Review for Best of NXT Vol 1.

10 / 10

NXT is the future of the WWE. That really is all you need to know. If you watch this set and you have no idea what NXT is or indeed who these people on the front cover are... trust me, in the next few years you will know who these people are.

With WWE putting both WCW and ECW out of business and the decline of the indy territories around the US there was a need for the WWE to find and nurture their own talent. This was originally in OVW and then FCW and from out of the ashes of FCW grew NXT.

Look at the list of people on this set and you will understand why people say this is the future: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Charlotte, Paige, Neville, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns... the list goes on. In a years time, the entire WWE main roster will consist of NXT alumni and even Triple H (who was the brains and main supporter behind this) comments about how at Wrestlemania 31 almost every match featured someone who came through NXT.

The set is wonderful. It looks at the creation of NXT at Full Sail University, what it was like beforehand at FCW and Triple H's vision of what WWE needed. I could argue, as usual, that I do wish this had been a good hour long documentary followed by matches. Though this would be nice I think the introduction of certain elements and moments was a better way to do this. Many NXT alumni comment on their time at NXT and it is all seen as such a positive thing. If I was someone wanting to get into the business, my goal would be to get into Full Sail for NXT.

Eighteen Matches (And five bonus matches) are included and I would say that if you are a fan of wrestling this is definitely the set to buy. I will say that I did not skip a single match and I enjoyed every match. Highlights include Chris Jericho coming to NXT to take on Bray Wyatt which was just a great way to show what he could do to help build the stars. As was a great match between William Regal and Antonio Cesaro (though oddly they don't include any of his great matches with Dean Ambrose?).

Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn is such a fantastic action packed match that we have come to expect from 'The Man Who Gravity Forgot'. Seth Rollins also has some great matches against Jinder Mahal and against Big E. Langston.

I am glad that they focused a lot of how great the Women are in NXT and anyone who gets tired of 2-4 minute Divas matches may be astonished by what the women can do there. With the likes of Paige, Emma, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley they are simply blowing the competition away. They include a fantastic Fatal Four-Way between the Four Horsewomen Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley and the PWI Match of the Year between Sasha Banks and Bayley which is possibly the greatest Women's match... no scratch that... the greatest match I have seen in a long time.

They include the fantastic Kevin Owens against Finn Balor from the Beast in the East event, which stole the show from anything Brock Lesnar did that night and also the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Event which featured Baron Corbin and Rhino against Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. Joe is a wrestler I have enjoyed for many years in TNA and Ring of Honor and I am so gald he has finally come to the big leagues of the WWE.
With the six bonus features they are all great with a nice speech from Bray Wyatt and an excellent match between Paige and Becky Lynch. The match everyone will be wanting to watch is almost a dream pairing of Seth Rollins and CM Punk against Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. This match will at least give you that CM Punk fix that we have been missing for over a year and makes me sad that we will never see a Rollins/Punk match.

The Best of NXT Volume 1 is one of the best compilation sets I have viewed in a long time. If you are a fan of watching excellent, technical wrestling then this is the set for you. If you enjoy watching Women and not Divas and the future of all areas of the WWE then this is the set for you. I can't wait for Volume 2!

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