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DVD: Toshiba 330 MR.
Amp: Yamaha A5
Speakers: Mission M71 fronts, M7C1 centre, M7DS surround, Celestion S80 cheapy sub (thanks Richer)
TV: Panasonic TX32-DK1 (32" widescreen).

Panasonic AE100 Projector
DIY screen and PJ mount
Computer based DVD player and decoder to power amps.
M77DS x 4 surrounds
Shahinian Arc fronts.

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RE: The Narnia Code

Excellent review of the documentary, Mark.

RE: anyone ever had any business cards made, and got a recommendation?

Vistaprint - you can pay a couple of ££ extra and not have the advertising on the back...

RE: Merry Christmas to all from Westy

Hey Dave - nice to see you around!

All the best to you and the rest of the old farts on Reviewer ;)

RE: BBC`s Merlin

This it`s repeated on Sunday afternoon (today!) at around 4pm, IIRC.

RE: Any musicians offer some advice

Gulp - they`re £59 each (though not suprised, since they`re hand wound etc).

Wizard pickups in the UK is another one I`ve read good things about.

RE: Any musicians offer some advice

Any pickups you can recommend HMDR?

One of the guitarists in my band (I play bass) fitted some Bareknuckle "Brown Sugar" pickups into his Squier Telecaster - sound absolutely FANTASTIC - real Stones vibe to them, as you might expect. There is a forum on the site with a section full of sound clips of various pickups.

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RE: Any decent Wii deals around at the moment?

My local Asda still had it at £179.

In the end I went for a deal at ToysRUs. They have the console with Mario Kart for £179 - so basically Mario Kart free. It`s shown as out of stock on the website, so I dropped in to our nearest branch, and it`s an in store promo as well. However, they had no tickets available for it, but I asked the guy on the department, and he said as long as they had the console and Mario Kart in stock he could write out a ticket and I could have it - BINGO!

Any decent Wii deals around at the moment?

9 year old son`s birthday coming up, and he`s asking for a Wii. He already has a Gamecube, so is well versed in the Nintendo world. What essential "extras" should we consider?

RE: Tales of beedle the bard sells for £2m

If the intention was to have a limited run for friends etc thats great, tha fact she auctioned the last one for charity is great also, it made a lot for charity and so respect to her for that, but she must have given permission for the book to be published and sold by amazon? kinda makes a mockery of the whole selling the last one for charity plan as it must have been obvoius it was gonna be bought by someone in the publishing industry with the money to do so and the intention of making that money back with a commercial release. I suppose she was in a no win situation, it was never intended to be released but once there was a demand if she said `no` to a realease the fans would no doubt harass her till she said yes, so it was easier to say yes in the first place lol

But the commercial release will donate all net profits to charity as well - see Stanz`s comment earlier in the thread:

I was dismayed to read the article, until I got to this bit

Net proceeds from this Standard Edition and the Collector`s Edition support of the Children`s High Level Group, a charity co-founded in 2005 by J. K. Rowling and Emma Nicholson MEP to make life better for vulnerable children.

Which made me a happy bunny

RE: The Doctor is back at last!

I took it to mean that the "new doctor" was the one who will die - in time - just not quite yet.

RE: Anyone feel the earthquake tremor?

The Americans are amused by our reaction to such an insignificant (in their eyes) tremor:

RE: Can a company do this in regard to an advertised job???

It could be that having read her CV they realised that she was not suitable for the post and would not be going on the shortlist for interview, so got back to her as soon as possible.

Better that than not hearing anything at all.

RE: Free £5 Paypal Voucher for Your Ebay Postage

Can`t make that code work, unfortunately - keep getting a message saying "This Redemption Code cannot be used from your PayPal account", although the email address I use for eBay and Paypal is the same.

RE: Does anyone own a M3 Adapter for the Nintendo DS...??

This DSTT card looks really nifty. Is there a way to create an image of the games you own to put onto the SD card (to save carting them around everywhere), or is it a matter of finding a precreated file on the web somewhere?

RE: The Golden Compass anticipation thread

Yes, the ending was very "wizard of oz" shmaltzy wasn`t it.

RE: The Golden Compass anticipation thread

Not a film I`d recommend to anyone

A bit harsh, IMO. I know what you mean about no consequence though - it didn`t feel "driven" - reading the books you want to keep reading - watching the film I felt a bit that it dragged. Mind you, the heating had bust in the cinema, so it was "realistically" cold in there. Not pleasant.

The cockney accent - in the books Lyra uses " `ent" etc, IMO there wasn`t enough of it to be convincing. I don`t think it`s meant to be cockney though, just a slightly urchin-like dialect.

I thought the daemons worked well, and the world looked "as I expected" - the Magesterium costumes etc superbly freemasonly/religious.

I hope they learn from this one and continue the series, though the last one might be tricky to film to keep the interest of a younger audience.

RE: The Golden Compass anticipation thread

Mixed reviews so far for this - but still looking forward to seeing it.

RE: Blade Runner 2007 DVD anticipation thread!!!!

Just got my "on its way" email from HMV too :D

RE: drill recommendation

Another +1 for the B&D FIrestorm drills. I got one in an Argos clearance sale and it`s been great. Wish I could get a cordless circular saw to match so I can use the same batteries!


Depends what you want. I`ve always been happy with Crucial memory - eBuyer also sell it - sometimes at better prices than Crucial direct.

Action Replay for the Gamecube?

Best place to get it? Not sure whether it`s possible to buy from abroad or not - I found it on Play Asia for a decent price, but will this version work with a UK Gamecube?

RE: Would anyone like to see Ask Westy reborn??

Hey Westy - good to see you around - hope you`re well!

RE: DS Lite £59 including delivery

Well spotted - looked too good to be true!

RE: Any good bargain book shops on the net?

Amazon do do free delivery over £15, but not when it`s a marketplace seller - that`s when the £2.75 per item thing comes in. This is often the reason that the books are priced at 1p IMO - they`re catering for the fact that they will make some money on the shipping charge (which is set by Amazon, not the sellers).

RE: Mobile phone signal question

See if you have any colleagues on Vodafone and check their signal strength before you jump.

In my experience those coverage maps are useless - we apparently have good coverage from all networks at home, but Vodafone is the only one that works well.

RE: vista basic?

Also consider Vista home premium instead of the Basic.
This sums it up fairly well

I`ve read that the Basic version will run on less memory (presumeably because of the non Aero interface).

If you look around the Dell site you`ll see that they have very similar specced laptops on offer with the Premium version.

I`m making the same choice at the moment on a laptop for my daughter. I must admit I have a Vista Business equipped laptop, and I`m ALWAYS fighting it to get stuff installed - not having enough rights (but I`m set us as a administrator, WTF?), and some software won`t run on Vista.

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RE: Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: At World`s End - Special Edition Only £9.99

Nice one! They have Spiderman 3 at the same price too.

RE: turntable with usb

It`s nothing you`re doing wrong - you WILL need to use some software to split the tracks. It`s a painstaking process.

I`ve used WaveRepair before now to do the track splitting - not great, and some false positives, so you need to go through and check them all.

Another option, if you`re sat in the room as the LP is played - manually stop and start the MP3 recording at the end of each track, so you then get eac has a separate track. Not great, I know...