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RE: Doctor Who: The Next Regeneration...

I can`t believe I`m saying this but apart from Kate Stewart (and she had better be coming back) and Brian (woefully underutilised) I thought it was a bit meh.

So far 1 Tick 2 What?Apart from Brian see above 3 Ok it had Ben Browder and that bloke from Upstairs Downstairs 4 Meh.5 Just make it count if you going to go all `Doctor Who?`

Cough-celebrities on Doctor Who ? Is that another shark in the air?

RE: new laptop

I have ordered  a Dell Studio 15 which has a dedicated grphics thingy (I hope it pleases)

and fingers  crossed!

RE: new laptop

wow thanks for flurry of answers and advice-will look again. Just released my Dell is 5 years old and still going strong-it`s the boy that needs a new one as he has been on a second-hand acer for a couple of years after  after the big-old pcs kept letting us down. 

I can`t believe I manage on a 52g hard drive-slightly higher than an ipod! 

Good point about T drive-I think I wll have to take charge of that-hope they are easy to set-up.

Will let you know what I end up with.

RE: new laptop

Fair point but this is a 17 year old and not techie so it has to be simples.

new laptop

Could anyone recommend a laptop? I`m confused by so many different models at the moment.

It has to hold a big itunes library
reasonable battery life 4 hours?)
webcam possibly
not a netbook-so a 15 inch screen.

Price between 400-600 max. 
Been looking at the Acers in that price range but wondered if you could give me some pointers as the boys old Acer is on its knees.

Many thanks

RE: Chilling with Tithers

No one sniff :(
Rass arnt you in Canada now? That makes it more of a challenge.

Sue :*

RE: Doctor Who: The Next Regeneration...

I know there are huge plot flaws and and I know the idaleks are daft but I`m completely besotted by the new Doctor... I`m hooked and will forgive them anything (apart from the annoying lapse in taste when marrying Riversong -urgh!)Suex

RE: Game Set & Match (1988) with Ian Holm as Bernard Sampson

its amazing the confluence of ideas and questions magically meeting up in this little `ole place.

I smell something and its not a bargain :o

RE: Anyone got a V+ box?

we didnt have to keep the old box and dont seem to be paying much more for XL and the V+

RE: More good News... updated with a photo

aww lovely baby. big sis and good news about Mum.
all the best

RE: Can anyone recommend a book?

I`m a big fan of Big Finish Audio-some drama, some audio books-they have done Dr Who for ten years but now doing Robin Hood, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Judge Dredd (very funky) and Dark Shadows (vampires etc)
and they do funny podcasts cos its Nick Briggs the dalek man innit


RE: Which film character would you be?

Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ and dammit I`d stay in Oz where there is colour, magic and lollipops! Not sure about that outfit though and I`d ditch that flea ridden dog.

RE: Snow Watch 2009.

Light dusting

if we had that here, it would stop the traffic for a week!
Remind me of your exacgt location so I can weep.

RE: Universal are to reboot Anne Rice`s Vampire Chronicles

Of course the problem they have with this is the whole-supposed to be age-less. Poor ol Angel suffered from not being a real Vampire.

Oh and last part of Being Human tonight 10.35-yeah for the BBC investing in drama-a secind series is coming soon. Who needs the cinema?

RE: Another one gone - Henry Gibson dies at 73

Also brilliant in Boston Legal-playing a judge of course!

"here come de Judge"

RE: Flying Car - Pah!!!! Flying Bike Yey!!!

Stil here (waves little white flag)
Everyone else has been washed away by the rain :o

Sacred cow Batman-a Rockford remake?

no no no no no and probably yes

I was thinking how original TV was unlike movies at the moment but here we go again

RE: Recommend me some top US TV Shows....


long haired guy

I think its Christian Kane from Angel-I guess i was kinda hoping it might be SF rather than normal stuff-I can watch Hustle for that (and I dont-because I want to punch them)


That trailer looks good and its jeff looking real grizzled (OMG) I remember the first one being really hyped as well but then I remember Disney hyping The Black Hole-OMG I am really old and grizzled also

RE: Recommend me some top US TV Shows....

Are we getting Leverage here in the UK or have I missed it?

RE: Doctor Who: The Next Regeneration...

this did make me wobbly :/

RE: Doctor Who: The Next Regeneration...

He looks like he shouldn`t be out late without his Mummy!

RE: Bonjour!

You`ve forgotten to ask him to turn his pockets out!!

Don`t worry its not all suspicious blokes oon here...there are suspicious women as well... :D

RE: are we not talking about the Torchwood miniseries?

yeah-behind the sofa stuff alright. :o

RE: are we not talking about the Torchwood miniseries?

Get your hanky ready for the next 2 eps Si and don`t say i didn`t warn you.

I think RTD has probably had death threats.

RE: have i missed anything important

Torchwood :D
well some of us liked it... and some have thrown their toys out the pram ;)

RE: are we not talking about the Torchwood miniseries?

I didnt like her in the first series but Now am loving the Welshness -must be the Gavin and Stacey effect!

it will be back and the Dr Who Specials must be the reason...let speculation commence!

RE: are we not talking about the Torchwood miniseries?

Never have I wanted to hide behind the sofa so much-using children was a masterstroke-it just felt so desperate and my daughter kept saying they don`t kill kids in drama and me thinking oh yes they do if it gets the viewers.

It was influenced by such films as Sophies Choice, and K Branagh`s Consppiracy. Awful in every sense. Daughter just been studying the holocaust and she got it. Quite adult in a good way and ending was signposted by original visit to daughter but I spent all day trying to figure out ending to avoid being hit between the eyes and it didn`t work.

I spend my time avoiding dramas that I know will upset me and this on caught me out-but I am glad I watched it.

Will it return? Can see who the new cast would be -bring on Bridget Spears! Not only adapted to new technology but ready to use it!! She would be an iron clad lady to handbag her way out of a situation!
Again Peter Capaldi as Frobisher that guy is brilliant (and big ups for Local Hero)

This item was edited on Saturday, 11th July 2009, 10:35

RE: are we not talking about the Torchwood miniseries?

My 13 year old in tears and she`s t tougher than me. Peter Capaldi was a brilliant choice for that part. Looks like it has gone for good. I think has finally losts its Doctor Who innocence. Grim stuff and for the most part grown up enough for folks who don`t do the sci-fi stuff.
Didnt want the last scene with Jack-too much-should have left him when walking out into the light.