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    Review for Sarah and Duck Doubles

    8 / 10

    Sarah and Duck are back with some more adventures in their quirky imaginative world. This DVD brings ten episodes that are simple, lasting a little over five minutes, but are wonderful for the little ones.

    This time Sarah and Duck try playing doubles tennis with only 2 people which allows her to meet John and Flamingo. This was funny and I kept waiting for other children with other birds to pop up too. On a trip for crayons, they get caught in the rain, find that Umbrellas grow in the ground and discover the only one that doesn't like the rain?

    When shopping for a new toy they meeting the moon. When Sarah is sick she takes a trip to the doctors and Duck tries to cheer her up. And of course she sees Scarf Lady who she listens to her jukebox and is given knitted musical instruments, finds her wool tree where she gets all her wool for her scarves and plays on her stall at the fairground.

    The adventures that Sarah and Duck go on are amusing, simple and entertaining. My only real issue with the show is that it almost has a Seinfeld 'Show about Nothing' feel to it. The characters don't learn anything and there is nothing for the children watching to learn either. I am not saying that the show should be educational or should have a moral code, but their is an aimless whimsy to the show that seems odd at times.

    That being said, it is a lot of fun, the characters are nice to watch and there is nothing offensive or problematic that you might find from other shows.

    The DVD does not come with any extra features, which is a shame, as a few simple games would have been nice. My only other issue is that the credits play after every episode whereas it really should just play all the episodes with the credits at the end. This can be very annoying for both you and the child waiting for the next episode to start. But then that is what the Skip button is for.

    Sarah and Duck is a nice show that all younger children will enjoy. At only seventy minutes this won't keep them entertained for long, but for a quick treat before school or bed it is a nice length and a fun show.

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