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Honda to close Swindon factory

Right. Suggest we all stop eating Japanese whale meat.

That'll teach them.

You never know until you try......

My sat nav system in my Toyota was not working.

So I took it out of the dash.

Took it apart.

Fixed it.

And put it back.

I think there should be a national awards show for stuff like this.

What would your entry be?

Here's the deed being done

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Philip Green

Can slap my bottom for a million pounds. Just sayin'

RE: [VIDEO] Miley Cyrus feminist :)

I reckon per inch Sandi is probably paid the same.

So what's the fuss??

RE: [VIDEO] Stomach acid tip

Alfie, you'll never look at a combine harvester the same way again!

RE: [VIDEO] Stomach acid tip

So, unbelievers! Anyone tried this remedy? Any converts? Or closet worzels?

RE: [VIDEO] Miley Cyrus feminist :)

Hey Miley, maybe ask for an auto-tune, just sayin'

RE: RIP Paddy Ashdown

There are those who served their country and there are career politicians. And they stand out a mile.

RE: Christmas Shoppers

I've done about 90% of my Christmas shopping online. Why go out in the car to drive around looking for parking at shops with narrow ranges of stuff that is more expensive or just tat with tinsel, to get grumpy because I'm hungry and won't pay £3.50 for a coffee? 

Amazon prime was one of the best investments I've made.

So what if numpty politicians can't or won't tax them properly?

High Streets only ever existed because there was no other choice. Nowadays, if people go shopping they go to a hypermarket or a shopping centre. 

 If you're not niche or a charity shop, you're all doomed!

RE: [VIDEO] Stomach acid tip

Haha! Scoff until you try it and understand the power of nature!

And even save yourself a few quid.

Stomach acid tip

OK. Bear with me on this and save a fortune on gaviscon type medication.

Your stomach contains quite powerful (hydrochloric) acid.

When you eat carb rich food (chocolate, pastry, ice cream, cake and crisps) like you do at Christmas, the acid in your stomach often can't cope and churns up and you get heartburn.

If you help your stomach with a bit of dilute acid, it can help it cope and settle you down in a few minutes.

A quarter inch of apple cider vinegar topped with an inch of water, so it tastes vinegary but doesn't burn going down works a treat for me.

A bottle of ACV in Sainsbury's is about £1.50 and lasts ages. Maybe not good if you have ulcers but try it.

It sounds counterintuitive but it really does work. Natural too.

So type 2 diabetics are...

just greedy?

Is this the sub text?

RE: Worst cat ever

Re sudden cat attacks while stoking, probably a static shock was given to the cat. I do that to our cat, sometimes by accident.

Singapore Grand Prix

Listening to the drivers talking about ultra softs and hyper softs and just waiting for a team manager to break ranks and go with the fluffy kittens.

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RE: Straplines

McDonald's............where the screaming stops


Annoying, aren't they?

So let's reinvent a few.......

Lloyds Bank.......................shi**ing on your beach

RE: Mamma Mia - I don`t get it?

Summer Holiday for the prosecco generation.

Oh, and don't the ladies go a bundle on films in which men show their feelings?

Freeview failing during World Cup

Freeview just stuttered to a halt again during the Denmark/ Croatia penalties.

It is a very hit and miss service lately.

Signal strength and quality were 100% each earlier today.

Not happy and who do you complain to?

RE: Your signature is requested

But it's Tom Watson, the same who swallowed all Nick's twaddle.

Your exposure to radiation from your mobile phone clamped to your head over the years is probably as bad. But it doesn't stop us giving phones to kids whose skullsmand brains are still developing.

If it was not for Tom Watson being involved.......

Acid Bitch only gets 12 years

Our criminal justice system is a pathetic joke.

Doesn't this mean she'll be out in 8 or less?

RE: Royal Wedding

I think we should have had free Jaffa Cakes  ☺

Latest 'gypsy' scam

Pretending to be deaf students and offering to sell expensive (30 euro) poor quality photocopy drawings door to door. At least you knew where you were with heather and clothes pegs.

Just turned one away this afternoon in the Redcar area.

OK if you want expensive naff art but perhaps warn those who may be taken in.

And about as deaf as a hungry barn owl given the way she turned and glowered at me when I spoke to my neighbour and said it's a scam.

Not right considering they're targetting areas where retired people live. 

Now, back to the BBQ.

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RE: [VIDEO] Cover Versions (Beware - Old Fogey Music)

Murdering the a good way ☺

RE: Lord of the Rings coming to Amazon

For heaven's sake why???

How can you top Peter Jackson's epics, unless this is a spin off?

RE: Stephen Hawking

Hopefully, he is now in a place climbing trees and having his awkward questions answered, or at least being pointed in the right direction, along with 'Zak' and 'Bert'.

RE: Shortbread Porn

It was April 2000 and we stayed with the McGiilivrays to whom Page sold back the house as their ancestor had built it originally as a shooting lodge. It was very comfortable inside and had the most stunning views across Loch Ness. Apart from people gawping from the road, I dont know why Page sold it. I understand he spent very little on it.

It was later I told my wife its history and why Page had bought it.

Someone will get the plot as a great project.

Shortbread Porn

How many more of your missuses have been watching the 18th century Scottish Highlands shortbread sex romp that is Outlander? 

My missus loves it and I can see I'll be dragged along to the land of the midge  afore long.

But fair play, I did take her to stay at Jimmy Page's old house at Loch Ness. 

Where we did our version of the shortbread thing 😨

RE: [VIDEO] The Floppotron

I like it but I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking at 😮

RE: Old Grey Whistle Test

They said Moody Blues albums should have come with free knicker elastic, such was their effect in bedsit land

I'd be careful if I were you 😉