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Retail Price (Softback): £9.99
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ISBN: 978-1-902835-19
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Jonah had been looking forward to going back to London since the moment he was forced to leave. After being away for so long, Jonah wasn't expecting the sinister and brutal changes in his friends' personalities and behaviour. It wasn't that long ago, they were up to wayward antics, typical of boys their age. Gone were the times of hanging around the fried chicken shop and loitering in the park where they got drunk on cheap booze. Shootings, rape, stabbings, robbery and drug-induced violence were now their games of choice.

What should have been the best week of the summer, quickly turns into a nightmare for Jonah, as he is sickened by the depravity he witnesses. His friends prey on the weak, and before long Jonah is himself hunted down. Confused, betrayed, and terrified, he scrambles across the once familiar streets as he desparately tries to survive and escape the viciousness of an unforgiving city.

This is a shockingly disturbing tale of peer pressure and evil among a gang of inner-city youths.

Janus Publishing

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