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RE: Actually, I'm something of a Youtuber myself

Very interesting.

I have just one YouTube vid and it's here

Maybe the two of us should make pollen fudge next time

Knobhead Bellend

Do we think Knobhead Bellend has written in order to try and spring another convicted killer?

RE: Stent

When the heart - which is on the left side of your chest- experiences distress - it commands extra blood from the nearest muscles.

This why left arm pain, shoulder and neck pain should not be ignored, especially if spreading to the chest.

Or feeling nauseous at the same time.

It's like your red engine management light illuminating on the dashboard.


RE: This is why we can't have nice things

I'd like to teach the world to sing 

In perfect harmony

RE: Legal car problem

£500 is fair.

Nearly having an accident and having an accident is very different. Compensation would be limited to the cost to clean the drive, time off and some mileage.

That's not going to add up to £500.

RE: [VIDEO] Vigil

Bloody submarine! Interfered with a very promising love interest 
Dive! Dive! Dive!


Anyone else think Suranne looks like Julia Roberts between spa days?

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RE: Blake`s 7 £20 ( Nice ) less with coupon

OK, I know I'm a bit late to this party but Blake's 7 is, as I'm sure fans will know, screening on Talking Pictures TV - channel 81, pop pickers- my new favourite channel 😀

OK, time for my nap now

RE: New ABBA music...

You and millions of others 😰

RE: Will have to dig out my VCR...

He should see my loft 😰

RE: [VIDEO] Laughs from the Past

You thought that was good?

Put your coffee down and watch this......

RE: The Main Chance

Watch it and see.......unbeliever!

I particularly like the former articled clerk who looks about 40 and delivers his lines like a proto- Richard III. 😨

The Main Chance

I'm really enjoying this on Talking Pictures TV. From 1969/70 but well scripted and acted. An insight into a 'modern lawyer's office' all trim phones and mini skirts. It seems to be a good lawyer you need to able to stare into the middle distance and swig lots of scotch. Gizza job!😛

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RE: Bye Bye Baby Les McKeown RIP

You're on trend now, my friend. You're on trend now.

RIP Les.

RE: Murray Walker RIP

I remember when Damon won and he got so emotional. Always had something special to say about James Hunt and Nigel too.

If ever a man was the voice of his sport, it was Murray Walker.

Condolences to his family and friends and belated thanks to he man himself.


The Champions on Talking Pictures TV

This classic series starts Sunday 7 March at 9pm. Enjoy! ☺️

Charity heads up, no look!

Apparently, if you're having a pre-Christmas clear out using Ebay and pick a charity to give some of the dosh to, Ebay will match your donation 5 times over. You hand over a fiver, Ebay gives £25, f'rinstance.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

RE: [VIDEO] Tom and Jerry

At least it's the Quimby versions 😊

RE: I need a simple time lapse app

Thanks Pete, I'll check out Lapse.

It's not a video I want and apologies if I've not used the right term.

I just want a series of photos that I can cherry pick from to see the progress.

Up in 2 seconds...... there's sharpish!

I need a simple time lapse app

I'd like to be able to take a photo automatically every 10 minutes over an 8 hour period to see our new cabin being put up. Has anyone come across anything suitable? Oh, the cabin? It's what we saved by not going on holiday 😃

RE: The Biden Presidency 2021

Someone, take away the football!

Free Genesis and Marillion e magazines

at Classic Rock Prog

Bargain music lovers!

Not arf!

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RE: New Ebay con

I'd leave an accurate review and then report to the police.

The twat will be making hundreds ripping people off like this.

I try and stick with 100% feedback sellers.

RE: Thardhe things you do

Yup, I'm sure we'll have saved a few hundred quid in labour.

I now have a hard flat sandy surface that looks like a 5 a side pitch for gnomes.

So pleased was SWMBO that we put the new patio table and chairs on it and had lunch, this before I muck it up with mortar and coastlines 😮

The things you do

Her indoors fancied being more her outdoors, with a summerhouse to be precise. She found one and liked, pent roof style because the chalet style ones had intruding roof trusses and got gonna be about 11 feet wide and 9 feet deep that's its footprint, with a 6 foot deep patio area across the front.

So far, so good.

Then came trying to get a landscaper to work the sloping garden where said chalet will be parked. You guessed. Nothing doing.

Enter YouTube. hard can it be?

Got a spade (to cut out the area of lawn).

Needed a shovel.

And a barrow. Wilko for the barrow and I got a nice (red) steel one with a pneumatic tyre - so much easier on the arms and back.

A helpful builder's yard calculated the amount of exploits needed - 4.5 tonnes. And sharp sand to level off - 1.5 tonnes.

Anyone likely to do the same, have the hard-core dropped onto 8 x 4 boards, so much easier to shovel up.

Then I hired a plate vibrator, or whacker as the tool hire shop would have it. the practical problem was getting the whacker out of my estate car and around the back of the house.They are bloody heavy! I'd picked up a dolly from Lidl of all places,  rated at 250kg carrying capacity. Even so, my son and I had to lift the beast from boot - thankfully my Avensis has a flat loading bay - to a small stool/table then to the dolly.....bend ze knees!

Of course, this enabled me to say,when asked by SWMBO what I was doing, to say was going to play outside with a dolly and a big vibrator.

So far, the sharp sand is packed down and reasonably level. Next weekend is patio laying. This because there is a 12 week wait for the building and we've decided that at least we'll have a patio area to use and I came by 50 odd 450mms square concrete slabs and then the building will sit on timbers to allow a bit of air to circulate.

Oh, and we've got one of those Ackerman-type little stoves to go in and I sourced a quadrant circle of paving to use as a hearth.

We are resigned that summer will be long gone by the time it is finished and so it has become the Christmas Cabin.

Not sure how much we've saved because no-one ever came to quote. It seems all the landscapers were catching up on work already booked before lockdown.

And no need for the gym. Just barrow 30 loads of hardcore!

It's kept me out of mischief.

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BT wants 10 years to de-Huawei

You would not believe how many BT managers there are on £50k+ pa who would struggle to wire a plug, never mind understand the problem.

Why not put CGHQ in charge?

RE: Keir sacks Garth

Thunderbolts and lightning.......very, very frightening!

And to think, she was running for leadership. The mind boggles.

There'll be much thrusting of fists into cardigan pockets over this, mark my words.

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Keir sacks Garth

While Boris dithers over porngate.

RE: Browser change

Does it wear a compulsory beanie? 

I still haven't found want I'm looking for.

RE: SpaceX manned flight canceled till Saturday

Should be visible - I've arranged for the lads to hang a banner out the back........ Barnard Castle or bust.