Great story, interesting lecture!

7 / 10

I enjoyed this book as much as all the other Dan Brown books.

It was a great tour of the places in Washington that you might never see! Told at an incredible pace as the lead characters aim to save a friends life and prevent unimaginable distaster befalling the planet!

The story was well constructed,  following twists and turns as each clue was uncovered and solved (as only Robert Langdon can do!). The race to save was interleaved with flashbacks to add the history of the main characters, as well as to provide a history lesson about the Masons.

I don't think this book will create the same fuss as the Da Vinci Code, as I felt a softer view of the Mason's was taken by Brown,  than the way he depicted the Catholic Church in the earlier book. How much he says about the Masons is accurate or authors license I don't know, nor do I feel moved to explore.

However I did sense that Brown was making the case for values and knowledge coming from man without the need for divine intervention, and that an earlier era of beliefs had greater validity.

No doubt the creationists in his country will add Dan Brown to Darwin and others on their list to target.

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