemic, half a pub :D 

[VIDEO] RE:Christmas Adverts 2020!!!!

Australia Woolworths Ad....

RE: [VIDEO] Christmas Adverts 2020!!!!

We are still as far as I am aware, a Christian country. Even if some don't go to church, etc, we felt we lost something as a Christmas tradition, by not having the word Christmas being mentioned in Xmas adverts. Now at last, we can.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Done anything constructive in lockdown II?
Yep, got a new dish wash machine, its heater packed in after 8 years, and followed covid rules to the letter, pulled the old machine outside for re-cycle, and waited for kerb side delivery. Not looking forward to hauling it inside all the way to the kitchen.

Lorry arrived, two guys unloaded new machine, and said are you on your own today sir, and I said yes, and they actually took the new machine into the kitchen, and took the packaging away. Great! Sigh of relief not having to haul it in.

You don't realise all the things people do as standard at work, till you lose it, due to covid rules. These delivery guys went way beyond their covid remit. I did open the kitchen window for a few hours though, to change the air, LOL.

Edit today:
I hate plumbing....Never realised the pump pressure when emptying is double that of the old machine, and drain water was flying out everywhere, as the drain hose was just pushed down a vertical plastic drain pipe and duck taped (as per the former installation). I had to go to the store and buy additional piping and that tapered push fit hose connection with a jubilee clip , set me back a tenner, all to make it watertight. Job done.

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RE: [VIDEO] Christmas Adverts 2020!!!!

I am just glad to hear the word Christmas being mentioned now in many Christmas adverts instead of holidays are coming.

It made me angry for years that due to the danger of offending other religious beliefs and politically correction going nuts, we in a Christian country could not say Christmas in a Christmas advert. This was the silent (night) majority being silenced. But not now. 

The funny thing that Pressie Trump said the very same thing in the USA at the start of his reign, that Christmas is allowed to be back, and we in the West (well, the advertisers) acknowledged that Christmas should be allowed back. And quite rightly so.

(PS....Not a follower of Trump or any party in the USA, just in case you think I am an Ozzie redneck LOL. I just like the fact that Christmas is back)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Never liked QR codes, as have no way to decipher them, as not ever having a smart phone or its apps. Yep, your right, I am not in the 21st century.

Anyway, noticed going into outer London to do my weekly inspection of work site, quite a few new testing centers set up in towns, some walk in and/or drive in. They are really gearing this up now. Not messing about.

Question: are the testing workers in high vis outfits getting paid or are voluntary workers? Seems a very dangerous occupation being surrounded by suspect covid victims all day.

RE: [VIDEO] His Dark Materials Season 2

Was ok, good visuals of the town, nice special effects, but did not like the vicious torture of the witch (a bit dark for children to watch, me thinks).

RE: Sean Connery another sad loss

Word of warning..Sir Billi DVD story was so drastic and mental, I am not showing it to the Grandchildren.

Starts off Sir Billie lives with a goat called Gordon inside his house, has crazy police searching for illegal beaver in the highlands, all animals have tracksuits on, and talk with illegible Glasgow accents on high pitch, plus a mad american woman played by Ruby Wax, and a lookalike donald duck in a bi-plane narrating the story from the skies.

It is now in the charity pile, to be put though the charity shop door when I am in the village next week. Let someone else try to understand it LOL.

RE: Sean Connery another sad loss

Here is something not well know.....

Although Sir Sean Connery retired from acting/major filming in 2006, he decided to voice act in one last film for his grandchildren, where he voiced an animated character in a film called Sir Billi in 2012, out on DVD in 2013. 

Decided to buy it secondhand on Ebay for my grandchildren to watch, as i am interested to see his last performance.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Jitendar Canth says....Anyone been down a supermarket today?

Apparently f***ing idiots are still f***ing idiots six months after the last time they were f***ing idiots.

Ah, but this time they have six months supply of toilet paper in their cupboards :D

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Déjà vu ......Well for the next month, Wife and I will be sneaking back into the local park and avoiding the police on horseback, spotting us sitting on the benches.

We might try dressing up as statues and doing a freeze position when the pass LOL.

RE: Sean Connery another sad loss

The one and only true Bond.  RIP.

RE: The Iraq war

marksparks999 says...Telic... when Tony bLIAR sent us to war

Yep, Tony Blair taking us into illegal wars, with no weapons of mass destruction ever found. 

Always wondered why he could not be prosecuted. But the following article tells us why, as the High court ruled that there is no 'crime of aggression' in English law under which former PM could be charged....