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    Anime Review Roundup

    Not Quite Dead?

    You may have thought it was all over for Beez Entertainment, after Bandai pulled the plug on their English language home video distribution arms in North America and Europe back in January. Things have been quiescent on the Beez front ever since, with the release of one or two titles, the reissue of a couple of Anime Legends Collections, and the cancellation of everything else. Don't write the obituary just yet though, as this week their Twitter account sparked back to life with the news that they will be at the forthcoming London MCM Expo. They will be selling their wares, including some hard to find titles such as Cowboy Bebop Remix, but it is unclear as to whether they will have any new announcements to make. On the other hand, optimism may be unwarranted, as I recall ADV UK's brief necromancy at an Expo following their collapse, only as a means to shift a final few units of stock before shutting up for good.

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    One anime review for you last week. Bleach Season 8 Part 2 is upon us, and I took a look at the forthcoming DVD release. Bleach is a show where an unsuspecting schoolboy learns that he has a gift for dealing with ghosts. But it's when he encounters a Soul Reaper from the next world that his life changes unrecognisably. He soon becomes a Soul Reaper in his own right, becoming a disembodied soul with an unfeasibly large sword to do battle with the Hollows that come to living world to feast on the souls of the living. That was the original premise to Bleach. By this point in the series, what we get in these episodes is barely recognisable from that premise. But the unfeasibly large swords are a constant.

    Manga Entertainment release Bleach Season 8 Part 2 today, and heaven help us all.

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