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    7 / 10

    Evan is an overworked and underappreciated office worker, who is unable to ever catch a break. Dumped by his girlfriend for saying the stupidest thing ever (watch and you will see just how stupid it was), he is then passed over for promotion for Max, who was Evan's rival in college.

    Upon arrival, Evan begins to notice people going missing or acting very strange. But the missing people is not layoffs and the extra motivated staff is not due to a bonus scheme... it is a lot more bloodsuckingly sinister. This leads to a combination of classic horror moments mixed with a hilarious look at how awful
    working in a sales office can be. Maybe dead is better.

    Bloodsucking Bosses has been described as a cross between The Office and Shaun of the Dead. This is both a positive and negative aspect of the film. The more appropriate description should be 'It's like Office Space meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. The combination of horror and comedy is perfect and some of the lines are perfect, with the action being just over the top enough to be hilarious, rather than just disgusting.

    Fran Kanz as Evan is perfect and Pedro Pascal as Max wonderful as his nemesis. The collection of characters who are surrounding him are a great ensemble of layabouts that I would expect form this type of film. The film is stolen by Joey Kern as Tim, who is almost underwhelmed by the whole 'vampire' thing, but has some great one liners and I may try and incorporate 'Boom, Snap!' into my vocabularly now.

    The effects are wonderful and the whole film runs along with a great sense of purpose. My only issue with the film is that the film just felt a little cliché. Comparisons with almost every 'office-based' film come quick and fast to the point it didn't feel that original. At times I felt like the only difference between this and Shaun of the Dead is that they use vampires instead. I enjoyed it and I will definitely watch it again with others, but I just felt at times the jokes were a little too obvious.

    Extras include a commentary with a number of the filmmaker's. This is perfect, as I do hate one person commentary. You can tell from their discussion that they truly enjoyed making the film and that there was a genuine love for the process and genre. The Blooper reel is ok, but short and none are memorably funny. The behind the scenes is only about four minutes and that is a shame as it would have been nice to have seen how they created the film more in depth.

    Bloodsucking Bosses is not a perfect film, certainly not in the league of Shaun of the Dead, but I did enjoy watching. As I work in an office I related to a lot of the problems they discuss, the lust for sales and the complete boredom of it all. It is true that aspect is better in a film like Office Space, but this was a nice look at just how horrible it is sometimes.

    It does make me ponder now about that guy in Management who once was down on the sales floor with me... Have I ever seen him in daylight?

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