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    Review of Kyon Ki

    3 / 10


    Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy goes mad. Boy sees people singing whilst on a mental ward. Boy not Singing Detective but close. Boy meets new girl. New girl is doctor and hits and shouts at mad boy. Girl finds out boy`s back-story through massive flashback-and instantly becomes soft girl. Girl falls for mad boy and tries to cure him.

    Reviewer switches off before becoming mad herself.

    I still can`t believe I attempted to watch this in one sitting. It`s inhumane to reviewers.


    What a refreshing change-reel marks on a film made in 2005. I can`t quite believe it. I may have been hallucinating but I`m not going back to find out.


    Keep the sound on and eliminate the English subtitles. No matter that you don`t understand Hindi, it will allow you to be delightfully oblivious of the next manic plot twist. Better still switch it off.


    Theatrical trailers

    TV Promos

    Interviews with cast and crew
    Short interviews with the leading actors.

    Deleted scenes
    Two scenes.


    This is the worst film I have had to watch this year.In a serious case of genre-itus it has has slapstick, accidental death and serious physical abuse of mental patients on a hospital ward. Oh how amazing this is let us all sing about it.(Yes there are songs as well.)

    I confess that I had to stop watching it halfway through because I thought an hour and half was long enough and no I don`t care. The lack of acting talent from the leading ladies was bad enough and the constant preening of the `mad` bloke topped off by the strangely violent hospital guards drove me to distraction.And the singing and dancing-Bollywood by way of the Singing Detective.

    Personally I`m scarred for life and I recommend avoiding this like the plague.

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