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    The First Animatsu Anime Release - Gatchaman Crowds!

    Gatchaman Crowds On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 27th April 2015

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    G-Force! The new kids on the UK anime block, Animatsu Entertainment UK are gearing up for their first anime release, following the live action Halo Nightfall, and it's all set for the end of April. It should grab new fans as well as nostalgics, as Gatchaman Crowds is the contemporary updating of Gatchaman, which was reversioned and released in the UK as Battle of the Planets. The press release ensues...

    Gatchaman Crowds is an exciting, high concept sci-fi with its finger on the pulse of online technology. Telling the story of schoolgirl superhero Hajime and her fellow Gatchaman Crew fighters as they battle alien invaders. A reboot of famous '70s series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - better known in the west as Battle Of The Planets - Kenji Nakamura's anarchically optimistic Gatchaman Crowds is more than just an homage to an anime classic; it's an action-packed voyage into the near future with a fascinating take on the superhero genre.

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    A secret war rages in the shadows of Tachikawa City, where every day its unsuspecting citizens fall prey to the unseen and unfamiliar foes around them. With the citizens powerless to stop their erratic and indefensible attacks, a new kind of hero emerges to push back the encroaching darkness: enter the Gatchaman! Gifted with alien technology the likes of which the world has never seen, and imbued with a much needed jolt of whimsy and adventure from its latest oddball recruit, Hajime Ichinose, the Gatchaman’s mission is to protect in secret, to defend unnoticed.

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    Meanwhile, a new online sensation is exploding within the city: Rui Ninomiya’s massive social networking hub known as GALAX is taking hold of the populace, turning every day “GALAXters” into heroes in the making. Unfortunately, a new yet familiar foe known only as Berg Katze sees an opportunity to create chaos in the streets, coercing the techno-prodigy Rui with thoughts of social justice while secretly bending the GALAX Network to his will! Unable to understand his motives, the Gatchaman will have to rely on their energetic new member to figure out the puzzle laid bare by the former Gatchaman as his army grows stronger by the minute. An explosion of bright lights and pulse pounding rhythms comes together for an unforgettable, action packed experience as Hajime and the rest of the Gatchaman try to update the world together in GATCHAMAN CROWDS!

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