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RIP Eddie Valen

2020 keeps on giving ☹

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

And buy an EU passport from Malta or Cyprus...

RE: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

All those movies while going through cancer treatment... RIP.

(2020 is NOT a good year!)

RE: The Russia Report

Isn't thst (bullying) another report they're trying to redact/bury?

RE: Government halts support for fracking.

Not the most reliable source, but apparently Leadsom has said its only a temporary ban (until scientific understanding improves...).

Rutger Hauer RIP

Well that wraps up a s***ty day...

RIP Paul Darrow

Another piece of my youth falls away...

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

He used a trick... he lied.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Exactly, we paid £267 million a week, not £350 million.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Osborne said that is what he would do / what would happen. He promised something in the future. And you've already pointed out that politicians can do that within the law.

Johnson said "we give £350 million to the EU". That was a lie, as we didn't.

Its strange how leavers like to apply the facts so loosely to support their arguments...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

A manifesto is a promise of what might be done/happen in the future.

In this case a specific lie was made by a public official. E.g. he actually repeated the lie as the official statement of the mayor.
(And repeated it after it being written about by the head of the ONS.)

RE: [VIDEO] Avengers 4 Endgame

Not sure if I like the ending. Yes it makes perfect story telling sense... but with all the characters and stones there, it doesn't make sense to me.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Nearly 3 years since the referendum.

(Advisory, not a super majority, law breaking and bending on both sides, but mainly by leave.)

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RIP William Goldman

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."


RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

This also:

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

The David Davis that spent a total of 4 hours at the negotiating table with Barnier this year before flouncing off...

That David Davis...?

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RE: Brexit

Plausible analysis of what Brexit means in near/mid/long term (not sure how many of the Brexit voters thought they were voting for this):

(Again sorry if link not working...)

RE: Brexit

Now I'm completely for remain, but as things move on I worry if anyone in the government is actually doing anything to sort out this sort of stuff:

(Edit - Sorry can't get link to work properly.)

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RE: Brexit

No nice EU trade deal for UK?

RE: Brexit

And me.

Why can't the country change its mind...

RE: Brexit

It could be in the interest of hard line Brexiters to stall. We then fall out of the EU with no deal, out of customs union, trade area and freedom of movement. UK then has to slash taxes, and state spending (e.g. privatise the NHS), and turn us into the large tax haven just off the EU shores.

RE: RIP Peter Sallis

RIP... another fine actor leaves us. :-(

RE: [VIDEO] Adam West has died at 88

He was my first memory of Batman... 

RE: [VIDEO] The shock general election thread

Didn't we just print the 100s of billions needed to bail out the banks?

RE: [VIDEO] Neil Gaimans American Gods, a month away

Available in UK on Amazon Prime...

RE: [VIDEO] The shock general election thread

Also available as a website:

Edit - problem with link in mobile edit...

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