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Edifier M2280 Multimedia Audio Speaker System (Hardware Details)

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    7 / 10


    I've been looking at Edifier speakers for a number of years now. They've gone from total unknowns (to me at least) to one of the first manufacturers that I would recommend to people looking for PC or portable music speakers.

    The M2280 (catchy name right?) is the next up off the production line and follows their usual pattern of looking a little different from the norm.

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    Setup and Use

    Always an easy task with Edifier equipment. Get everything out of the box and connect everything together. Insert cable from speaker A into speaker B. Insert power cord. Connect to audio source. Power up, turn it up, sit back and listen.

    Once again, these speakers sound pretty good. The sound is nice and like nearly every other Edifier speaker I’ve tried, it deals with whatever you throw at it - from spoken word (the majority of my daytime listening nowadays), to Americana, rock, pop, soul, r’n’b, reggae and more - you name it, it plays them all nicely. A subtle bass sound, and a good response elsewhere in the range. When you switch back to another set of speakers, you soon miss these ones.


    The M2280 is yet another set of speakers from Edifier that perform well and produce a nice sound. A much more subtle design than some of their recent offerings (hello Spinnaker and Exclaim, I’m looking at you!) these look perfectly at home on any desk.

    There are a couple of little gripes. The volume controls are rather unresponsive. The big rubber buttons operate much smaller buttons underneath. And they don’t seem to work half of the time. So you think you’re turning the volume up or down, something clicks, but nothing happens until you move your finger. Once you’ve worked that out, you can compensate for it, but it’s a bit annoying if you’re not paying attention. A mute button might be handy, as would more than one input so you could connect it to more than one device without having to unplug…

    Despite these little annoyances, this is a good set of speakers, definitely recommended if you’re looking to boost the sound coming out of your computer or phone or similar...

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