Review for WWE: Seth Rollins - Building The Architect

9 / 10

Seth Rollins is quite clearly one of the future stars of the WWE. Already a multiple-time Champion, main eventer and one of the best performers in the ring he is clearly what the company should be building around. After a successful time on the Indy scene, FCW and NXT he made it to the WWE.

As part of The Shield, along with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns they stormed through the company making a huge names. Though Ambrose was the leader, it was Rollins who broke away into the main event with the infamous turn on his teammates and alliance with Triple H and The Authority. During this time he won the Money in The Bank and after that the rocket was strapped to him to the WWE Championship which he won at Wrestlemania 31.

Unfortunately, injuries have plagued Seth throughout his WWE career, but every time he has come back he has been better than ever, putting on matches that are in most people’s Top Ten of the year. This set is full of 19 great matches and I would say that none of them are bad. It is a shame that no deal could be made with Ring of Honor as some of his matches with them when he was wrestling as Tyler Black were beyond amazing.

There are only three matches from before his WWE debut in FCW and NXT and these are pretty good, especially his match against Dean Ambrose while they were both in FCW. Most of the highlight matches from The Shield are included; the only ones missing are the ones against Evolution at Extreme Rules and Payback which is a little disappointing. A highlight is a great match between Rollins and Reigns against Goldust and Cody Rhodes which is a great match and easily one of the best tag matches that they were involved in. There is also a great match between the team against Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Once he left The Shield, Rollins hits the ground running with some amazing solo matches. It is odd they don’t include his Money in the Bank win, but the rest of the matches more than make up for it. Highlights are the Triple Threat from the Royal Rumble between him, Brock Lesnar and John Cena. This match was the one that proved that he could hang with the main eventers and this is shown with his shock defeat of Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. His matches against John Cena at Summerslam with both titles on the line is great as is his Steel Cage match against him which I hadn’t seen before.

There is obviously an abundance of matches between Rollins and Dean Ambrose and/or Roman Reigns and these are all great. The best of these matches is their Triple Threat for the WWE Championship from Battleground 2016. Finally, we have two matches for the Universal Championship against Finn Balor and Kevin Owens. Both of these matches are fantastic with his match against Balor one of the best of that year.

Despite some omissions, this is a pretty good set. I wish it has been more indepth in regards to Rollins’ past, but watched alongside the previous Destruction of The Shield set will fill in some of the blanks. That being said I really enjoyed this set and it was great to not have to skip through matches as there are none on this set that don’t belong on here. If this is what the architect can build… then the WWE should let him keep building!

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