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    Anime Review Roundup

    There's always one idiot…

    If you remember last week, I reported that Funimation had new episodes of One Piece due for online simulcast. Well forget it. It's not going to happen, at least not until they beef up their security. The thing about simulcasts is that there is an agreement in that you do not pre-empt the original broadcaster. They show it first in Japan, and then you can show it, about an hour later. The problem was that Funimation put the latest episode of One Piece up on their servers, hidden from the world, but a day before it was due to be released. All it took was one enterprising toe-rag hacker to download the episode, and put it up on a fansub site.

    Seriously, I ask you, what kind of moron steals something that he is going to get for free anyway? Probably an out of work fansubber who wants to rain on the free and legal parade.

    The bottom line is, that while I resist the temptation to turn the Internet blue with vitriol, Funimation have cancelled the simulcast and taken down the stolen episode, as well as all the other One Piece episodes they had up to view. It's worse than that, as their other simulcasts have been affected as well. At the time of writing, all the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood episodes are gone from their web portal (although 1-6 are available on their Youtube channel), although the most recent episode of Phantom is back after being removed for a few hours.

    Anime companies being as forthcoming as they are with information (i.e. not very), there's no mention as to whether these episodes were removed a) until Funimation beef up their own procedures and security, b) until they mollify the Japanese companies who are probably, and quite justifiably fuming about all this, c) till they catch the idiot responsible and send him/her to Guantanamo, or d) if the episodes are gone for good, or e) a combination of all four.

    News from ANN

    Bleach: The Movie - Memories of Nobody Competition

    Inline Image
    Don't be sad if your fix of free anime has been cruelly snatched away, as in conjunction with Manga Entertainment, we are running a competition to win one of three copies of the first Bleach movie.

    You can read more about the prize and enter by clicking here.

    Claymore Competition - The Winners

    That must mean that the Claymore Competition has closed, and a massive thanks to all who entered. Unfortunately, there can only be three winners, and congratulations are due to…

    Alexandra Ross of Hertfordshire
    Elvis Wright of Derbyshire
    Harry West of Cheshire

    … Must resist temptation to make lame quip about shires and hobbits…

    Blue Dragon clips

    Manga Entertainment unleash the first volume of Blue Dragon to the UK today, and to promote this colourful action show, they've also unleashed some video clips for you to stream. Take a butcher's at these.

    Clip 1
    Clip 2
    Clip 3
    Clip 4

    Inline Image
    Last week's sojourn into the world of all things animated began with Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad: Volume 6. It's a volume that I was so eager to watch, that I wound up importing it, and this turns out to be the review of the Region 1 version. Rock and Roll truly is the soundtrack to life, and when you have a life as eventful as Koyuki Tanaka's then it's a timeless classic of an album, rather than a wimpy boyband cassette single. With this final volume, we learn if creative differences will kill the band before they even hit the big time.

    Inline Image
    It was a brief return to UK shores next for Desert Punk: Volume 3. Post-apocalyptic wasteland, scorching hot desert, and everyone in it for themselves, it all sounds very Mad Max. But throw in a lecherous teen of a hero, and throw him up against a busty femme-fatale who insists on getting the better of him, and you're in for one of the more memorable action comedies to come from anime. In the third volume, Sunabozu finally gets his hands on Junko's… assets.

    Inline Image
    Back to Region 1 land next, as my impatience asserted itself once more and I imported School Rumble: Volume 4. The first three volumes were released by Revelation Films last year, and I found a rather pleasant character comedy, set in a high school, where delinquent Harima was head over heels in love with Tenma, who in turn was infatuated by Karasuma, who was oblivious to everyone and everything but curry. This non-functional love triangle may have had little to show for three volumes, but the effect it had on everyone else around the three was comical. See if the hilarity continues in my review of volume 4.

    Desert Punk: Volume 3 comes out on the 8th of June 2009, courtesy of MVM. Funimation released both Beck: Volume 6 and School Rumble: Volume 4 in the US over eighteen months ago, and both are available from importers.

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