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    Anime Review Roundup

    Last week, the server burped, which means that this week's Review Roundup is a rollover, with an estimated review jackpot of seven titles. But first, the olds (like the news, but not as current).

    The Winners of the Death Note boxsets are…

    Graham Houghton from Cumbria and
    Neil Graham from Newcastle upon Tyne

    Congratulations to you both, and our gratitude to all who entered. The reason why you entered is linked to a little further down the page. Stay tuned for more competitions on this site.

    And now a public service announcement. Keep an eye on your spam filter, lest your prize notification e-mail never arrives in your inbox. Also, to the nitwit who entered 452 times, the ease with which you entered pales into insignificance against the ease with which you were disqualified.

    Ghost In The Shell 2.0 In Cinemas

    Mamoru Oshii's opus, spruced up and given the full George Lucas, has had its theatrical release in the UK. It's in cinemas now, and if you are lucky enough to live within fallout radius of one of the cities, you can probably go and see this upgraded classic, as it is truly meant to be seen, on the big screen.

    Inline Image

    If that isn't possible, you'll have to wait a few more weeks for the Blu-ray and DVD release, and to wet your whistle, Manga have unleashed a clip. Click and enjoy.

    Ghost In The Shell 2.0 Clip

    Devil May Cry Clips

    I'll give you a sneak preview of my review for this show, which will be up on the site later this week.

    This is fun!

    You want more? Devil May Cry will be released in a few weeks in both Blu-ray and DVD flavours, and Manga are going all out to moisten your flute. Yes indeed, clips are available here for your perusal.

    Clip 1
    Clip 2
    Clip 3
    Clip 4

    Beez Blog Breeze Block on the Sea Shore

    Beez have a blog. They have had one for quite some time, but linking to it has only occurred to me now, because they have posted the nicest looking images of the forthcoming UK release of the Cowboy Bebop Remix Collection that you will ever see (until you buy it for yourself that is). I almost wish that I didn't import the US release now. But it does mean you can read a review before ordering it. It's released today by the way.

    Inline Image
    Two weeks worth of reviews to catch up with, this is going to be a long blog slog. We begin with our more of the same section. This is where I cut and paste the same enthusiasm for Slayers that I have developed over the last 10 releases or so. A review a month does sort of dry up the critical wellspring. Rest assured that Lina and her friends continue their bizarre adventures, comedy occurs, and this reviewer was entertained. Perhaps my review of Slayers Try: Volume 2 will make more sense than this pointless ramble.

    Inline Image
    If all you've ever desired is to see a reviewer eat his hat, now is your chance. I'm feeling thoroughly sheepish about my review of the first volume, now that I have seen the series in its entirety, and become totally smitten with Disgaea: Volume 3. I admit it, the adventures of a dispossessed devil, looking to claim his place as Overlord of the Netherword are indeed entertaining. His vassals, the impish Etna, and the sweet as sugar Flonne are delightful and quirky, and even the random cameos do in fact have a point. Click once more, to read more of my shamed retraction.

    Inline Image
    I'll be running out of proverbial hats soon. Two months ago, I was raving about the first volume of Gunparade March, and now that the second volume has arrived, I have to do one of those shamed retractions again. To be fair, I was tentative about my acclaim for this series, with the thought that it was trying to do too much in far too little space. See how too much ambition can hamstring a series by reading my review for Gunparade March: Volume 2.

    Inline Image
    Stuart McLean was up to bat next, with his review of Blue Dragon: Volumes 5 & 6. This is one of those shonen series, where a young boy gathers a team of like-minded friends, and they go on an adventure with lots of enemies to battle, and lots of powering up to do. It's Naruto-lite, or Pokemon-plus depending on which side of the divide you're coming from. Watch the addiction take hold on Stuart, as he reviews another instalment of Blue Dragon.

    Inline Image
    I actually watched something a little more juvenile next, as I cast my lascivious gaze over Desert Punk: Volume 5. Juvenile is the only descriptive appropriate for a show whose protagonist obsesses over breasts with the feverish intensity of a poor Peter Lorre impersonator. They're mine, mine do you hear, mine! Things get serious as the series reaches its penultimate volume. Conspiracies are revealed, pieces of the narrative jigsaw begin to slot into place, but can Desert Punk pull his attention away from Junko Asagiri's cleavage? Check out my review and find out.

    Inline Image
    Stuart was back to review the Death Note boxset, the very same item that the two lucky individuals at the top of the page will soon be caressing and stroking. I had to wait on tenterhooks for each subsequent release last year, but Stuart has got all his Death Note fixation in one handy collection. Click on his review, and watch as the Death Note casts its spell on another unlikely victim. See if Stuart had the same fanboy reaction as I, to the mindgames that develop between God of the new world, Light Yagami, and master detective L.

    Inline Image
    A fortnight's worth of anime comes to a close with my review of Claymore: Volumes 5 & 6. This double disc set concludes the astounding series, and all who have been on tenterhooks, waiting to see if Clare will survive her tough challenges, will defeat her many powerful foes, and will finally gain vengeance for her fallen benefactor, wait no more. Click on my review to read more, while I go soak my tired fingers in an ice bath.

    Manga Entertainment released Blue Dragon Volumes 5 & 6 two weeks ago, while the Death Note boxset came out last Monday. They will release Claymore 5 & 6 on the 12th of October. MVM release Disgaea: Volume 3, Gunparade March: Volume 2, Slayers Try: Volume 2, and Desert Punk: Volume 5 today, so bustle off down to your local anime emporium and stock up before the weather turns nasty, and the roads become impassable.

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