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RE: [VIDEO] The Orville

The Disney+ rating system does go a bit random at times. Odd Pixar and Disney (cartoon) movies don't appear when a profile is set as child, even though they're U rated.

RE: [VIDEO] The Orville

Appears in Star section, and when I search.

RIP Charlie Watts

No words to say really on this one...

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RE: EE re-introduce roaming charges in Europe

As suggested on Twitter...

How many of the 2000 army truck drivers are reservists who's day job is (already) driving trucks...

RE: RIP Richard Donner

RIP, and thanks for so many enjoyable movies...

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Useful place to start for up-to-date research:

RIP Christopher Plummer

2021 seems to be carrying on where 2020 left off...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

11 countries, and we have trade agreements with 7 already, and are negotiating with 2 more.

Still, opportunities for all those fishermen to sell their fresh fish to instead of the EU I guess...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

About 350 days since first UK covid case, and we still haven't controlled our borders properly...

Island nation, yet one of the highest covid rates per million population...

Still, at least the fish are happy (not going to link to that idiot).

RE: RIP: Jeremy Bulloch

Another link to the original trilogy leaves us ☹...

(Only 2 weeks left of 2020, how much more can it do!?)

RE: Babs RIP

Carry on films on TV form a big part of my childhood.

RIP Babs

RE: RIP Dave Prowse :(

Another part of my childhood film going passes... RIP.

(2020 just keeps on giving, and we've still December to get through!)

RIP Eddie Valen

2020 keeps on giving ☹

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

And buy an EU passport from Malta or Cyprus...

RE: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

All those movies while going through cancer treatment... RIP.

(2020 is NOT a good year!)

RE: The Russia Report

Isn't thst (bullying) another report they're trying to redact/bury?

RE: Government halts support for fracking.

Not the most reliable source, but apparently Leadsom has said its only a temporary ban (until scientific understanding improves...).

Rutger Hauer RIP

Well that wraps up a s***ty day...

RIP Paul Darrow

Another piece of my youth falls away...

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

He used a trick... he lied.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Exactly, we paid £267 million a week, not £350 million.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Osborne said that is what he would do / what would happen. He promised something in the future. And you've already pointed out that politicians can do that within the law.

Johnson said "we give £350 million to the EU". That was a lie, as we didn't.

Its strange how leavers like to apply the facts so loosely to support their arguments...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

A manifesto is a promise of what might be done/happen in the future.

In this case a specific lie was made by a public official. E.g. he actually repeated the lie as the official statement of the mayor.
(And repeated it after it being written about by the head of the ONS.)

RE: [VIDEO] Avengers 4 Endgame

Not sure if I like the ending. Yes it makes perfect story telling sense... but with all the characters and stones there, it doesn't make sense to me.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Nearly 3 years since the referendum.

(Advisory, not a super majority, law breaking and bending on both sides, but mainly by leave.)

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RIP William Goldman

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."


RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

This also:

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

The David Davis that spent a total of 4 hours at the negotiating table with Barnier this year before flouncing off...

That David Davis...?

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RE: Brexit

Plausible analysis of what Brexit means in near/mid/long term (not sure how many of the Brexit voters thought they were voting for this):

(Again sorry if link not working...)