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    Review for Fight Owens Fight- The Kevin Owens Story

    9 / 10

    Kevin Owens is one of the brightest stars that WWE has introduced for many years. It would be wrong to say that they created him, but he certainly took the spotlight WWE allowed him and springboarded to superstardom faster than anyone I have ever seen. Fight Owens Fight: The Kevin Owens Story is a fantastic documentary of his career. Really if you are an up and coming wrestler or thinking of getting into the business then I would recommend watching this.

    Owens, journey in the wrestling business did not start in WWE, it didn't even start in NXT, which is the usual starting point. Instead, he had almost fifteen years in the indy scene before anyone had even seen him properly. We get to see his struggle through this time when the territories were all but dead, but Owens (wrestling under his real name Kevin Steen) wrestled everywhere in Canada before getting his chance in Ring of Honor where along with friend Sami Zayn (wrestling as El Generico) he made a name for himself as one of the best talkers and workers in the business. Here he crossed paths with the likes of Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan amongst others before he finally made his way to NXT.

    For most people, this is where they first saw the new Kevin Owens who went on to be on of the fastest rising stars feuding with Sami Zayn, Neville and Finn Balor. All the way through he talks about his drive to be the best and when he suggested to WWE Creative about being part of the John Cena 'US Championship Open Challenge' it was given to Sami Zayn instead. However, fate would hand him a lucky hand and he was given that opportunity and with that one promo against John Cena on Raw, Owens became a bona fide star.

    His rise is amazing when you consider he joined NXT August 2014, was NXT Champion by December 2014 and then by May 2015 he was on the main roster.

    He went on to feud with John Cena, Ryback over the Intercontinental Championship also having matches against Chris Jericho who he would team with to amazing effect later the next year. By August 2016 (two years after his NXT debut) he won the Universal Championship.

    What I love most about this documentary is that you can see the steps Owens takes to get to certain points in his career and you can see from it all that he is a family man, a wrestling fan and someone who clearly deserves everything he gets. This is not just about being in the right place at the right time, it is about being in the right place at the right time and being good enough to pull it off.
    It is a shame that the documentary ends after his Universal title win as I would have loved to have watched more of his work teaming with Chris Jericho which was some of the most entertaining moments of 2016, but that was not to be and hopefully that will be on the next of the many sets Kevin Owens will be part of.

    The Bluray contains a massive amount of extras. I do wish that WWE would do this for all of their sets and being released on Bluray and having that extra space really helps. There are multiple extra stories. So much that they could have probably doubled the length of the documentary itself. I just pressed 'Play All' and enjoyed every one of them. There is a fascinating story about how his trainer Jacques Rougeau had promised him a WWE tryout match, but only if he only wrestled for him. It is not surprising that this was done, but you can understand how someone who had that dream of wrestling in the WWE could have been seduced by this promise.

    Of the fifteen matches, three are from NXT and twelve from WWE. This is to be expected, but as always I do wish a deal could be struck with Ring of Honor or one of the other indy promotions to show some of his earlier stuff. All of the matches are great and I think the main thing to take away from this set is just how great he always is in the ring. Whether it is against John Cena, Sami Zayn or Chris Jericho, you are getting a fantastic match.

    Highlights include an amazing NXT Championship Match between him and Sami Zayn and these two work so well that they will no doubt release a 'Best Feuds' set for just these two. I do wish they had included all of the matches Owens had against John Cena, but the match they had at Elimination Chamber was probably the best of them. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching the Last Man Standing Match for the Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose at the Royal Rumble, but this was a great way to spotlight both of these guys who just bubbled under the main event scene at the times.

    They include a fascinating tag match that featured Kevin Owens & Triple H against Sami Zayn & Dean Ambrose. This was a house show match or a dark match of some kind, but it showed what a great heel Owens was and also that he could work with a veteran like Triple H. This may have sowed the seeds for his title run later on.

    One of the best matches on here was his match against Sami Zayn at Battleground and I can't think of a better and more heartfelt match than this one. However, his winning of the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Big Cass was a great moment just for how it all came to be. I do wish WWE had waited for this to happen at a PPV, but I can't deny what an amazing match and moment this was.

    Fight Owens Fight is very apt in its title as it feels like that is exactly what Kevin Owens has done to get to where he is today. When you look at the WWE roster he is arguably one of the most popular. Unlike someone like John Cena who polarised the audience, Owens is someone who everyone loves, whether they love to hate him, love what he does in the ring or just love the character it is hard to deny that while he may not like your typical WWE Superstar, he is a WWE Superstar that will carry WWE into the future.

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